Aiesec in sim 13 14 january '14 ocvp application


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Aiesec in sim 13 14 january '14 ocvp application

  1. 1. AIESEC in SIM January 2014 Recruitment OCVP Application
  2. 2. Hey Tribesmen! It is time to spread our infectious spirit to SIM again, and what better way to do so then through a Recruitment Drive! The purpose of this recruitment drive is to increase the number of Explore! participants for this summer. The LC is looking for members to step up and embark on this challenging but yet fulfilling OCVP (Organising Committee Vice President) journey, where you will be given an opportunity to inspire and lead a team in driving the recruitment of new AIESECers into our tribe. We look forward to receiving your applications! Regards, Executive Board 2013/2014 AIESEC in SIM
  3. 3. Hi fellow Tribesmen, AIESEC is a platform for you to develop yourself. This can only be done when you take up opportunities that AIESEC provides. I believe you have heard many stories from AIESECers which made you felt amazing, envious or inspired by. No one have identical AIESEC story even if they take up the same opportunity. You have full control of what AIESEC story you want to create. AIESEC is a place where you can do anything you want. You are given chances to fail so that you can improve yourself. And this happen because AIESECers do not discriminate people who fail. We help people who fail, we help them to find out how they can improve themselves and give them more opportunities to take up. I have big dreams for these recruitment. If you are ambitious or if you want to do something bigger than yourself, come work with me. Regards, Fonsey Foo OCP Recruitment Jan 2014
  4. 4. OC Structure OCP HGS/Finance OCVP Delegate Servicing Team Members OCVP Operations Team Members OCVP Publicity Team Members OCVP Design & Social Media Team Members
  5. 5. Requirement •15-20 hours a week •Make yourself available for OC meetings which will happen 1-2 times per week. •All OC members must be committed to do recruitment booth duties, lecture bashes and helpoutin AIESEC applicants interview stage •All OC members must be present for induction preparation and induction days itself.
  6. 6. OCVP HGS/Finance • • • • Budget Management Accounts Receivables and Payables Management Ensure effective communication between departments Ensure departments adhere to timelines Reports to: OCP Mentored by: LCVP Finance
  7. 7. OCVP Delegate Servicing • Act as the first point of contact between applicants and AIESEC in SIM • Answer all enquiries from applicants • Liaise and coordinate with applicants with regards to interviews, contract signing and induction arrangements • Look after the well-being of induction participants Reports to: OCP Mentored by: LCVP Talent Management
  8. 8. OCVP Operations • Manage team to source for logistical needs • Collecting logistic requests from other departments • Liaising with school Reports to: OCP Mentored by: LCVP Youth Engagement
  9. 9. OCVP Publicity • Planning of overall marketing campaign for recruitment • Plan and execute Info-Talk sessions • Plan and execute recruitment booth Reports to: OCP Mentored by: LCVP Youth Marketing
  10. 10. OCVP Design & Social Media • • • • Set art direction for marketing campaigns Designing and preparing of all marketing collaterals Ensure adherence to branding guidelines Plan and execute social media campaign Reports to: OCP Mentored by: LCVP Youth Marketing
  11. 11. Timeline Application Closes • 27 Nov 2013, 2300hrs Selection Interviews • 28-29 Nov 2013 Results • 29 Nov 2013
  12. 12. Enquiries Should you have any enquiries, kindly contact: OCP – Fonsey Foo: or LCVP YM 13/14 - Elizabeth Fonseca: or LCVP TM 13/14 - Kevin Wang:
  13. 13. All the best for your OCVP journey! 
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