How Implementing Call-Back Technology Improved Customer Loyalty


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Find out how call-back technology can improve the customer experience for your call center.

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How Implementing Call-Back Technology Improved Customer Loyalty

  1. 1. How Implementing Call-Back Technology Improved Customer Loyalty
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Shai Berger Co-Founder & CEO, Fonolo @shaiberger Mark Edelman VP Member Services, 1st USCU Expertise with start-up call centers and correcting under-performing call centers.
  3. 3. of customers have ditched a company because of poor telephone customer service. Source: 60%
  4. 4. Customer Service Problems That Infuriate People Most Scale: 0-10, with 10 being “Most Annoying”
  5. 5. Call-Backs Are a Call Center “Cure-All”
  6. 6. What Call-Backs Can Do • Happier Customers • Less Abandonment • Lower Telco Costs • Shorter Handle Times 75% of consumers describe the option for a call-back as “highly appealing”. 32% fewer abandoned calls after call-backs added, based on study of 200 call centers.
  7. 7. A real-life phone interview Call-Back Software for the Call Center
  8. 8. Deployment in days Works with equipment from any vendor Cloud = Why Fonolo? Affordable Cost scales with usage = SaaS
  9. 9. Replace hold-time with a call-back on all channels. In-Call Rescue Mobile Rescue Web Rescue Solutions
  10. 10. In-Call Rescue Give callers the option to receive a call-back when hold times are too long. “Press 1 to get a call- back from the next agent.”
  11. 11. How it Works Ring! A happy caller is connected. Customer presses 1 for a call-back Customer relaxes while Fonolo waits on hold
  12. 12. Let customers easily connect to a live agent, directly from within your mobile app. Mobile Rescue
  13. 13. Visual IVR Ready-to-Use Component for Your Mobile App Pre-call Questions Virtual Queuing
  14. 14. Enable customers to seamlessly transition from web to live assistance. Web Rescue
  15. 15. No Need for IT Add the widget to your site with just a few lines of HTML.
  16. 16. Simple, Web-Based Config
  17. 17. Give callers back what they value most: their time! million minutes of hold time saved last year
  18. 18. Success Stories
  19. 19. About 1st USCU  $820M in assets  50,000 members  10 branches in California  10,000 inbound calls / month  1,800 chats / month  350 e-mails / month
  20. 20. Challenges  Deliver an Outstanding Service Experience  Improve call performance to meet or exceed industry standards  Call volume moved from a “flat-line” to an increase of 25%  Adapt to a Young Demographic  Median age was 49 and now is 46  Members under 34 – 50% of new members / 31% of all members  Offer “Large Bank” Services  Add new channels that appeal to our new members  Be quick, be agile, and adapt to meet our member’s needs
  21. 21. Solutions Implemented Fonolo’s call-back software on all three channels: 1. Web Rescue 2. Mobile Rescue 3. In-Call Rescue
  22. 22. Benefits  Low “Touch” and Rapid Implementation  No IT involvement  Ability to do a “soft” launch  Low Barriers to Staff Adoption  Flexible and Customizable  Affordable
  23. 23. Fonolo’s Web Rescue
  24. 24. Fonolo’s Mobile Resuce
  25. 25. Fonolo’s In-Call Rescue Problem  85% of our abandoned calls waited only 40 seconds or less. Solution  Replace waiting in queue with a convenient call- back.  Customized In-Call Rescue to address the members’ behavior. Result  In-Call Rescue reduces abandoned calls and increases member satisfaction.  Abandon rate decreased 10% - 1.8% from 2.0%
  26. 26. ROI  $1.3M in new loans during the 1st 60 days - generated directly from Fonolo calls  $3.2M in new loans (through 4/30/13)  $10.1M in new loans (through 12/31/13)
  27. 27. Feedback Agents “Easy to use and the members love it.” “Much simpler than expected.” “It makes our service better.” Members “Finally, an easy way to contact the credit union.” “I would not have called you without this option.” “Much more convenient than waiting on hold.”