Axes d’intervention Solidarité Japon – Fondation de France –26 avril 2011 1 / 2
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Axes d’intervention Solidarité Japon – Fondation de France –26 avril 2011 2 / 2
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Solidarity with Japan: Field of Interventions


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Solidarity with Japan: helping the victims of the disaster Excluding the nuclear catastrophe, the disaster in Japan already counts more than 28,000 dead or unaccounted, 500,000 without any water or electricity supply, 200,000 have been displaced in 2,000 provisional accommodation centers, 18,0000 houses and buildings destroyed, 1,700 schools damaged.

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Solidarity with Japan: Field of Interventions

  1. 1. Axes d’intervention Solidarité Japon – Fondation de France –26 avril 2011 1 / 2 SOLIDARITY WITH JAPAN Fields of intervention of Fondation de France Following the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 which damaged the North-Eastern areas of the archipelago, the Fondation de France has opened a fund dedicated to allow French and Japanese residents in France, as well as professional groups linked with Japan, to express their solidarity towards the most affected population by this major disaster. Thanks to its 20 years of experience in post-emergency contexts in France and abroad, Fondation de France is well known for its support to NGO projects in previous disasters: earthquake in Boumerdès in Algeria (2003), tsunami in south-east Asia, earthquake in Haiti (2010), Xynthia hurricane in France (2010)… With regard to the disaster in Japan, Fondation de France will provide financial support to post- emergency projects carried on by Japanese NGOs. Financial support of Fondation de France will be provided as a matter of priority to projects which direct beneficiaries are the most vulnerable affected populations of North-Eastern areas of Tôhoku and Kantô. Eligible projects will cover as a matter of priority the following fields of intervention: - Agriculture and fishery: contributing to re-install small farms, agricultural or fishery production units located in areas that have been strongly damaged by the tsunami or contaminated by the accident of the nuclear power station; - Accompanying of elderly or disabled persons: supporting elderly or disabled persons especially for those who are isolated from any social or family link, and restoring a safe environment which safeguards their dignity; - Psycho-social support: contributing to restore the social and family links and preventing post-traumatic through psycho-social support in particularly for young people; - Access to health care: providing access to health care, access to medical and psychological care to people affected by the disaster, preventing the risks of complication; - Collective support: promoting networking, community-based actions, providing solutions for temporary housing, etc. Fondation de France remains open to any other proposal from associations and Japanese NGOs, which have the capacity to adapt themselves to the evolution of the needs of disaster-affected people and can quickly respond to a local problem. The proposed projects must ensure full participation of beneficiaries in the design and implementation of the actions. They must also fit into the Japanese government and ensure an optimal coordination with other international and national coordination mechanisms, such as the Japan Platform, designated by
  2. 2. Axes d’intervention Solidarité Japon – Fondation de France –26 avril 2011 2 / 2 the Japanese government and Japan NGO Centre for International Cooperation (JANIC) in support to this Japanese platform; Projects implemented in partnership with other complementary organisation(s) with a clearly defined lead organisation will receive special attention. Procedure: Project holders should submit by email a file grant application in English including a previous budget. These documents can be downloaded on Fondation de France’s website .Other formats are accepted provided that they include the same information. Following an instruction, these projects are submitted to the selection committee, which meets regularly and proposes to the President of the Fondation de France the attribution of the grants. This committee is composed of personalities who participate on a private and voluntary basis: - Elisabeth Dahan, President of the Committee of international Solidarities and the committee of Solidarity with Haiti of Fondation de France, former Ambassador of France in Sri Lanka, Director of international relations at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. Mrs Dahan is chairing the Committee Solidarity with Japan. - Stéphanie Daniel-Genc, Head of Project at the Delegation to the Strategic Affairs Ministry of Defence, Specialist in crisis management. Previously Collaborator of the Interministerial Delegate, and the Post-tsunami Coordinator. Doctor in sociology. - Franck Dargent, Head of Product Specialists, Marketing & Client Servicing of Amundi Investments and President of the Foundation Rainbow Bridge, supporting sustainable development projects in favour of women and children in disaster-stricken areas. Mr. Dargent is a graduate of Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC). He has been working in positions of responsibility in Japan within large financial groups. - Bertrand Dufourcq, President of the Fondation for the Study of the Language and the Japanese Civilization, created by Fondation du Japon (Kokusai Koryu Kikin), Ambassador of France, former Cultural Counsellor in Japan, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1993 to 1998, former President of the Fondation de France. The Committee requests additional expertise as required. Update April 26th, 2011 Head of Programme: Martin Spitz Project Officer: Marie Laloum 01 44 21 87 23 Email address: More information: Kindly send us your request for information and the grant application by email.