Moving Beyond VoIP to Cloud-Based Telephony


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Dynamic, fast-growing businesses like yours know a lot about staying ahead of the competition. You have to move fast, keep things simple, please your customers, and most of all use your resources wisely – including financial, human and technical resources. VoIP (Voice over IP) technology can help you do many of these things, bringing you a lot of benefits legacy phone systems can’t.

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Moving Beyond VoIP to Cloud-Based Telephony

  1. 1. Moving Beyond VoIPto Cloud-Based TelephonyWhite Paper • March 2011 To learn more, please visit or call 877- FONALITY
  2. 2. Dynamic, fast-growing businesses like yours know a lot about staying ahead ofthe competition. You have to move fast, keep things simple, please your customers,and most of all use your resources wisely – including financial, human and technicalresources. VoIP (Voice over IP) technology can help you do many of these things,bringing you a lot of benefits legacy phone systems can’t. That’s why you’ve likelygiven VoIP serious consideration. In fact, if you’re not using it, you probably will besoon – analysts say some 79 percent of U.S. businesses will use VoIP by 2013.But VoIP by itself no longer gives you much of a competitive edge. Today there is ahuge variety of equipment and services based on VoIP to choose from. These rangefrom expensive IP PBX’s installed on your premises to cut-rate calling servicesrunning over the Internet. That means that many if not most of your competitorsare likely to have a VoIP solution of one kind or another, or will be getting one soon.It also means that finding a solution that will give you a real competitive boost is amajor challenge.; Choosing the Right SolutionThe best way to meet this challenge is to move beyond conventional VoIP to cloud-based telephony,a solution particularly suited to the needs of growing businesses. Cloud-based telephony brings you afull-fledged business phone system that runs on the provider’s infrastructure, so you only pay for the servicerather than buying equipment. It provides a unique combination of cost savings, powerful features, increasedproductivity, flexibility and simplicity. And it has significant advantages over both legacy systems and existingVoIP solutions.In fact, you probably already know some of the reasons cloud-based telephony is right for you. A recent surveyconducted by Webtorials identified the top priorities of small and medium-size businesses related to phonesystems. The survey found that: • 88 percent of SMBs surveyed said maximizing working capital or cash flow is important • 83 percent said minimizing total cost of ownership via services as opposed to in-house systems was important • 81 percent said they wanted to improve their ability to manage their business communications systemsCloud-based telephony is ideally suited to helping you meet these priorities. But it also brings a number of lesswidely-recognized benefits. Add them all up, and it becomes clear that cloud-based telephony fills many if notmost of the communication needs of rapidly growing companies. Here are the most compelling reasons cloudtelephony could be exactly right for you: To learn more, please visit or call 877- FONALITY
  3. 3. 1. Savings Without SacrificeCloud-based telephony is more cost-effective than other solutions, but doesn’t sacrifice either power orreliability. To start with, it lets you make better use of your capital and cash flow than three competitivesolutions: • Even though it provides 100 percent of the features of legacy phone systems, it costs at least 40 percent less • Because it requires no upfront equipment purchases, it is also more cost-effective than premises IP PBX’s • Since it doesn’t even require the purchase of IP phones, it is more capital efficient than conventional hosted VoIP services as wellYet despite the savings it brings, cloud-based telephony rivals the capabilities of the most powerful enterprisesystems, whether legacy or IP PBX-based. And it offers more features than conventional hosted VoIP services.Key capabilities of cloud-based telephony include: • Sophisticated call-handling and routing capabilities, from music on hold to dial-by-name to ring groups to voice mail-to-e-mail to Find Me/Follow Me mobile integration to onscreen call-handling interface • The ability to integrate with CRM systems to make customer history information available to employees when they answer calls • The availability of call center capabilities with advanced queuing and monitoring functionsAt the same time, cloud-based telephony is reliable enough to keep your business running with near-zero downtime. While reliability remains a common worry with conventional hosted VoIP services, Fonality’s 99.99 percentSLA amounts to less than twelve minutes of downtime during normal business hours over the course of a year.And 24/7 customer support resolves issues that do arise in short order. All in all, cloud-based telephony lets youcommunicate as effectively, professionally and consistently as the largest enterprises, but at significantly lesscost than with other solutions.2. Dramatic Productivity IncreasesThe enterprise-grade features of cloud-based telephony by themselves help your employees communicatemore effectively, work more efficiently and keep customers happier. But another powerful function boostsproductivity to another level entirely. That function is unified communications, or UC, and it combines voice,e-mail and IM chat in a single application, accessible through onscreen call-handling software. Making andtransferring calls is a simple matter of dragging and dropping, and seeing who is available to take calls requiresnothing more than a glance. Employees can chat with each via instant messages even while they’re talking withcustomers on the phone.The impact of UC can be dramatic. The aforementioned Webtorials survey also found that the averageknowledge worker in a small or mid-size business spends more than four hours per day trying to contactcustomers, partners or colleagues, finding information, scheduling meetings, duplicating information anddealing with unwanted communications. By using unified communications, the survey found, such workerscould reduce the time spent on each activity by between 25 percent and 75 percent, thus helping them recovernearly two hours per day of wasted time. To learn more, please visit or call 877- FONALITY
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES THAT IMPACT THE PRODUCTIVITY OF KNOWLEDGE WORKERS Trying to contact customer, partners or colleagues 74 Minutes Trying to find key business information 67 Minutes Duplicating communication with multiple channels (Email, phone, etc) 39 Minutes Attempting to schedule meetings, etc, 33 Minutes with other people within our organization Dealing with unwanted communications (SPAM, calls you wanted to avoid, etc.) 29 Minutes 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 803. Speed, Ease and Flexibility of DeploymentCloud-based telephony lets you respond as rapidly as your competitive environment demands. To start with,it lets you get your business phone system up and running more quickly and cheaply, and change more rapidly,than do legacy or IP PBX-based premises systems. Deployments that once may have taken many days oreven weeks can now happen in a matter of hours or days. Furthermore, adding users doesn’t require buyingor upgrading equipment or software, it’s a simple matter of adding user licenses. And you can add specificfeatures for even a single user or small group of users – there’s no more need to buy expensive new hardwareor software to get specialized features only a handful of employees really need.4. Simplicity of Acquisition, Operation and ManagementCloud-based telephony simplifies the process of acquiring, using and managing your business phone system.It relieves you of the need to make complex calculations about amortization, warranties, upgrades,obsolescence and all the other issues you have to deal with when you purchase equipment. All you needcalculate is the fixed monthly payment for the number of users you want to support. Moving, adding andchanging users is simple, requiring no expensive technical expertise. There’s no need for your employees tospend a lot of time and effort on support activities unrelated to your core business expertise. An intuitive Webinterface makes monitoring and managing employees’ calling activities simple and straightforward. Managingtelephony features and capabilities is equally easy and intuitive.; Making Your ChoiceIt’s likely that already know that there’s a business phone system that can help you stay ahead of thecompetition, even as VoIP becomes a mainstream technology rather than a way to gain a competitive edge.The same Webtorials survey that measured the concerns of SMBs regarding capital/cash flow found that78 percent of those same businesses were aware that cloud-based telephony and unified communicationssolutions were available. Knowing the specific financial, productivity, deployment and acquisition/managementbenefits will make the choice of such solutions easier. To learn more, please visit or call 877- FONALITY
  5. 5. Fonality, Moving Your Business ForwardFonality is North America’s fastest growing business communicationscompany and a leading provider of cloud-based VoIP and UnifiedCommunications solutions for small and mid-size businesses.With a unique software model approach, Fonality provides all thefeatures of legacy providers without the cost or complexity.Founded in 2004, Fonality has delivered more than two billion phonecalls across the cloud while enabling more than one million users ofopen-standards based communications software. Investors includeIntel Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Azure Capital Partners.Visit for more information or call 877-FONALITY. 5601 Granite Parkway, Suite 500 • Plano TX 75024 1-877-FONALITY •