Fonality Contact Center Solution forSmall and Mid-sized BusinessesStrengthen	Customer	Relationships	with	a	Hosted	Fonality...
HUD Queues, Fonality’s contact center version of HUD,helps	simplify	tasks	for	CSRs	and	managers	by	providing	a real-time, ...
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Ss fonality connect + contact center solutions for sm bs mar-11


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Ss fonality connect + contact center solutions for sm bs mar-11

  1. 1. Fonality Contact Center Solution forSmall and Mid-sized BusinessesStrengthen Customer Relationships with a Hosted Fonality Solution Your business is growing. You have more clients. More pressure. More responsibilities. More sales and Contact Center Solutionsupport staff. More needs. • Unlimited Call QueuesAs you continue to grow, the needs of your business will grow with you. So should your technology • Automatic Call Distributionsolutions. As the vital link between your customers and your business, a customer relationship solution • View Agent Statusshould be at the heart of your business. A Unified Communication solution from Fonality can provide • Skills-Based Routingyour employees the tools they need to streamline the customer contact processes, and ensure customer • Graphical Queue Reportssatisfaction reaches an all-time high. Most importantly, Fonality can provide this solution without the high • Agent Call Recordingcapital expense incurred with a legacy on-premises communication solution. • Agent Variable Log-off • Real-time Queue Stats • Agent Hot Desk • Call Barge, Monitor,Intuitive Communications Interactive Desktop Client or Whisper • On-the-fly RecordingYou recognize that your growing company Fonality Heads-up-Display (HUD) is an • CRM Integrationneeds to improve communications with your intuitive, easy-to-use unified communications • Agent Broadcast Alertscustomers at every touch point within the desktop client that gives your customer service • Reset Queue Statsorganization in order to stay competitive. A representatives (CSR) instant access to every as NeededFonality solution is purpose built for small communications tool in your toolbox.and mid-sized businesses by a company thathas been in your shoes and understands your Merge your phones, desktop and business business needs. applications into a single desktop interface, iPhone or Android application. Fonality HUD • inimize Start-up and Ongoing Costs M can intuitively incorporate contacts from F orgoing the financial burden of tying up Microsoft Outlook or Google for the quickest vital capital costs with a premise-based possible integration. Fonality’s seamless contact center solution, Fonality provides a integration is also available into such tools low monthly fixed cost per user. as Salesforce, NetSuite, Sugar, and any web-based CRM application. • dvanced Contact Center Features A Research shows that customers are willing to pay a 10% premium for outstanding customer service. Fonality can provide Enterprise-grade features including multiple auto attendants, unlimited call queues, intelligent skills based routing, and recording features that enable your representatives to provide a high quality of service. • ncreased Flexibility I Your dynamic business environment can quickly change based on call volume, revenue targets, and customer service levels. A Fonality solution is a “pay as you grow” approach to add new features, or users, in a matter of hours not weeks.
  2. 2. HUD Queues, Fonality’s contact center version of HUD,helps simplify tasks for CSRs and managers by providing a real-time, in-depth view of contact center operations andstatistics. Color-coded user status gives you an overarching Fonality HUD Queuesmap of office activity, so you can know who is logged into a queue, who is on a call, who’s on hold and who’s inactiveat a single glance. And because HUD Queues allows forhot desking, users can work from a time and place of theirchoosing, increasing availability and staff satisfaction.Managers can instantly monitor, record and track calls and Monitor key performanceeven “whisper” to customer service representatives who indicators and ensure youneed additional information or assistance. A secure chat meet your provides an additional avenue agents can use toobtain subject matter information and provide an optimumexperience for your customers.HUD Queues enable your managers to be available around the clock. In addition to the desktop client, HUD can be downloaded and used as an application on iPhone and Android mobile devices, allowing managersto barge, monitor, record and view the status of calls at any time, from anywhere. Monitor, barge, and recordMaintaining a smooth call flow is essential to keeping your customers satisfied. HUD Queues allows you any agent call with a singleto shape traffic to seamlessly send calls where they’re most needed, all from a drag-and-drop interface. mouse click.Skills-based routing ensures that calls are directed to the most knowledgeable representative, increasing resolution efficiency and customer satisfaction. You can also monitor call statistics through a graphical representation of call volume throughout the week, day or even hour.Connect and Collaborate See the status of everyCustomer service representatives need to be connected with one another as well as with your customers. agent in the queue with fullFonality provides a robust Unified Communications solution that improves staff collaboration using the call and resources of a Fortune 1000 company, minus the expensive price tag. Because everything is hosted in the cloud, these features come without the additional cost burden of buying and maintaining anon-premises communication solution.Allow Fonality to provide all of the technical assistance and equipment monitoring you need to keep thingsrunning so you can focus more on your business and customers. With low monthly rate plans, a Fonalitysolution offers the best service for the best price.Fonality is North America’s fastest growing business communications company and the only providerof cloud-based, open source VoIP, Unified Communications and contact center solutions for small andmid-sized businesses. With a unique software model approach, Fonality provides all the features oflegacy providers without the cost or complexity. Founded in 2004, Fonality has delivered more than twobillion phone calls across the cloud while enabling more than one million users of open-standards basedcommunications software. Investors include Draper Fisher Jurveston, Intel Capital and AzureCapital Partners.Visit for more information or call 877-FONALITY.