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Faq fonality hud mobile faq aug-11

  1. 1. Fonality Heads Up Display Mobile FAQs General h What is Fonality Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile? Fonality Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile solution is a secure cloud-based mobile platform that allows SMB companies to focus on the core of their business while increasing employee productivity away from the office. Fonality HUD Mobile allows you to connect with the right person, with the right information, anywhere, every time! h What smart phone devices are supported by HUD Mobile? HUD Mobile requires a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi network, and is not as dependant on the device itself. For Apple users, Fonality recommends an operating system of Apple iOS 4.0 or higher. For Android users, Fonality recommends an operating system of 2.1 or higher. h How do I download this application? The iPhone version of HUD Mobile can be downloaded from the Apple Store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fonality-hud-mobile/id450418584?mt=8 The Android version can be downloaded from the Android market at https://market.android.com/ h What kind of service do I need to run HUD Mobile? HUD Mobile requires either a 3G/4G data network or a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. 2. Voice h How many minutes is HUD Mobile going to use? You will not use any minutes if you are using HUD Mobile on Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you will incur normal minute charges when using HUD Mobile on a 3G or 4G network. h What is Toll bypass? Toll Bypass is an integrated soft phone that uses Wi-Fi to make phone calls, allowing you to not use any of your minutes. h Can I use the the phone book on my mobile device with HUD Mobile? HUD Mobile integrates with all of your contacts on HUD Desktop. While it does not integrate with your personal mobile phone book, you can use the dial pad in HUD Mobile to dial any number you need. Chat h Will others be able to see me as online? Absolutely! One of the unique features of HUD Mobile is real-time presence. This gives you the ability to share your current status as online, away, and off-line, as well as see the real time presence of your colleagues. h Are chats saved on my phone? Once you begin a conversation, you will be able to see the chat history, but they are stored externally on a secure server and not your phone. Call Center Features h Can I monitor my employees’ calls? HUD Mobile gives you the same monitoring capabilities that you have with HUD Desktop. h Can I Barge, Monitor, and Whisper? Yes! The call center features that you need to run a contact center are available on HUD Mobile. HUD Mobile gives you the ability to barge, monitor, and whisper, just like you can with HUD desktop.
  3. 3. Interaction with HUD Desktop h Do I need to forward my HUD messages back and forth from HUD Mobile to HUD Desktop? All of the messages and calls received will me mirrored on your phone as well as your desktop to ensure that you receive every message. h Does any software have to be installed on my server or desktop computer? If you already use HUD Desktop, then you have already downloaded the software you need. Otherwise, you need to simply install HUD Desktop. h Does changing my status in HUD Mobile override my status in HUD Desktop? Yes. HUD Mobile is mirrored to your HUD Desktop, so anything that you do on HUD Mobile, will be mirrored exactly on HUD Desktop including making a call, chat messages, chat status, contact center functionality, logging in and out of queues, and more. Battery h How is HUD Mobile going to affect the battery life of my mobile device? Battery usage is dependent upon user behavior. In general, HUD can stay connected all day and use a very minimal amount of battery if idle. HUD Mobile battery consumption can range anywhere from 5% (idle all day) to 80% (talking constantly). Typical users can expect HUD to use 10%-20% of their battery if they keep HUD running all day and use it for typical chats and calls.Fonality is North America’s fastest growing business communications company and the only provider of cloud-based,open source VoIP phone and Unified Communications solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. With a uniquesoftware model approach, Fonality provides all the features of legacy providers without the cost or complexity. Foundedin 2004, Fonality has delivered more than two billion phone calls across the cloud while enabling more than one millionusers of open-standards based communications software. Investors include Draper Fisher Jurveston, Intel Capital andAzure Capital Partners.Visit fonality.com for more information or call 877-FONALITY.