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Advanced Medical Case Study
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Advanced Medical Case Study


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. FONALITY CASE STUDYAdvanced Medical Personnel ServicesTHE COMPANYFlorida-based Advanced Medical Personnel Services specializes in therapist staffing Client Testimonialfor hospitals, clinics, and assisted living and rehabilitation facilities. “ Fonality hybrid-hosted was a huge factor to our team.THE SITUATION We knew that by selectingAdvanced Medical Personnel Services needed to find a faster, more flexible way Fonality our backups would beto connect therapists with the hospitals, clinics, assisted living and rehabilitation secure and we would receivefacilities that needed their services. remote support anytime. This provided significant peace-of-The company needed a solution that would allow employees to work from home or mind because we didn’t needon the road, yet was easier and less costly to manage and upgrade than their existing an employee to be on-site toNortel PBX. They also were looking for a system that would allow them to: manage phone-related issues anymore. Fonality has been ▪ Reach employees, therapists or healthcare facilities quickly using consistently reliable. We have secure, instant messaging ▪ Improve remote worker productivity by uniting desktop business no complaints! ” applications and the phone system Kyle Carey IT Manager, Advanced Medical ▪ Extend all of the functionality of the system to mobile devices for Personnel Services employees on the roadAdvanced Medical Personnel Services found a faster, more cost-effective way toconnect – they found Fonality.THE SOLUTIONFonality’s hybrid-hosted solution allowed Advanced Medical Personnel Services to provide remote workers, therapists,and healthcare facilities the capabilities they needed at a cost that Advanced Medical could afford. The Fonality solution: ▪ Eliminated third party PBX management and upgrade fees, saving the company thousands of dollars per year ▪ Increased system security through Fonality’s Heads Up Display (HUD) and its secure chat application coupled with regular, off-site server back-ups ▪ Simplified system administration with Fonality’s web-based management application ▪ Made it easy to connect remote and mobile workers using Fonality’s Heads Up Display (HUD) and Mobile Heads Up Display— clients that merge phones, desktop, and business applicationsFonality helped Advanced Medical Personnel Services find a voice solution that was fast and flexible.To discover how we can help accelerate your business, visit or call 877-FONALITY. F ON ALI TY C A S E S TU D Y