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Bogert Case Study

  1. 1. BOGERT INTERNATIONALMANUFACTURING “Fonality has become an invaluable asset, saving us 40% over our previous legacy solution.”Bogert International ChallengesBogert International Inc. based in Scalable Solutions Supporting a Growing CompanyPasco, Washington, manufactureshydraulic jacks and other heavy After using a large, well-known legacy carrier, Bogert grew wearyequipment for use in a number of of high costs for long distance calls, poor customer service and theindustries, including aviation, military, inability to expand their communications system without incurringindustrial, marine and commercial. significant additional charges. They also needed a solution thatWho They Are: would allow them to better collaborate from the executive suite to • Established 1986 the manufacturing floor. As a small company, they also needed to be • Industry: Manufacturing conscious of incurring large capital expenditures on any new business • 50 employees communications solution they chose. • Website: Solutions Flexible Hybrid Hosted Approach Bogert began searching for a new communications system, and it soon became apparent that a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution could be a viable alternative to meet their criteria. Upon thorough due diligence, the company engaged Fonality after reviewing several providers.
  2. 2. FONALITY CASE STUDYBogert InternationalThey were attracted to the flexibility of Fonality’s hybrid-hosted PBXtra solution, which combined the reliability and securityof a premised based system with the functionality and ease-of-use of a hosted platform. The system allows for updatesand maintenance to be conducted automatically, so Bogert’s IT team could focus on core business objectives, rather thanmanaging the communications infrastructure.The Advantages of a Hybrid-Hosted SolutionBecause legacy on-premise solutions are expensive to purchase and even more expensive to maintain, many businesses(like Bogert) are now looking into new deployment solutions such as hybrid hosted environments for their communicationneeds. Fonality’s hybrid-hosted PBXtra solution provides a best of breed approach with the solution’s hardware residing onthe customers premise while the control panel (along with service, maintenance, and configuration) remains in the cloud. Ahybrid-hosted deployment solution (see figure 1-1) allows for the communications infrastructure (server) to be on-site whiledeferring equipment monitoring and management costs to Fonality. With all Fonality solutions, configuration data is securelybacked up; call and data quality are assured; new system features and upgrades are included with support contracts, andultimately the total cost of ownership is much less than a legacy solution.Administrators can remotely manage all aspects of the communication system and review real-time call logs with comprehensivesearch filters for all extensions through the online web admin and user panel. Call logs and other data can be exported as reportsfor use in Excel and Access, and managers can oversee individual and grouped devices from a single screen.Fonality Hybrid Hosted Solution Architecture “Fonality has been a real productivity-booster for our entire team. We have been able to collaborate better, which has improved our ability to deliver value to our customers. Plus, the system is extremely reliable and easy to use. Fonality has become an invaluable asset to support our business objectives.” —Cathy Bogert, CFO of Bogert International
  3. 3. FONALITY CASE STUDYBogert InternationalIncrease Productivity with the Click of a Mouse Fonality PBXtra is powered by Fonality Heads Up Display (HUD), an award winning, user-friendly Unified Communications (UC) dashboard with presence-based capabilities to seamlessly manage voice, email and chat dialogue, so users can communicate with the right person, with the right information at the right time. Fonality HUD merges your phones, desktop, and business applications into a single unified, easy-to-use interface and can save knowledge workers up to two hours a day in productivity. Fonality HUD offers unique features including, drag and drop call management, employee presence, and secure chat that can be integrated with Google contacts or Jabber based chat platforms. HUD also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so you can call directly out from your Inbox, or through Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Desktop alerts show the customized contact information for all incoming calls including the caller’s image, caller ID, and the ability to launch a web browser to gain additional information. You can then answer, ignore, instantly forward, or send the call directly to voicemail directly from your desktop.
  4. 4. BenefitWith Fonality PBXtra and HUD, Bogert soon achieved new heights of productivity and flexibility to streamlinetheir communications. The user-friendly Fonality HUD allowed Bogert to share calls and communicatequicker with colleagues for unprecedented collaboration. Its team was empowered to be more responsiveand accessible to meet the needs of its customers like never before.About Fonality In the United States: Fonality 5601 Granite ParkwayFonality is North America’s fastest growing business communications Suite 500 Plano, TX 75024 USAcompany and a leading provider of cloud-based VoIP and Unified Phone: 469-252-7400Communications solutions for small and mid-size businesses. With aunique software model approach, Fonality provides all the features oflegacy providers without the cost or complexity.Founded in 2004, Fonality has delivered more than two billion phonecalls across the cloud while enabling more than one million users ofopen-standard based communications software. Investors includeIntel Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Azure Capital Partners.Visit for more information or call 877-FONALITY.