1 Stop Financial Case Study


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1 Stop Financial Case Study

  1. 1. FONALITY CASE STUDY1 Stop Financial Service Centers of AmericaTHE COMPANY1 Stop Financial Service Centers of America markets auto, home, business, and Client Testimonialtravel insurance from nineteen locations throughout central Texas. Their trend setting,non-traditional marketing approach and world-class customer service are helpingthem to change how insurance is sold. “ As a non-standard insurance company, we pride ourselves on innovation and operating at a higher level than others within the industry. From our marketing campaigns andSITUATION customer service to our signage, every aspect is meticulously thought outConnect and improve communication between 60 employees in two offices in West and orchestrated. Adding Fonality wasVirginia. Every call counts at 1 Stop Financial Service Centers of America. Revenue simply another step in solidifying ourgrowth is based on the company’s ability to have agents available to take calls andmake competitive quotes in real-time. trend-setting presence in the industry. ” Rosario “Chayo” Salinas Vice President of Operations1 Stop adopted web-based software to help agents make fast, accurate quotes. 1 Stop Financial ServiceThey chose Voice over IP telephony (VoIP) to easily integrate customer calls with Centers of America1 Stop’s web-based applications. However, 1 Stop’s VoIP service provider struggledto equitably distribute calls between their nineteen office locations. Additionally,it was unable to handle the call volumes generated by 1 Stop’s radio, television,print, and web-based marketing. The result was dropped calls, fewer quotes,and slower revenue growth.1 Stop was at a crossroads. They could: ▪ Purchase more equipment, add staff, and build a call center ▪ Implement a reliable, scalable service that would enable them to use existing equipment and staff to handle increasing call volumes1 Stop Financial Service Centers of America chose a service. That service is Fonality’s hybrid-hosted solution.SOLUTIONFonality’s hybrid-hosted has helped 1 Stop Financial Service Centers of America quickly and reliably distribute calls to availableagents in any of their nineteen office locations, their homes, or even on the road using their mobile phones. As a result, every call isanswered and 1 Stop has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary payroll and benefits packages.Fast reliable call distribution isn’t the only benefit Fonality delivers for 1 Stop. It also helps them: ▪ Monitor agent activity from any Internet-connected location ▪ Create and modify call routing in real-time to accommodate increased call volumes ▪ Gauge marketing campaign success using CDR Mapping and other reports ▪ Eliminate the need for increases in staffFonality is helping 1 Stop Financial Service Centers of America change how insurance is serviced and sold.To discover how we can help your business grow, visit fonality.com or call 877-FONALITY F ON ALI TY C A S E S TU D Y