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Drush for humans - SANDcamp 2013
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Drush for humans - SANDcamp 2013


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Learn how site building and maintenance can benefit from Drush, the Drupal command line shell and scripting interface. Join Jon Peck, author of the course Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush …

Learn how site building and maintenance can benefit from Drush, the Drupal command line shell and scripting interface. Join Jon Peck, author of the course Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush as he describes what Drush is, demonstrates how to install it, and how to use it effectively for everyday tasks. Drush is a fantastic daily-use tool without the overhead of the full Drupal GUI and bootstrap, but it has some drawbacks in terms of approachability. The documentation for drush, while thorough and improving, can be intimidating and obtuse for people who don’t live, breathe and code Drupal. the home page is an example of this; it’s a very useful source of information, but it’s literally dozens of commands and all their arguments displayed on one page. Where should a new Drush user start?

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  • 1. drush for humans @fluxsauce - january 26 - SANDcamp 2013
  • 2. who is this guy?● jon peck - @fluxsauce●● ○ simplified drupal sites with drush ○ 7 day free trial
  • 3. session overview● what is drush?● installing drush● site installation, management● archiving, restoring
  • 4. audience● basic Drupal admin experience ○ installed site, modules● willing to type instead of click
  • 5. about the demonstration● ubuntu 12.04 LTS in VirtualBox● AMP stack ○ Apache webserver ○ MySQL database ○ PHP
  • 6. drush access requirements● command line access● local ○ terminal● remote ○ SSH client ■ built in for macs, linux ■ PuTTY for Windows
  • 7. drush quick reference●● CC BY-SA 3.0
  • 8. managing drupal via the web● only needs web browser to admin● FTP client to add modules● high overhead ○ many page loads ○ menu driven process ■ Clearing cache: ● Log into site ● Click on Configuration ● Click on Performance ● Click "Clear all Caches"● restricts access
  • 9. drush is:● Drupal shell ○ command-line ○ scripting interface●●
  • 10. why use drush?● save time● scriptable● reduces overhead ○ increases precision
  • 11. whats the catch?● documentation is obtuse● overwhelming ○ ○ dozens of commands and all arguments ○ where to start?
  • 12. demonstrations● install drush 5.8 ○ displayed as 7.x-5.5 ○ compatible with Drupal 6, 7● build a Drupal site ○ module installation ○ user and cache management ○ archiving, restoring entire sites
  • 13. drush prerequisites● GNU Wget ○ downloads files● unzip ○ extracts archives● most hosts, OSes have it already
  • 14. installing drush with PEAR● preferred method● PEAR ○ PHP code distribution, package maintenance● OS agnostic● easy to update● not required to use drush ○ manual installation available
  • 15. demonstration
  • 16. site installation, introspection● download drupal core● site status● perform site installation
  • 17. demonstration
  • 18. drupal caching● improve site performance● avoid heavy or repetitive tasks● examples: ○ menu ○ blocks
  • 19. drupal caching - problems● changes not shown● cached locations when moving● solution - clear cache ○ all caches ○ selective ■ drush cache-clear
  • 20. demonstration
  • 21. drupal structural components● database - content● codebase - executable● files - generated and uploaded● best practice ○ backup before changes
  • 22. demonstration
  • 23. scripting code base creation● downloading particular versions ○ Drupal ○ Modules, Themes ○ Patching ○ Libraries● drush make ○ script to generate code base ○ drush help make
  • 24. thank you for attending!● free trial ○● drush links ○ ○ ○