New student day super hero


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New student day super hero

  1. 1. If you could have a super power what would it be?
  2. 2. During the course you will do lots of research in to existing products so that you understand what already exists. Understanding existing products is the first step to creating your own. Products have specific codes and conventions which influence the look of them. The products intended audience also has an influence. Today you will research some superhero film posters to see what they look like and what they contain. You should make notes on the fonts that are used. You should make notes about what appears on the poster. You should make notes on the layout of the poster.
  3. 3. You should make notes on the fonts that are used. What are the fonts like? Are they big and bold or slim and elegant? Do they have strong, straight lines or are they gentle and curvy? Are there lots of different fonts on the poster or just one? How much room is taken up with writing on the posters? You should make notes about what appears on the poster. What actually appears on the poster? What is written on it? What images can you see? Who is in the images? What colours appear on the poster? Which colours are most predominant? You should make notes on the layout of the poster. What takes up the most space? What is the part of the poster that grabs your attention? Where is the text on the poster? Where do the images appear in relation to the text and to each other?
  4. 4. Tag line: Title: Log o: Release date: Billing Cast : Hero: Log o:
  5. 5. Fonts: The font is a simple sans serif font. It changes size and weight (thickness) in different places. All the words are written in upper case. Actors second names are much bigger than their first. Colour of font gets lighter the lower down the poster you go. There is text on about one third of the poster.
  6. 6. Layout: The main character is positioned centrally on the poster, photographed from a low angle. The flaming logo and the large building take up most of the space. The logo leads you eye down to the hero and then to the title. Most text is towards the bottom of the poster. The poster is mostly blue in colour. The building is clearing damaged and is falling apart.
  7. 7. Flat plan: Flat plans are simple layouts which show where everything will go on a page. They can be useful when generating or testing ideas and also when you are working in a team. They can be done electronically or on paper. They should be simple and clear and easy to understand.
  8. 8. Release date Title and logo Billing block Background Hero
  9. 9. Style sheet: Style sheet are used to develop ideas and also when working in a team to ensure a consistent design. It should contain the fonts that will be used on a product It should have some example images similar to those intended for final use The colour scheme that will be used throughout the design Style sheets allow you to test the elements you intend to use alongside each other and see how they work together. If many designers are working on a project then they can all use the style sheet as a reference point.
  10. 10. THE DARK KNIGHTFranklin Gothic Heavy WELCOME TO A WORLD WITHOUT RULES Franklin Gothic Medium CHRISTIAN BALEFranklin Gothic Book/ Franklin Gothic Heavy
  11. 11. offers a huge range of fonts in a wide range of style and the majority are free for personal use. Fonts can give us a lot of information and have many connotations so choosing the right one is important. It is quite reliable although not all the fonts work. It is simple to install the fonts although you will need to add them to each new machine you work on. It is best to save them to a memory stick to help with this.
  12. 12. Create your own flat plans and style sheet for your film poster. You should use the information you learned from researching to help you.
  13. 13. Create your poster on an A3 sheet Try to stick to your layout, at least for the 1st draft. It should give you a good structure to work from. When you have completed a 1st draft, you can start to move away from your original ideas and make improvements in your work.