Sustainable Flooring Solutions for Airport Developments


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From the terminals, hangars and kitchens to the waiting rooms and baggage handling areas, an airport complex encompasses a variety of facilities which all have different demands and requirements.

Specifying the right floor is integral to optimising the working environment of all these spaces, as otherwise the airport risks floor failures that lead to unhygienic, unsightly and inefficient surfaces.

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Sustainable Flooring Solutions for Airport Developments

  1. 1. Sustainable Floorzone Solutions For airport environments Presented by: Vik Vithlani An Company
  2. 2. • Welcome to Flowcrete • Introduction to Resin Flooring • The Correct Specification • Market Sector Overview • Product Range Overview • Global Client Network • Any Questions? Westfield London UK FLOWCRETE GROUP LTD overview An Company
  3. 3. Welcome to Flowcrete Group Ltd An Company
  4. 4. We will be the world’s leading specialist flooring company by the continual improvement of our people, our products and our services. FLOWCRETE GROUP LTD Mission Statement An Company
  5. 5. Flowcrete Group is the world leader is seamless resin flooring and other specialised coatings • Founded in 1982 • Strong experience developing resin flooring products • 30 offices and 8 manufacturing plants globally • Support of major multinational manufacturing company • Service - design, specification, logistics and commercial support • FY 13 global turnover USD 110m Doncaster Civic Offices UK FLOWCRETE GROUP LTD Global Position An Company
  6. 6. Flowcrete eUROPE Flowcrete americas flowcrete international FLOWCRETE GROUP FLOWCRETE GROUP LTD Company Structure An Company
  7. 7. FLOWCRETE GROUP LTD WorldWide Locations Europe Baltic States Italy Russia UK Denmark Norway Spain France Poland Sweden Germany Romania Turkey International Australia Indonesia South Korea China Malaysia Thailand Hong Kong Singapore UAE India South Africa Vietnam Americas Canada USA Mexico Latin America An Company
  8. 8. FLOWCRETE GROUP LTD 30 year trading history An Company
  9. 9. Automotive AerospaceFood & Beverage Pharmaceutical Electronic Print & PackagingManufacturing Warehousing Chemical Processing Emergency Services FLOWCRETE GROUP LTD Industrial Markets An Company
  10. 10. Airports StadiaRetail Education Healthcare OfficesLeisure Car Parks Rail & Transport Public Venues FLOWCRETE GROUP LTD Commercial Markets An Company
  11. 11. Introduction to Resin Flooring An Company
  12. 12. Borders Biscuits UK Resin flooring has been used as a hard floor covering for industrial and commercial premises since the 1960’s. • The term ‘resin’ is derived from the epoxy resin on which the first types of resin flooring were based. • Many technologies are now used to manufacture resin flooring. • Resin flooring is available in a wide range of thicknesses. • One common feature – a polymerisation or ‘curing reaction’ which takes place in situ to produce a seamless and synthetic resin finish. Origins of resin Flooring An Company
  13. 13. HM Malaysia A variety of different resin floor, wall and lining systems are available on the market. These include: • Epoxy • Epoxy Novolac • Polyester • Vinyl Ester • Furane • Methyl Methacrylate • Polyurethane Types of resin flooring available An Company
  14. 14. Modlin Airport Poland Resin flooring provides a seamless surface with enhanced performance compared to alternative floor coverings. • Strong, permanent bond to the concrete substrate • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals • Impermeable to liquids • Excellent durability, resilience and wear resistance • Hygienic and easily cleaned • Greater resistance to cracking • Low applied thickness • Rapid installation available Benefits of Resin Flooring An Company
  15. 15. Flowcrete Product Range overview An Company
  16. 16. Isocrete Floor Screed Application The level best in surface underlayments with fast drying, heavy duty and self smoothing options Benefits: • Machine application available • Excellent life expectancy • Excellent cure times • Self-levelling formulations • Portland cement free formulations available Isocrete Sub Floor Screeds An Company
  17. 17. Isocrete Sub Floor Screeds Environmental efficiency: free from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Manufacturing efficiency: reduced CO2 emissions in production process Installation Impact: accelerated drying times, even at high temperatures Transport Benefits: In most instances our screeds are packaged and delivered to site in 25kg paper bags, or where possible in bulk quantities using recyclable re-usable sack containers Recycled Content: Isocrete Green Screeds contain up to 40% recycled materials, most of which have been reclaimed from heavy industry and would otherwise be sent to landfill An Company
  18. 18. Stylish seamless terrazzo range designed to deliver an eye-catching finish in large commercial settings. Benefits: • Range of decorative aggregate mixes and colours available • Highly durable • Excellent life expectancy • Excellent chemical resistance • Seamless application • Easily cleaned maintained Mondéco Seamless Terrazzo Miele UAE An Company
  19. 19. Mondéco, our seamless terrazzo systems, can contain up to 60% recycled materials, including attractive recycled glass and mirrored aggregates. 60% Mondéco Seamless Terrazzo An Company
  20. 20. Highly resilient and durable surfaces, suited to the challenging operating conditions of the industrial sector. Benefits: • Durable hard wearing • Chemical fuel resistant • Impact wear resistant • Adjustable anti-slip profile • Seamless application • Easily cleaned maintained • Range of colours finishes available Industrial epoxy Solutions MCR Oil Tools USA An Company
  21. 21. End of life epoxy resin solutions can be patch maintained to extend the life of the floor finish, minimising the environmental impact of replacement. Industrial epoxy Solutions An Company
  22. 22. Hygienic, urethane mortar range designed to offer ehnaced microbial protection in the hygiene industries. Benefits: • Enhanced hygiene performance • Silver-ion additive - Polygiene® • Seamless application • Easily cleaned maintained • Excellent chemical resistance • Excellent impact wear resistance • Adjustable anti-slip profile Flowfresh Hygienic Polyurethane Dalehead Foods UK An Company
  23. 23. Flowfresh systems are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and solvent free, protecting the environment as well as the users of the facility. Flowfresh Hygienic Polyurethane Low VOC Solvent Free An Company
  24. 24. Deckshield Traffic Deck Coatings The Star Vista Mall Singapore Waterproof UV-stable deck coating systems designed to transform and protect multi-storey parking structures. Benefits: • Aesthetically attractive • Chemical, oil fuel resistant • Impact wear resistant • Prevents water ingress into the underlying slab • Flexible to minimise cracking • Light reflective • UV stable colour palette An Company
  25. 25. Deckshield Traffic Deck Coatings Deckshield systems have a long life span of up to ten years. Solvent based epoxy deck coating systems begin to wear after one or two years. 10 yrs1–2 yrs An Company
  26. 26. Global Client Network An Company
  27. 27. Global Aiport References Manchester International Airport United Kingdom Warsaw–Modlin Mazovia Airport Poland Heathrow International Airport London, United Kingdom Bangkok International Airport Thailand Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia Dubai International Airport United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi International Airport United Arab Emirates Sydney Airport Australia LAX Airport USA An Company
  28. 28. Dubai International Airport UAE An Company
  29. 29. Dubai Mall UAE An Company
  30. 30. Dubai Mall UAE An Company
  31. 31. Times Square Dubai An Company
  32. 32. Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong An Company
  33. 33. Miele Dubai An Company
  34. 34. Zuma Abu Dhabi An Company
  35. 35. Sharjah Mega Mall UAE An Company
  36. 36. KL International Airport Malaysia An Company
  37. 37. Nasa USA An Company
  38. 38. Lufthansa Malta An Company
  39. 39. Modlin Mazovia Airport Poland An Company
  40. 40. TNB Airport Substation Malaysia An Company
  41. 41. Disneyland Hong Kong An Company
  42. 42. Iluma UEC Mall Singapore An Company
  43. 43. Manchester Airport UK An Company
  44. 44. Wembley Stadium UK An Company
  45. 45. @flowcreteme Any Questions? An Company