Key Trends and Issues in Mobile Advertising and Marketing


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Mobile is the single biggest disruptor is the marketplace, second only to the Internet’s birth two decades ago. However, the fact has yet to sink in with most marketers nationwide. Not only is mobile reshaping consumer attitudes to work, home and play activities, it is also upending existing business models.


David Andreadakis, Vice President of Loyalty Strategy, Kobie Marketing
Matt McKenna, Founder and President, Red Fish Media
Freddie Laker Jnr., CEO and Founder,

About the Speakers:

David Andreadakis, Vice President of Loyalty Strategy, Kobie Marketing is responsible for the loyalty strategy and business development at Kobie Marketing. Andreadakis has extensive experience analyzing the strategic and financial aspects of loyalty strategy and program development for clients and their customers, as well as providing insights that will help enhance Kobie’s design, analytical, behavioral and platform offerings. Prior to joining Kobie, Andreadakis was the Director of Strategy and Business Development at AIMIA and was tasked with ensuring the optimal selection of strategies and tactics to meet the needs of clients, as well as overseeing the design of these programs to drive maximum value. His expertise in behavioral economics has been applied in marketing analytics and risk assessment software.

Matt McKenna, Founder and President, Red Fish Media has helped grow the company into a well-established mobile marketing agency responsible for executing successful national mobile marketing campaigns for brands like Microsoft, Nike, MGM Resorts International, HP, Anheuser-Busch, Fox News, American Apparel, Mazda, Guitar Center, Heineken, Wrigley, Family Dollar, P&G, Mars, Kellogg’s, BBC America, Saks Fifth Avenue, Coach, Subaru, Perry Ellis and many more. McKenna has overseen Red Fish Media’s diverse clientele through a multitude of successful campaigns including Google, who turned to Red Fish Media’s services for its Zeitgeist conference. And when disaster stuck, McKenna and Red Fish Media helped raise millions of dollars through mobile donations benefiting the Haitian relief effort, as well as helping educate the world on h

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Key Trends and Issues in Mobile Advertising and Marketing

  1. 1. MATT MCKENNA & LARAINE HART #LetsMobilize @redfishmedia @rfmnews
  2. 2. Changes in Content Consumption Adoption of Media Outlets (50 Million Users in Years) Radio 38 Years Television 13 Years Internet Facebook 4 years 3.5 years iPod 3 years Draw Something APP 50 days Angry Birds App 35 Days
  3. 3. Direct Marketing and PUBLISHERS Email Fliers, letters, and catalogs TV & Radio Ads Magazines Newspapers CONSUMER WEBSITES Outdoor Ads @ EXTRA
  4. 4. Marketers & PUBLISHERS… Love database marketing lists Confidence in the mature outlets “Defend the Spend” Hit the Target
  5. 5. Consumers adopting mobile at a faster rate than Direct Marketers & PUBLISHERS
  6. 6. What makes mobile different? Consistent Immediate Permission based Instant gratification On-hand 98% of text messages are read Mobile coupons 10x redemption rate 70% of smartphone users want mobile offers
  7. 7. How TO transition Mobile Ads Mobile Optimized Site / apps Click to Call function Mobile alerts programs Build mobile CRM database POS Integration
  8. 8. Results 52% of mobile ads result in phone calls 70% of mobile searched result in action within 1 hour 70% like personal mobile offers from brands 2013 DIGITAL MEDIA > TV Mobile claims 38.6 % share of digital advertising 4 out of 10 publishers anticipate 10% of revenue from mobile
  9. 9. # L et s M o b ili z e @ re d f i s hme d ia @ r f mne w s