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SDOA 3.3  Decision Making Tools
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SDOA 3.3 Decision Making Tools

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SDOA – Service Design and Organizational Activation. Enhanced lecture course Gatech 2012, Industrial Design. This presentation is part of the "breadth" part of the lecture series - designed to......

SDOA – Service Design and Organizational Activation. Enhanced lecture course Gatech 2012, Industrial Design. This presentation is part of the "breadth" part of the lecture series - designed to give service design students an understanding of business-relevant tools and concepts.

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  • 1. informedGood design is a series of good anddecisions. Making the right decisions cansometimes be overwhelming anddaunting, especially under the time and personality constraints ofa multi-stakeholder project. Decision makingtools are consistently emerging from the business and the design communities.
  • 2. 1. Decisions, Decisions
  • 3. Conditional decision making
  • 4. Is it raining? NO YESLeave house Is it heavy rain? YES NO Grab light coat & Grab umbrella & leave house leave house
  • 5. Navigating the Chaos
  • 6. Text http://www.census.gov/cgi-bin/briefroom/BriefRm
  • 7. Historic responsibility
  • 8. 2. Approaches
  • 9. • Problem Identification • Context - Time • Context – Meaning • AnalysisCritical • Connections & RelationshipsThinking • Hypothesis • Verification • .... (conceptual framework) • Summarize
  • 10. Rational • Decisions in complex situationsDecision • Removal from the situation • Quantitative DecisionMaking Making
  • 11. 3. Dimensions of Decision Making
  • 12. • Shared riskRisk • Ownership of decisionManagement • Projection into the future
  • 13. Decision • Adverse of the newand • Embracing the newInnovation
  • 14. knowledge The latest-and-greatest The ponderer short-lived The questioner The analytical uncertain The outsourcerThe excited The indecisive certain The balanced lasting The intuitive feeling
  • 15. 4. Some Tools
  • 16. • Projection into the future• What if• Word Clouds
  • 17. Empathy Focus on Creativity Managing Complexity Interface of disciplines Vizualization Rationality Prototypes Fuzzy Frontend Defendability Clarity Communicating "Some" process DoingPlanning Planability "Some" level of predictability Strategy Design Success Desireability Risk Management Semantics Viability Outside In A joint language Discourse Understanding of processes Feasibility Up In the Air Design Thinking The Good The Bad Fad? 100 Manifestos "Self"-Innovation Economic (Profit) The Ugly "Cheating": Service Design vs Service Development Seeking Meaning The Triple Bottom Line Ecologic (Planet) Players Bruce Nussbaum Social (People) James Woudhuysen Tim Brown Richard Buchanan Nathan Shedroff Fads & Trends General observation: gets absorbed into design philosphy
  • 18. Service • Prioritization • Qualitative & QuantitativeXRAY • Heuristics and Empirical
  • 19. Service XRAY Touchpoint First Conversation Previous Next Description Strengths & -1 Lack of consistency Impact Score 0 Amazing people -2 What are we talking about here? -3 Weaknesses & +2 test Impact ScoreService 2 Opportunities & Impact Score +2 test Low Res High ResXRAY 2 Threats & Impact Score -2 terrible -2 -1 Touchpoint Impact Score Impact Score: if we respond to this condition, change is very likely (+2), likely (+1), not likely (-1), very not likely (-2) to happen.
  • 20. Explorations
  • 21. • Paper or plastic? • Correlate to intervention,Pro/Con system, systems of systems, global