Top 10 jobs in information technology industry


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Some preferred top 10 job choices available in information technology industry for IT professionals.

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Top 10 jobs in information technology industry

  1. 1. Here is some preferred top 10 career choices available for an IT professional are discussed. Presented by:
  2. 2.  Today, information technology has such a pervasive effect on each and every field that newer options are developing over time. Information Technology degree course includes all relevant aspects as well as innovation in computer technology. Having acquired a degree one has numerous career options with starting salaries that are just a dream in other fields. Some preferred career choices available for an IT professional are discussed here.
  3. 3. A network analyst looks after business as well as technical aspects of the company. You are required to find technical solutions in case of any problems. Besides this, you are supposed to handle planning, designing, analysis and technical support of data communication. You can also recommend purchase of advanced network equipment. Salary Range = $51,000 – $80,000 Read more
  4. 4. Graduates are most appropriate as computer programmers as they are skilled with basic knowledge of computer programming and are fully equipped to develop wide range of programs required for the company. Generally computer programmers work as freelancers. Salary Range = $47,000 – $57,000 Read More
  5. 5. A software designer combines ideas and technology together and provides customized solution to the company while working as a team. Companies that deal with software for mobile, internet or computer security frequently hire fresh graduates as software designers. Salary Range = $88,000 – $90,000 Read More
  6. 6. As a graphic designer you take care of graphic designs and art which assembles images, topography as well as motion graphics to create attractive designs. An IT Degree is enough to enter this field but experience is the key for higher level jobs. Salary Range = $29,000 – $88,000 Read More
  7. 7. As a web designer you have to plan, create and assemble websites as well as see to programming. Sufficient knowledge of HTML, CSS as well as XML is the key components in web designing. Knowledge of Java Script is also a must in this field. Salary Range = $36,000 – $97,000 Read More
  8. 8. An application architect plays an important role in making high level designs. As an architect you have to maintain technical standards in software coding, tools and platforms. You may focus on hardware environment or design methodology. Years of experience and proven expertise in desired fields are a must to apply for this post. Salary Range = $74,000 – $112,000 Read More
  9. 9. Senior IT auditor holds a responsible post and reviews financial information of the company. He makes sure that it complies with corporate as well as government policies. You are supposed to see fieldwork, planning and audit assignments. Experienced individuals are welcomed for this post. Salary Range = $60,000 – $114,000 Read More
  10. 10. In recent times all business establishments are using computers to enhance their businesses and they need IT graduate to trouble shoot the system whenever there is a problem. Salary Range = $65,000 – $100,000 Read More
  11. 11. Business intelligence analyst provides timely and accurate analysis and plans new strategies. It is up to you to discover innovative opportunities in business. Experience of at least 3 to 5 is required for this post. Salary Range = $81,000 – $121,000 Read More
  12. 12. Data modeler is required to analyze data and support business processes of an organization. It requires a methodical mind that is able to create data models for computer systems. Salary Range = $95,000 – $167,000 Read More
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