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Playa Grande Creating Information

  1. 1. Playa Grande Creating InformationThe processes as well as procedures in costa rica are changing constantly. Check with authorities tofind out the most current process , procedure or legislation.For those people who are building somewhere else , other than Playa Grande, you can use thisinformation like a guide. Most likely be more successful to go through the costa rica buildingexperience in your neighborhood , than it is in Playa Grande.The following steps will help you understand what it takes to start and complete a project in the PlayaGrande, costa rica area.Step 1Contact A RealtorIt pays to use a realtor in Costa Rica. Most likely theyll know the area and might know importantinformation concerning the property that interests you.Be aware that in costa rica anyone can be a realtor. There is no licensing. There arent anystandards. There is no option if you get scammed. Do your homework before you take any individualsword for anything in Costa Rica, especially real estate.Here is really a warning that appears in every issue of the Tico Times...Warning to our Readers - expense Alert"Please be aware that many business and expense opportunities in costa rica are neither controllednor approved through any financial regulating agency. Also, keep in mind that the regulationsgoverning investments in costa rica are not as rigid as they are in other countries. Whilst legitimateopportunities can be found , so do scams and extremely risky ventures. Purchasing Costa Rica canbe much like gambling, and readers should keep that in mind and invest accordingly."Step 2Visit & Investigate the PropertyThere are many issues to research before purchasing home in Costa Rica, particularly in the PlayaGrande area.These would be the types of issues you should pay attention to, before you make an offer topurchase the property:Re-Survey The Property: in Playa Grande, Costa Rica you will find that most property hooks are lightsteel stakes or re-bar placed in concrete cylinders marking the boundaries of individual parcels ofland or lots. These hooks can be easily moved or removed altogether.Find the existing property hooks and verify them to ensure they complement the "Catastro Plano".Once you locate the actual pins, mark the home perimeter so that you can visually see theboundaries.If you decide that the property suits your purposes have the property surveyed as well as propertypins location verified or re-established, if missing.Check for Basic Services: that are offered such as water, electricity , telephone, internet, road access,areas with regard to septic systems. Water flow is important in costa rica. Make sure there is a spot
  2. 2. for the water from your great deal to run into, that wont affect your neighbors property.There are properties in the Playa Grande area which are below grade from the roadway. Theseproperties may be subject to water problems if not raised to an appropriate level. This is somethingyou should consider before making an offer, as bringing the great deal to the appropriate quality toprevent water problems , may be expensive.Make Sure You Can develop The Property: ownership associated with property in costa rica isguaranteed by the constitution, but absolutely nothing guarantees that you can develop the property.Before you make an offer check to make sure you can build on it.This can be difficult in places such as Playa Grande. No one can guarantee that you can build on apiece of home in Playa Grande as each application to build must be examined by the environmentaldivision called SETENA. (SETENA is the abbreviation with regard to National Technical SecretariatOf The Environment Ministry.)This process is difficult and must be contacted with each detail of your project completely thought outand drafted. Wording on programs is extremely important.Most designers and other professionals in Costa Rica are not familiar with these processes which cancause the property owner problems as well as long delays in their application process. Using the rightpeople will help proceed your applications through the permitting stage.Do not rely on your own architect for coordinating environmental issues. You can obtain a list ofaccepted environmental consultants from SETENA. There are more than 1600 registered consultantsapproved by SETENA which gives you many to choose from. You can also check their own trackrecord at the SETENA office.Check along with : the Ministry associated with Public Works, with regard to future road constructionprojects. Also seek advice from , the Ministry associated with Health, the National start of Housing aswell as Urban Development and the Municipality of santa Cruz, just to make certain there are noplans in the works, that will adversely affect the property you are thinking about.So far in the Playa Grande region there are no issues affecting most properties, nevertheless eachproperty should still be investigated for any type of issue that may affect it. Dont take the word of realestate agents , developers, lawyers, designers or anyone else regarding the property that interestsyou.Check For Environmental issues that : could affect the home. There may be some uniquerequirements, depending upon which kind of structure you are planning to build. If your task requiresan environmental impact study duly accepted by SETENA, the process to obtain a constructionenable may take longer.Many property owners in the Playa Grande area have been required to provide SETENA with sometype of review or study before granting permission to build on their property. In some casespermission to develop home has been denied.Be aware that SETENA as well as National Parks possess a supreme authority more than where andwhat is built in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. If you start without their permission , they will shut a persondown, some times permanently.
  3. 3. Once once again , do not take any individuals word regarding what is required by SETENA.Step 3Making an offer On The PropertyUse the services of a realtor to negotiate the price and terms according to your instructions. If you areoutside of Costa Rica, the faxed offer is appropriate.Step 4Hiring the LawyerBe careful which lawyer you employ. Rumors have it that there are lawyers who are absolutely no asforthright because they claim to be.You can use Stewart Title who has an option with their providers to guarantee title. You could havethem form businesses and process property transactions.Step 5Wire Transfer Your MoneyIn most cases you cable transfer the money for your purchase to the lawyer. Your financial institutionin your home country are designed for this for you.Step 6Receive Property legal DocumentsThis is an important action , because in costa rica you get the original home legal documents as wellas company books with you , physically. Have your own lawyer keep the documents for you or havesomebody you trust keep them. You need copies of these documents for approvals and permits.Step 7Project Design employ A Costa Rican EngineerNow that you own the property and you know precisely where the property hooks are located, youcan employ an architect or engineer.You can obtain a list of architects as well as engineers in costa rica from the CFIA, the actualgoverning body of these Costa Rican professionals.Make sure you will find the professional you choose design the project precisely the way you wantthis completed. This is your opportunity to turn your ideas into reality.Construction plans and Permits PhaseConstruction plans and specialized specifications remain probably the most important steps in theentire construction project since the successful execution will depend upon the quality as well asaccuracy of these drawings. Once you agree on design and design from the building, work can starton the drafting of these plans.In costa rica , a complete set of building plans should include a website plan, distribution strategy ,elevation and transversal and longitude viewpoints , roof design as well as drainage, designassociated with footings and support beams, structural plans , electrical design, mechanised andsanitary program design, as well as a strategy that details all of the interior finishing from theconstruction.It is only when the construction plans are completed that your professional can begin preparing a
  4. 4. materials list and construction spending budget.The permits as well as permissions stage is essential in the Playa Grande area. Your professionalmust work with SETENA, MINAE, SINAC, wellness Officials, water authorities , Seguro, INS, glaciers, Municipality of santa Cruz and other gov departments to obtain permits as well as permissions asquickly as possible. You want to obtain permits as quickly as you can, as regulations and policies inCosta Rica change quickly.From each of these governing bodies , you are requesting their own permission to build in yourproperty. Every ask for , every document, every construction plan, should be accurate and completewhich will allow your applications to move through these procedures quickly.The control and Execution PhaseThe control and delivery phase involves the actual construction and task supervision. The designatedarchitect or engineer will visit your construction site once a week to view the work that is happening.His inspection will be recorded in the proper book required through Costa Rica law.Written ContractOnce you agree on the requirements of your task , have your lawyer draft a written agreement for ourarchitectural design and engineering providers. All details as well as costs for providers should beclear to both parties before the last document is signed. Once the final agreement is signed, workshould begin work on your project.Step 8Construction PlansThis first step in sketching the construction plans is to position your buildings and other features on a"site plan". The site plan is very important, since it shows exactly what as well as where buildings aswell as features will be placed on your property.In the beginning you simply "rough sketch " concepts that may suit your needs and work with yourown professional to add or eliminate features.After working back and forth youll come up with a plan the actual suits your needs. Your ownprofessional will begin sketching the preliminary drafts for your review. You are making the changesthat suit a person best and maintain adjusting the initial drafts until you are satisfied that the details ofthe project.Make sure you get a duplicate of the draft as well as final plans. It is a good idea that you obtain acopy of every document relating to your project.Step 9The Building Permissions/Permits StageThere are many authorizations and permits necessary to develop property in the Playa Granderegion.The following is an overview of what we do to obtain the permissions as well as permits for your task :>> Obtain accreditation Of Water AvailabilityYou must obtain a notice certifying that water will be made available to your property. You can do thislocally in Playa Grande. All permissions and permit programs require this notice.
  5. 5. This letter will be copied and notarized. A copy will be posted on your website.>> Obtain A Letter from Parque Nacional Marino las BaulasObtain instructions from Parque Nacional Marino las Baulas officials stating that your property iseither "inside of the park" or "outside the park". SETENA requires this letter.Physically travel to the park office located in Playa Grande and submit your request for an inspection.Park officials will travel to your own lot and make a determination. You can pick up the actual letter atthe park office once the inspection has been completed.This letter should be copied and notarized. This particular letter does not have to be notarized in mostinstances, nevertheless , having it notarized eliminates any doubts about its creativity , which couldbe asked somewhere in any of the application processes.>> help to make Application To SETENA (SETENA is the abbreviation for National specializedSecretariat Of The atmosphere Ministry.)Have your own environmental consultant travel to San Pedro, which is a suburb of San Jose to"hands deliver" the application to the SETENA office. SETENA will date seal of approval a copy ofyour application , as have being received.Get a copy of this receipt out of your consultant.>> watch for SETENAs DeterminationAn inspector from SETENA must physically attend your own lot and research your requests. Thiscould consider many months as these inspectors are responsible for similar programs throughoutCosta Rica. There arent many inspectors and many programs. Your environmental advisor mustwork with the actual assigned inspector on a regular basis to see if he/she can get him to inspect yourproperty.Once the actual SETENA inspector, inspects your property, it takes about thirty working days,sometimes lengthier to receive a written determination called a "resolution" from SETENA regardingyour application. If you do not receive a determination within the 30 business days , your consultantshould start contacting the actual inspector regularly to keep your project fresh in his memory.He should be contacted by telephone and in person. Continue your consultant to do this.When you receive the actual determination from SETENA, it will state precisely what SETENArequires to process your application additional.In most cases the actual determination will be produced by SETENA that you require some form ofenvironmental impact review or study. In any case , their letter may clearly state what you require tosatisfy their own requirements.>> environment Review/Impact StudyHave your own environmental consultant, that needs to be registered along with SETENA, conductthe work necessary to satisfy the needs of SETENA. Employ a consultant that has the experience ofdoing additional studies in the Playa Grande area.>> Submitting The Review/StudyHave your environmental advisor physically travel to the actual SETENA office as well as submit therequired documents , receiving a stamped duplicate indicating that SETENA has received the
  6. 6. documents.>> SETENAs approval ProcessYour application as well as environmental review/study continues to be in the SETENA workplaceuntil it is examined by the inspector that initially inspected your property. He will review your studyand make a recommendation to some committee that will possibly approve or not say yes to yourproject, with particular conditions.This process can take many months, years for some property owners in Playa Grande. Time it takesto process your application solely depends upon who you hire to manage your project and theenvironment consultant used to process the required documents.It is important to use "the right people" from the beginning, because you need someone to "push " atevery stage in the application process, to make sure your best interests are at the fore front.>> Cerificate Purchase - before Receiving SETENAs approval ResolutionAssuming your project is approved and before a final resolution is issued, you will be required topurchase a certification from the Banco nationwide. The cost of this certification is about one percentof your estimated projects worth. This certificate is comparable a bond to ensure you comply with theactual SETENA resolution. Failure to comply with the actual resolution could mean that SETENAwould be able to cash the actual certificate and keep the money. If there arent any infractions duringthe construction of your project, you can cash the bond as well as keep the money.This certificate must be purchased through the head office from the Banco National in San Jose. Youhave to references to open an account at the Banco nationwide. Have your lawyer help you with this.>> Receiving SETENAs approval ResolutionOnce you receive SETENAs final resolution, you should use the required resolution to acquire otherpermissions as well as permits.>> permission To Remove TreesIf your project requires trees to be removed, permission is required from the MINAE workplace inSanta jones. You need to hire the forestry consultant that will conduct a review of your project andcatalog all of the trees on your home. He uses a global positioning system to do this. Every sapling isnumbered.He then identifies which trees you want to remove so that your project could be completed. You haveinput into which trees you want to keep on your property. It is important that you ask for all the treesyou would like removed during the initial application, as obtaining permission and physically removingtrees following construction has started is difficult.Once the advisor makes application, the actual MINAE inspector generally travels to Playa Grande ona motorcycle , however, there may be instances when he requires transport to and from yourproperty. Your own forestry consultant should provide the transportation for the MINAE inspector aswell as accompany him for your property.After reviewing your application to remove trees , a resolution will be issued indicating the resultsfrom the MINAE inspectors suggestion.This resolution states , by number, which trees can be removed as well as which trees cant be
  7. 7. removed.Note: gossips have it, that it costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to remove trees in Playa Grande.This is not true. There are no costs charged by MINAE to remove trees in Playa Grande. Wheneverproperty owners proceed through the proper application and approval process, no costs are charged.This may always change. Have your lawyer check before taking any action.>> Health Department ApprovalYour architect or engineer needs to physically have your documents as well as plans to the Healthdivision in Santa jones and apply for approval to install a septic system and make your project.>> inches Insurance RequirementsProperty proprietors must obtain an inches insurance policy for their task , before applying for abuilding permit at the santa Cruz municipality. This policy is similar to workers compensation. Thecost is about 2-3 % of the projects worth.Use an british speaking INS in representative that will talk with you and clarify your options. You canalso purchase other types of insurance from him or her. If you are not in Costa Rica, have your lawyerhave the insurance for you.Your insurance policies are valid for one year. It is best to buy the INS insurance right before applyingfor building enables at the Municipality associated with Santa Cruz.>> SEGUROSEGURO is federal government medical insurance for workers. You must register along withSEGURO in santa Cruz. It is important that property owners realize that the actual "patron", meaningthe home owner, is exclusively responsible that the SEGURO for all workers is actually reportedproperly every month and monies paid as required.Many architects and companies say that they will pay SEGURO, however, SEGURO only recognizesthat the actual "patron is responsible for reporting and paying the SEGURO payments for all workers.Nine percent is actually deducted from the workers pay, twenty five % is paid by the property owner.A total of 34 percent must be paid to SEGURO monthly.Many foreigners that trust their architect or contractor is actually properly reporting as well as payingSEGURO, get a surprise somewhere in the future , when they find out from SEGURO that absolutelynothing has been reported or paid. This will increase the risk for property owner being necessary topay thousands of dollars to SEGURO. Do not get captured in this situation.>> Applying For And installing Temporary PowerMake certain your architect or engineer applies with regard to and installs a brief power pole at theproperty, that will be utilized during construction. Even better , have your architect build yourpermanent power pillar and use it during construction. This will save you the time and hassle ofmoving the power from temporary to long term once the construction is actually complete.>> trying to get Municipal Building PermitsYour architect or engineer should physically go to the Municipality associated with Santa Cruzbuilding department and submit the required documents as well as architectural plans. This usuallytakes five to ten times for building plans to be reviewed as well as approved.
  8. 8. Have him/her check with the building division at five, seven and ten days following submitting yourdocuments. If you have not obtained permits by day time eleven, have your own professionalphysically visit the building department as well as investigate the temperament of your application.Get him to continue with these physical visits until enables are received.>> Application For A water Meter Installation as well as ConnectionYou should submit the required information making a second application for a water connection toyour property. This usually takes two or three weeks. You should work with the water authorities tohave your water meter and connection, installed as quickly as possible.Step 9Hire A Building ContractorYou should request "bids " to construct your project from three different reputable buildingcontractors. When you receive their bids , which must consist of their proposed contract , have yourlawyer review their package with you and your professional to ensure your best interests are in theforefront. A thing of caution... "everyone in Costa Rica claims to be a builder". Be careful of who youhire.Step 10Write An AgreementExperience has proven that reasonable, topic through topic agreements will help the projectimprovement smoothly and create a fair working relationship for all involved. Details and paymentagendas are spelled out so that all stakeholders know exactly what happens at every stage in theentire process.Step 11Begin ConstructionOnce the actual written agreement is in place construction will start on your project. The actual builderwill start setting up his equipment as well as materials to begin construction.Step 12Changing your own "provisional power" to "permanent power"First you go to the downtown ICE office in Sanata Cruz. Are applying for an electrical inspection. Itcosts 450 colones. They do an inspection, then you navigate to the main ICE workplace on thehighway and pay another 150 colones. In about three days someone will be to change your powermore than.Maybe your architect or contractor might have this done for a person. It would be a good idea to pointout it in your contract.Step 13SETENAs last inspectionHave your advisor make an appointment to have SETENA send an inspector to do thefinal inspection on your task. It takes about 8-24 months to get the inspection as well as go throughthe process of getting yoru deposit money back.Required Documents
  9. 9. The following documents are used all through each permits/permissions phase :1. Representation document Of The Company2. Company Registration Number3. Clients Passport4. Residency Status5. Residency Card6. NAtionwide Park Letter7. Current Registry Study8. Certification of Taxes Paid9. Certificate of sociable Services10. Certification associated with Water Availability11. Property Use Letter12. Proof of INS Liability Insurance13. Cadastre Plan14. Contract of Professional Serviceslawyers in Costa Rica