Dental Expert Alerts About The Rising Danger Of Dental Tourism


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Dental Expert Alerts About The Rising Danger Of Dental Tourism

  1. 1. Dental Expert Alerts About The Rising Danger Of Dental TourismDental Implants expert Warns About The increasing Danger of dental TourismMany Foreign dental practitioners Do Not Have the Training necessary for Complex Dental ImplantsOver the last few months, we now have seen an increasing number of patients who have had terribleexperiences and whose treatments have to be redone.They have been to panama and nicaragua , , Mexico, China, Argentina, etc., and now theyre havinglots of difficulties. We have also seen inferior work by US based dental practitioners who advertisereduced teaser rates for implants but do not have the required experience or even training to performsophisticated implant procedures, although repairing budget procedures end up being moreexpensive compared to doing it right the first time , but a lot of times it means severe complications,infection , bone loss, losing more teeth and implants, esthetic disasters , and total problems.Many dentists have had no formal learning implantology and have only completed short weekendseminars provided by the makers of dental augmentation supplies. They are not experienced withcomplex cases and are often unable to supply the proper medical care when a dental implant will goawry or the patients suffer complications.Many dental patients, in order to save money because their remedies are not covered by insurance ,often travel to international countries to get their implants done. For complex cases, and forindividuals requiring extensive prep and follow up work , it is best to use a properly trained andlicensed specialist..Experience is very important ! Not everyone can do implants well. Patients need to find someone withmedical and prosthetic augmentation experience - particularly if they have severe gum disease orwhen they need multiple implants. This is a highly technical and sensitive medical and prostheticremedy which requires a higher level of expertise.There are risks if not done properly. These include local and systemic infection, neural injury and theperhaps that there might be "inadvertent perforation of the nasal sinus." These can end up beingserious life threatening problems.What do you need to request your dentistWhat type of training did you receive ? Formal 3-year specialty , or just weekend workshops ?How long are you currently doing implants?How many implants excuses have you employed ?How often do you place or recover implants?What is your success rate?To prevent something going wrong in order to avoid experiencing serious complications, patientsshould only use a dental specialist with years of experience and extensive training and accreditation.Also, if possible, examine their credentials and talk to a few happy patients.Costa Rica SEO