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Bella Tuscany (Under the Tuscan Sun)


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  • 1. Reading
    In Italy
  • 2. ItalianSpeakingCountries
    Political system: Republic
    Capital city: Rome
    Total area: 301 263 km²
    Population: 58.8 million
    Currency: euro
    Language: Italian
    Political system: Swiss Confederation
    Capital city: Berne
    Total area: 41 284 km²
    Population: 7.3 million
    Currency: Swiss franc
    Language: Italian is one of the 4 official languages
    Political system: Republic
    Capital city: San Marino
    Total area: 61.2 km²
    Population: 0.02 million
    Currency: euro
    Language: Italian
    Political system: Ecclesiastical state
    Capital city: Vatican City
    Total area: 0.4 km²
    Population: 0.0009 million
    Currency: euro
    Language: Italian is spoken although Latin is the official language
  • 3. Swiss Langage Map
    There are 4 official languages in Switzerland.
    Italian is spoken in the Canton of TICINO. Ticino is at the Italian border. By car there is less than one hour from Milan to the Swiss border (Chiasso).
    Short Term: TI
    State Capital:Bellinzona
    Member of the Swiss Federation since: 1803
    Administrative language: Italian
    Size: 2812 km²
  • 4. Italy is divided into 20 regions
    FrancesMayes’houseissituated in theeastside of Tuscany.
    TuscanyisnotoriousforitsRenaissance art. Florence, Pisa and Sienna are themostfamouscities.
    Dante (1265-1321) established the Tuscan dialect as the literary language of Italy, thisiswhyItalianisalsocalled “Dante’slanguage”.
    Withthebookwewilltraveltootherregionssuch as Sicily, Veneto and Umbria .
  • 5. LA TOSCANA (Tuscany)
    Frances Mayes’ house, Bramasole, issituated in CORTONA, a littlecity in the Arezzo area.
    CortonaisrightontheborderwiththeUmbriaregion and knownforitsEtruscanpast.
  • 6. Pecorino: Deeper into the country 93, 94, 96; Spring Kitchen 141, 143; BagnoVignoni and Pienza 160
    Pecorino toscano (cheese) with recipes, wines, maps (in English)
    Favee Pecorino: Recipe (in English)
    Florentinebeefsteak: Deeper into the country 98
    • This is the Italian Porterhouse (in Italian, with photo)
    • What is chianina beef ? (in English)
    Ribollita: A Loog Around Lago Trasimeno164; AP 182
    All about this typical Tuscan soup (in Italian and English)
    Fried Zucchini flowers (recipe in Italian): Primavera 11, Bagno Vignoni and Pienza 160; Mad July 212
  • 7. Bramasole, Frances Mayes’s house
  • 8. Travelling AroundCortonawithBella Tuscany
    Seewith Google map
    Thenumbersreferetothepages of theeditionpresented at thebeginning of thispresentation.
    Cortona (red pin): 1, 65, 68, 169, 199, 202, 203
    In Tuscany (blupins)
    Firenze (Florence): 5 , 7, 19, 213, 271
    Sansepolcro: 68, 70 (Piero della Francesca)
    Montepulciano: 23, 27 (vino)
    Arezzo: 17, 181 (market)
    In Umbria (yellowpins)
    Lago Trasimeno: xiii, 125, 161, 166, 168
    Assisi: 248 (Giotto)
    CittàdellaPieve: 172Orvieto: 195
  • 9. Il Veneto
    Veneto is the name of the region. The city of Venezia is the capital of the region.
    The gondole, the Canal Grande, the piazza San Marco, the Caffè Florian and Cipriani, the 4 horses, the Danieli hotel, Murano glass …BENVENUTI A VENEZIA !
  • 10. Risi e bisi: The Watery Veneto 86
    • Typical venetian dish, recipe in Italian
    • Recipe in English
    I vini(wines from Veneto region)
    • Amarone: The Watery Veneto80
    Everything about the famous wine (in English)
    • Tutto sull’amarone, in Italiano
    • Ombra: The Watery Veneto86
    “un’ombra” is a typical Venetian expression meaning by metonym “a glass of wine” (“ombra” means shadow in Italian)
    Read the story here, at the end of the page:
  • 11. La Sicilia (Sicily)
    Sicily is a region. The island is separated from southern Italy by the Straits of Messina. So far, no bridge is linking the island to the mainland. To build or not a bridge is a sensitive and recurrent topic in Italy. People use the ferry or the plane to reach the island.
  • 12. San Vito lo Capo, North Cost of Sicily
  • 13. Le deliziosearancine di Palermo
    Arancina / arancine: The Palms of Sicily 31, 32
    • Video recipe (in italian)
    • Recipe in English
    • Recipe in Italian with lots of pictures
  • 14. Una bancarella a Mondello
  • 15. I famosicannolisiciliani
    Cannoli: The Palms of Sicily 35
    • Video recipe in Italian
    • Recipe in English
  • 16. Cassatine e cannolini
  • 17. Involtini:The Palms of Sicily 38
    3 typical Sicilian recipes (in English and in Italian)
    I vini siciliani (Sicilian wines)
    • Marsala: The Palms of Sicily 35, 45
    Marsala e moscato di Pantelleria (in English and in Italian)
    • Moscato: The Palms ofSicily 35, 56; A Sicilian menu 57, 61
    Moscato di Noto e di Siracusa (in English and in Italian)
    Caponata: A Sicilian Menu 58
    • Recipe in English and video
    • Recipe in Italian
  • 18. Mondello, near Palermo
  • 19. La prima colazione