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 Flooring Canada Hard Surfaces for the Way you Live Brochure
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Flooring Canada Hard Surfaces for the Way you Live Brochure


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Navigate the world of hard surface flooring like a pro with this all-inclusive guide to selecting hard surface products. Determine which material is right for you, read about our top performing …

Navigate the world of hard surface flooring like a pro with this all-inclusive guide to selecting hard surface products. Determine which material is right for you, read about our top performing brands, and learn all you need to know about Hardwood, Tile, Laminate, Vinyl and alternative materials.

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  • 1. Hard Surface Flooringfor the Way You Live overview
  • 2. hard surfaceAt Flooring Canada, we understandthe importance of choice. Which MaterialOur wide selection of hard surface materials gives is Right for You?you choices you won’t find anywhere else. FlooringCanada offers style, performance, and value in trusted At Flooring Canada, we are dedicated to keepingbrands like Armstrong® Hampton™ Collection, Bedford you ahead of flooring fashion trends with long-lasting,Mills™, Downs®, Floorcraft™, Naturcor™, and Design cutting-edge styles and time-proven classics, inDistinctions™. 17,432 durable flooring choices.Knowing the types of hard surfaces available and the With so many materials and designs available, youcharacteristics of each will help you make the best are sure to find the right product for the way you live.choice when selecting flooring to suit your home, And to help your selection, we’ve created this guidelifestyle, and budget. Flooring Canada has the flooring to hard surface flooring choices. Read on to betteryou need and the selection you deserve. understand each product category and its attributes, along with factors to consider before purchasing your new floor. We look forward to helping you find the perfect floor to turn your decorating dreams into reality! TABLE OF CONTENTS factors to consider............................................... 2 Flooring Canada brands ...................................... 3-5 PRODUCT hardwood ............................................................ 6-7 ceramic and porcelain ......................................... 8-9 laminate............................................................... 10-11 vinyl ..................................................................... 12-13 alternative materials ............................................. 14-15 REFERENCE at a glance........................................................... 16-17Look for this symbol to identifyour earth-friendly products. 1
  • 3. brands Factors to Consider Our vast floor-covering selection comes from a DESIGN unique family of products, many available exclusively What is your design aspiration? Before you at Flooring Canada. Each product is backed by some choose a new floor, consider if your goal is of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. sleek and contemporary, cozy and rustic, traditional, or totally eclectic. Flooring To simplify your selection process, we’ve included Canada sales professionals are trained in design to help you achieve your desired an introduction to our best-selling brands. With this look. Be sure to ask about our Confidence guide, you will better understand which brands aim Plus 60-Day Replacement Warranty to give you decorating assurance. to fulfill high-performance needs, which focus on high style, and which provide the perfect balance between COLOUR performance, style, and price. Today, flooring of all materials is available in virtually every colour imaginable. Colour sets a tone and creates a mood. Whether you’re bold and adventurous or committed to neutral, we can help you find the perfect floor. We offer hundreds of finishes, styles, and materials to complement your décor and create the exact ambiance you’ve been dreaming of. Bedford Mills™ floors are meticulously constructed of the most exquisite materials by the most skilled hands. The epitome of style, LIFESTYLE & PERFORMANCE design, elegance, and performance, Bedford Mills™ sets a new Today’s floors are manufactured with pinnacle for the latest looks in luxurious hard-surface flooring. It’s easy care in mind, but you will want to the floor you were meant to own. make your flooring selection based on the activity level your new floor will be asked to withstand. Busy homes with kids and pets demand high-performance floors. Some floors are engineered for extra cushion underfoot to ease stress on Visionary designers from the trend-setting studios of Design knees, back, feet, and joints. Ask about Distinctions™ passionately gather the boldest colours, the most our Five Star Selection System to help you contemporary patterns, and the most inspiring textures to create a choose the floor that best fits your lifestyle. unique collection of definitive flooring products. Individuals seeking to indulge their personal style and revel in self-expression will enjoy AREAS OF APPLICATION the unique product options presented in this stunningly creative Many exciting, new flooring products collection. Design Distinctions™ – The Ultimate In Expressive Design. are extending beyond the floor onto countertops, backsplashes, shower walls, balconies, patios, and more. Discuss with your sales professional where your purchase will be installed: indoors or outdoors; above, below, or on grade; or in a location where moisture may be a concern.2 3 3
  • 4. brandsDowns® has filled homes with quality flooring for more than four The Home Craft™ hard-surface collection highlights attractive andgenerations. One of the oldest and most respected names in the affordable products suitable for long-wearing performance in everyindustry, Downs® has become synonymous with superbly room. Home Craft™ makes flooring with the needs of the new-homeconstructed, elegant, and unique styled floors since 1865. And buyer in mind, offering a Never-Miss-A-Closing, that Downs® heritage of quality, integrity, and unsurpassedluxury is carried on with floors for the active family who need it all– unbeatable performance, extensive styling options, and the bestwarranty package available. That’s why every single Downs® floor isFive-Star rated as a premium performance floor. The heart of Naturcor™ lies in its technologically advanced layered construction, which makes it especially resilient and cushioned underfoot. Naturcor’s unique Nature Surface System offers an abundance of realistic wood and stone looks in a sheet product that is so stunning, its beautiful natural designs are rivaled only byIn-demand styling suited to tastes from contemporary to traditional, its strength and durability. Highly warranted and high performing,from lounge to lodge, and everything in between, Floorcraft™ Naturcor™ is a category unto itself.flooring features only quality materials, crafted with pride to exactingstandards using the most innovative manufacturing techniques. It’sthe right choice for affordable styling and exceptional quality. You trust Stainmaster® carpet for durability, style, and easy cleanup. Now those same qualities can be found in Stainmaster® resilient vinyl flooring. It’s the perfect choice for kitchens, baths, laundryThe rich, luxurious floors of the Armstrong® Hampton™ Collection rooms, mudrooms — anywhere you need the practicality of resilientadd value and comfort to your home, with radiant beauty that never and the lasting beauty of Stainmaster®.goes out of style. This distinctive line of premier hardwood andlaminate is hand-selected and precision-built to ensure topperformance and splendid good looks for graceful living.Hearth & Home™ floors represent real style and real value. Whetheryou are starting out or starting over, Hearth & Home™ offers thequality and durability consumers demand, reasonably priced to suitevery lifestyle and budget. Hearth & Home™ makes decorating on abudget rewarding and beautiful.4 5
  • 5. hardwood HARDWOOD Hardwood floors are always in style. Their timeless elegance transcends trends in colour, texture, plank width, and species for enduring beauty. Design Considerations Differences in appearance of hardwood result from different species of wood and the different ways they are sawn. The species’ natural colour and the stain applied to the wood create a spectrum of colour options. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles and surface textures to meet individual needs and tastes, whether rustic, traditional, or contemporary. A smooth hardwood surface imparts a sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary look; a hand-scraped option provides a more rustic, casual look. Engineered hardwoods are designed to provide greater stability, particularly where moisture poses a problem for solid hardwood floors. Why Hardwood? PROS: Appearance improves with age; long-lasting, great investment; can be refinished; easy care and maintenance; ideal for allergy sufferers; increases the value of your home. CONS: May scratch or dent; transition height to other floors may differ. Where Can I Use Hardwood? Hardwood is appropriate anywhere, with a few exceptions: • Solid or engineered hardwood is not recommended for a full Hardness Rating bathroom due to exposure to moisture but can be used in a half bath. Ranked by Janka • Engineered hardwood is the only type of hardwood recommended Br. Cherry for below-grade installation. Always check with your sales HARDER professional first. Jarrah Merbau Hard Maple a Solid Hardwood Flooring Bamboo (natural) a) PROTECTIVE FINISH Urethane and polyurethane b coatings designed to protect the wood’s natural Ash HARD wood beauty for years. Factory finishes containing Red Oak aluminum oxide offer the most protection against scuffs and scratches. Yellow Birch b) SOLID WOOD Solid hardwood, milled from lumber. Am. Black Walnut a Engineered Hardwood Flooring Beech b a) PROTECTIVE FINISH Urethane and polyurethane SOFTER c coatings designed to protect the natural wood beauty Cherry for years. Factory finishes containing aluminum oxide So. Yellow Pine offer the most protection against scuffs and scratches. b) TOP LAYER A layer of hardwood veneer comprises the The Janka hardness rating of wood is a relative measurement of its ‘show’ layer — what you see when the floor is installed. resistance to impact, giving prospective flooring buyers a numerical representation of the wood’s durability. Janka is very important for c) SUPPORTING LAYERS Layers of wood that are matching flooring material to its intended use. Higher levels of foot assembled and glued in a cross-ply construction. traffic, for example, would require a more durable species, i.e. one This structure is more stable and less susceptible to with a higher Janka rating. shrinking and expanding than solid wood. 6 7
  • 6. ceramicCERAMIC & PORCELAIN Whether earthenand rugged or cool high-gloss, tile is seen more thanever on walls, countertops, backsplashes, and floorsin limitless fashion.Design ConsiderationsCOLOUR Ceramic and porcelain tile naturally varies in colour,texture, and tone between individual tiles.SHAPES AND TEXTURES Include subtle, tone-on-tone designsthat mimic fabric finishes like damask. Multiple listellos (narrowborders) can be stacked horizontally to imitate stone, or verticallyto accentuate an arch or other architectural detail. Moulded,three-dimensional tiles in small and larger formats create textureand pattern when used with companion two-dimensional pieces— especially dramatic in subtle white-on-white or gray-on-grayinstallations.Why Ceramic and Porcelain?PROS: Long-lasting and low-maintenance, ceramic and porcelainstand up to high traffic, making both a great investment; canincrease home value.CONS: Hard, unforgiving surface may be perceived as ‘cold.’Where Can I Use Ceramic and Porcelain?Ceramic and porcelain tile are appropriate anywhere in the house,indoors or out, at, below, or above grade level. Besides floors andwalls, additional uses are balconies, patios, backsplashes, andcountertops.8 9
  • 7. laminate LAMINATE Today’s laminate floors combine exceptionally realistic good looks and carefree maintenance. It’s an ideal flooring choice for active households. Design Considerations Laminate has been called ‘the ultimate copycat.’ Its ultra-realistic designs bring an affordable, natural look to any room. Laminate can mimic ceramic, hardwood, or stonework. This multi-talented flooring material also makes for visually pleasing area-to-area transitions. Why Laminate? PROS: Realistic designs; long-lasting; child/pet friendly; hypoallergenic; easy-clean; highly resistant to dents, stains, scratches, and abrasions. CONS: Cannot be refinished; shorter life expectancy than natural products; sensitive to moisture. Where Can I Use Laminate? Laminate can be used in any room of the house. Can be installed above or below grade and over virtually any flooring surface. May not be recommended for bathrooms due to excessive moisture exposure. a Laminate Flooring b a) WEAR LAYER A protective layer containing aluminum oxide that protects the floor from stains, c fading, and wear. d b) IMAGE LAYER A high-quality photographic image of wood, stone, or any graphic design. c) INNER CORE Provides the floor’s structural strength and stability. Made from high-density fiberboard (HDF). d) BACKING LAYER Made with resin paper, it creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping. 10 11
  • 8. vinylVINYL Remarkably resilient, vinyl has evolved! Inaddition to gorgeous, nature-inspired patterns andupdated colours and textures, vinyl durably cushionsevery step.Design ConsiderationsThanks to state-of-the-art print and embossing technology, vinyl canimitate both the look and texture of natural materials like hardwood,limestone, slate, ceramic, and porcelain. Available in a wide varietyof colours, styles, and sizes, vinyl is an easy and affordable wayto customize floors. Contemporary vinyl designs in white or lightcolours provide the perfect counterpoint to the clean, sleek lines ofpostmodern décor.Why Vinyl?PROS: Broadest range of colours and designs; great value forthe price; underfoot comfort and resilience; low maintenance.CONS: Adds less value to your home than natural products;easier to tear or gouge.Where Can I Use Vinyl?Vinyl can be used in any room: below, at, or above grade level. a Vinyl Sheet Flooring b a) TOP COAT Urethane or other top coat that makes the product easy to clean and resist scratches and scuffs. c b) CLEAR VINYL Adds durability and protects against d rips, tears, and gouges. c) PRINTED CUSHION An unlimited range of patterns and designs. d) FELT OR FIBERGLASS Felt bottom layer adheres to the subfloor preventing contraction and expansion. a Vinyl Tile Flooring b a) PROTECTIVE WEAR LAYER Urethane and other c high-performance wear layers make the product easy to clean and resistant to scratches and scuffs. d b) PROTECTIVE CLEAR FILM LAYER Adds durability and helps protect against rips, tears, and gouges. c) PRINTED DESIGN LAYER Affords endless designs. d) VINYL TILE BACKING Adds strength and durability. a Naturcor™ Flooring b a) SUPER GUARD Resists scuffs, scrapes and stains. c Prevents accumulation of dirt and grime. Allows your floor toWhat Makes Naturcor™ Unique? Naturcor™ has a highly resistant fiberglass d look new longer. Ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. b) QUICK CLEAN WEAR LAYER Offers extra durability.base, double encapsulated by PVC layers. Thanks to this revolutionary e Provides protection against general wear, dents, cuts,construction, your Naturcor™ floor has unmatched dimensional stability and scratches. Offers better definition of design and colour. Ensures lasting luster and beauty.eliminating conventional problems of contraction, expansion, curling, and c) FOAM LAYER Allows additional indentation recovery, enhancing resiliency.cracking, resulting in easy installation and better durability. Moreover, the unique d) FIBERGLASS Combines strength and flexibility to prevent contraction, expansion,characteristics of PVC gives you higher underfoot comfort and unparalleled cracking, and curling. e) COMFORT FOAM Luxurious cushioned vinyl backing supports the vinyl structure andflexibility, combined with excellent resistance to everyday wear and tear. offers a base for indentation resistance. Reduces noise and sound transmission. Guarantees unmatched underfoot comfort and provides moisture and mildew resistance.12 13
  • 9. alternative materials CORK Made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, cork is a naturally moisture-resistant material. A renewable and sustainable resource, cork answers the demand for conservation and use of ‘green’ materials. Design Considerations Cork warms and enriches any interior, blending well with other furnishings and decorations. Natural colour variations create tonal designs ranging from yellow gold to nut brown. Why Cork? PROS: Renewable and sustainable; resilient to pressure and impact; provides good insulation; more accommodating to pets’ claws than many other natural wood options; hypoallergenic, anti- static; absorbs noise; highly durable; naturally shock-absorbing. CONS: Colour change can occur after prolonged exposure to light. Where Can I Use Cork? Cork can be widely applied in residential and commercial settings. The glueless joint system of floating planks permits fast and efficient installation on any flat surface at all grade levels. BAMBOO Bamboo is an extremely versatile, a Cork Flooring environmentally-friendly flooring product that’s increasing b a) PROTECTIVE FINISH c b) CORK WEAR LAYER in popularity. Amazingly durable and long-lasting, bamboo d c) CORK CORE Flexible and insulating core for better is a form of grass that’s actually harder than hardwood. walking and standing comfort. e d) HIGH DENSITY FIBERBOARD (HDF) The core layer Design Considerations with connecting system. Stylish and practical, bamboo is offered in a variety of looks e) CORK UNDERLAYMENT For warmth and silence. depending on how it’s manufactured. Horizontal or vertical bamboo a, b, c, d, e) EDGE SEALANT Paraffin-based, all-around refers to the way the individual slats are laminated together. The edge-sealing system to protect against moisture. look varies considerably for each. With horizontal, the pieces are a Bamboo Flooring Horizontal arranged side-by-side then laminated flatwise; with vertical, the b slats are laminated standing upright and on edge. Bamboo is now a) PROTECTIVE FINISH Urethane and polyurethane c coatings designed to protect the natural bamboo beauty available in a wider range of colours, from natural to darker tones. d for years. Factory finishes containing aluminum oxide offer the most protection against scuffs and scratches. b) HORIZONTAL BAMBOO WEAR LAYER What you see Why Bamboo? when the floor is installed. PROS: Durable; long-lasting; easy to clean; hypoallergenic – an c, d) SUPPORTING LAYERS Layers of wood that are excellent floor for healthy homes. assembled and glued. CONS: Less moisture-resistant than average engineered hardwood floors. a Bamboo Flooring Vertical a) PROTECTIVE FINISH Urethane and polyurethane coatings designed to protect the bamboo for years. Where Can I Use Bamboo? b Can be installed over numerous types of subfloors in virtually any room. b) VERTICAL BAMBOO WEAR LAYER The ‘show’ layer. Not recommended for wet locations such as bathrooms, washrooms, saunas, enclosed porches, or verandas. 14 15
  • 10. At A Glance Compare how different hard surfaces perform under hardwood ceramic & porcelain materials alternate laminate different circumstances on the Lifestyle chart below. vinyl At right is a list of our hard surface brands by category. Brands hard surface by category Lifestyle hardwood (sold & engineered) Yes Yes — — C, B life expectancy Properly maintained floors may last a lifetime. child-friendly Can scratch. Pooled liquids can damage surface and warp boards. Yes Yes Yes — — pet-friendly Can scratch. Pooled liquids can damage surface and warp boards. care & maintenance Sweep and mop occasionally with Resista™ Floor Care Cleaner or Yes — Yes — — other recommended floor cleaner. ceramic laminate Yes Yes Yes — C, B life expectancy Properly maintained floors Floors may last may last a lifetime. 15-30 years. child-friendly Hard, unforgiving surface Pooled liquids may bruise elbows and knees. can damage flooring. Yes — Yes Yes — pet-friendly Yes Pooled liquids can damage flooring. care & maintenance Sweep and mop with Resista™ Vacuum and mop Floor Care Cleaner or occasionally with Resista™ other recommended Floor Care Cleaner Yes — — Yes — floor cleaner. or other recommended floor cleaner. vinyl cork & bamboo Yes Yes Yes Yes — life expectancy Floors may last Properly maintained floors 20-30 years. may last a lifetime. child-friendly Yes Can scratch. Pooled liquids can — — — Yes — damage surface and warp boards. pet-friendly Yes Can scratch. Pooled liquids can damage surface — — — Yes — and warp boards. care & maintenance Sweep and mop with Resista™ Sweep and mop Floor Care Cleaner or occasionally with Resista™ other recommended Floor Care Cleaner floor cleaner. or other recommended floor cleaner.16 C = Cork, B = Bamboo 17
  • 11. Hard Surface Flooring for the Way You Live. w w © 2010, CCA Global Partners®, Inc. 09.10 FC 636