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Portfolio photo journal 1

  1. 1. Hockey Hockey Hockey!<br />I played hockey for the last time as a Lacombe Midget Hockey player this year. We had a pretty good year winning the Consolation side of League. We wanted to make it to Provincials, but I partially separated my shoulder in the “for fun” game against the teachers and was sidelined for a couple of important games in the Provincial play downs. Unfortunately we weren’t able to squeak through, winning our first game by one point and losing our second game by two – two games total points – out by one.<br />The Lacombe Rockets in Invermere-27622511620536766501905<br />The seven Lacombe hockey graduates – some of whom I have played with since PeeWee-247650286004029241752888615<br />I was picked up to play with the Central Alberta Juniors for three games this winter. It was fun to play a higher caliber of hockey. One game we played in the Centrium - you can find me in the crowd by my hair! The fans came and filled the seats later.<br />I got to play in the first North Central Minor Hockey All Star Game – it was fun to play with the best in the league. White was up 5-1 after 2 periods, but we ended up losing 6-5…not sure where black got their new legs from in the third!<br />I also played AAA spring hockey for my third and last year with the Red Deer Rustlers. We did not have a great season, but sometimes that happens when you pull girls from all over Central Alberta – the season is not long and it takes time for a team to gel. It certainly gives me an opportunity to see the level of competition that I will continue to face if I go on in hockey.<br />Future hockey plans are to train over the summer and to try out for the Red Deer College Queens in the fall. Hopefully I’ll make the team, but my back up plan is to play with the Central Alberta Juniors.<br />Swimming Instructor<br />As part of PE 12 we helped teach swimming lessons to some Grade 1 kids. I taught Dalton, Johathon and Carson. Eventually the tadpoles will grow up & will feel at home in the water!<br />314325285305587630043180<br />MADD – Mother’s (and Daughters!) Against Drunk Driving<br />I participated as a MADD volunteer during the Lacombe Days Parade – carrying the banner and handing out ribbons/candy.<br />Track and Field<br />I improved my performance over last year. I won first in the Area track meet, throwing 31.45 as my best throw. That day in Ponoka was very hot and I had my best throws in competition at that event. In the Zone track meet, I won second, competing against a girl from Red Deer who was coached by an Olympic thrower – she threw 34 m. I threw 29 m. Anyway, that was good enough to get me to Provincials in Medicine Hat where I won a bronze medal, throwing 28 m. All in all, I was happy with my performance because I had lots going on this spring and did not have a lot of time to practice. A good way to end my discus career.<br />28479753241040-790575121920<br />Outdoor Pursuits<br />-1524004959352800350495935Camping, hiking, and enjoying all that nature has to offer is a special interest. A career in Biology is a possibility.<br />-1524002205355-1524003043555<br />Art<br />As a pastime, I spend a lot of my time drawing. I have improved a lot over the years. Constancy to purpose appears to be one of the secrets to success.<br />