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Airports are challenged in engaging travelers. FlightStats has solutions that connect airports with travelers.

Airports are challenged in engaging travelers. FlightStats has solutions that connect airports with travelers.

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  • 1. FlightStats Airport Solutions:Connecting Airports With Travelers
  • 2. Airports are challenged in engaging travelersAccurate, timely and consistent information is critical for excellent airport customer service §  Travelers depend on airports for flight status, weather conditions, security issues, construction projects, parking availability, terminal services, concessions and more §  Inaccuracies, inconsistencies or lack of information creates traveler frustration and places more demands on airport staff
  • 3. Airports have a variety of information such aslast minute flight changes and terminal securityconditions that isn’t available anywhere else However, they don’t have an efficient way to publish this and other information across the variety of outlets travelers use
  • 4. Getting information into the right hands at the right timeAirport personnel often have to publish the same information in several places to keep travelers updated §  Many vendors ask airports for their data, but they publish it only to a limited audience §  Travelers have more choices for getting airport and flight information beyond FIDs monitors, including smart phones, GPS devices and a variety of search engines and websites
  • 5. Reaching the larger audience with timely, consistent anduseful information can improve the airport experience andencourage patronage
  • 6. FlightStats airport solutions begin with trusted dataThe foundation of FlightStats is the most accurate, comprehensive and broadly distributed day-of-travel data available §  We collect data from a variety of sources including airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities and GDS’s §  Track over 90,000 operated flights each day world-wide §  Our unique code-sharing mapping system extends our coverage to 150,000 scheduled flights
  • 7. FlightStats has global reach Everyday, millions of travelers across the globe rely on FlightStats data to improve their travel experience §  3.5 million unique visitors per month to §  1 million unique visitors per month to FlightStats mobile site and apps §  3 million data queries per day from FlightStats powered web sites, digital signage and mobile applications
  • 8. The FlightStats Network
  • 9. FlightStats has solutions designed specifically for airports A comprehensive platform for traveler engagement §  FlightStats Airport Portal §  TripTalk Alerting & Conversation Engine §  FIDS & Digital Signage §  Services & Amenities Database §  Content for Airport Website & Mobile Applications
  • 10. FlightStats Airport PortalAn airport-specific data and publishing platform §  See what’s happening »  A summary on the current status of the airport, including on-time performance statistics for the airport’s top airlines »  Overall delay index for the airports and a map of delay indices for other airports around the world »  Airport staff can instantly view and filter data such as delays, departures, arrivals, cancellations and diversions §  Update the data »  Provides staff the ability to update flight arrival/departure, gate assignments and more when FIDS, websites and mobile applications may have out of date or conflicting information »  These changes will be reflected almost immediately across the entire FlightStats network, so FIDS, airport websites, mobile applications, search engines and will all consistently show the most up-to-date information
  • 11. Feature Spotlight: Airport PortalAuthorized staff can update a variety of facility information including gate mapping, services, amenities, parking lot availability, security wait times and other important detailsParking lot information can be manually updated via the portal or simple web-based interfaces are available that can automatically update and publish across the FlightStats network
  • 12. TripTalkQuickly and contextually communicate operational andpromotional news to travelers §  Easy interface to author, classify and publish a message within the Airport Portal §  Utilize a rich set of travel-specific targeting criteria like airport, terminal, airline and date/time intervals §  Messages appear on the FlightStats network including mobile applications, digital signage, airport and media websites and §  The messages show up as icons so their importance is differentiated from other messaging noise §  Simultaneous social media publishing feature to Facebook and Twitter is upcoming
  • 13. Feature Spotlight: TripTalkTripTalk gives airports the ability to publish messages to travelerswho have an itinerary that arrives, departs or connects throughtheir airport
  • 14. FIDS and Digital SignageUse FlightStats as a primary and secondary data source §  Increase the level of trust a traveler has with your airport by having consistent data across FIDS, website, digital signage and mobile apps §  Easy integration with existing FIDS solutions §  Access the information through a broad array of data feeds, widgets and well documented XML APIs for customization §  Easy interface to author, classify and publish a message within the Airport Portal
  • 15. Feature spotlight: FIDS & Digital Signage The software configuration tool allows for flexible interface options including data filters, feature sizing, logos other branding elements
  • 16. Services & Amenities DatabaseMake sure travelers are familiar with your facilities andconcessions §  Create and maintain a complete database of the services and amenities at your airport within the Airport Portal §  This information is also used to power interactive terminal maps, mobile applications and other traveler touch-points across the FlightStats network §  Concession information can be identified by the nearest gate
  • 17. Feature spotlight: Services & Amenities Database We are redesigning our Interactive Terminal Maps to provide travelers a quick, intuitive and gate-centric approach towards finding what they are looking for
  • 18. Content for Airport Websites and Mobile ApplicationsAdd compelling content to your website and mobile applications §  Flight status and airport information §  Airport delay index maps §  Google map-based flight tracking §  Flight Alerts messaging (via email or sms) §  XML and RSS delivery formats
  • 19. Feature Spotlight: Content for Airport Websites and Mobile Applications Providing the right data at the right place and right time is invaluable to travelers
  • 20. FlightStats Airport Solutions: Trusted, Accurate, Easy to Use, Everywhere Global Flight & Airport Data: Global Reach: Mobile Applications Search Engines and Media Digital Signage Mobile Networks and Apps Airport Station FIDS Hotels & Digital Signage Airport Websites Booking Agents Flight and Trip Alerts Airports Airport Terminal Maps Airlines Airline Data Analysis Air Freight Syndicated Content: Integration Flexibility: Flight Status and Airport Info Data Feeds for Internal Apps Airport Delay Index Maps CSS-Customizable Widgets Airport Station FIDS XML APIs for Applications Flight Tracking on a Map Flight Alert Messaging
  • 21. Let’s TalkTo learn more or to see a demo of the FlightStats Airport Portal with the TripTalk communicator contact Derrek Wright, Director of Business Development 503-445-4253