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FlightStats Agent Advantage 2.0 Brief
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FlightStats Agent Advantage 2.0 Brief


An overview of Agent Advantage 2.0 - the next generation in managed travel solutions form FlightStats.com. …

An overview of Agent Advantage 2.0 - the next generation in managed travel solutions form FlightStats.com.

FlightStats’ Agent Advantage is unique in that it is a hub for all players in the corporate travel ecosystem to maintain connections with travelers throughout the trip and to optimize trip outcomes.

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  • Updated my Blog Post to include the embedded slide show . Jim - http://biztravtech.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/i-want-a-%E2%80%9Cmobile-guardian-angel%E2%80%9D%E2%80%A6/
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  • 1. Agent Advantage 2.0:Bringing Balance into the Corporate Travel Ecosystem
  • 2. There is a disconnect in travel management solutions todayNew technologies have increased travel management efficiencies for policy, purchasing and expense management and new mobile solutions extend the traveler’s sense of control during the trip – the traveler’s advantage is completely isolated from management controls and service opportunities. §  The prime reason for this is that the products available to travel management companies (TMC) are developed from a traveler-centric perspective §  While traveler-centricity (focusing on the ultimate end-user needs) is a good thing, FlightStats believes there is a far more valuable outcome for business and travelers that comes from a equally weighted traveler/ manager-centricity approach towards travel management solution development
  • 3. Current consumer developed products appliedto a managed traveler fail to support corporatetravel program objectives such as complianceand visibility. At best, consumer designed solutions generate reactive support demand on an uninformed management team or at worst, enable or incent out of policy purchasing behaviors.
  • 4. Traveler and business needs are equally importantWhy does a purely traveler-centric mobile solution conflict with a corporate managed travel program? §  It empowers the traveler but leaves the travel manager uninformed §  It reduces the active travel management to inefficient, uninformed and reactive support instead of proactive problem solving by informed advocates §  It increases the cost of disruption recovery and fails to influence the traveler to pursue transient changes within policy §  It increases the possibility that disruption recovery provided by the airline will disconnect the traveler from any traveler tracking and risk management visibility §  Travel optimization efforts are diminished when the manager does not have tools that provide historical, present and future context to the trip
  • 5. Managed travel programs need traveler-facing solutionsthat increase visibility, influence and control throughoutthe active travel phase to fully realize the promise of traveltechnology.
  • 6. Bringing balance into the corporate travel ecosystemFlightStats’ Agent Advantage is unique in that it is a hub for all players in the corporate travel ecosystem to maintain connections with travelers throughout the trip and to optimize trip outcomes. §  FlightStats began monitoring itineraries specifically to support managed travel programs in 2008 and with continuing innovations was named Agent Advantage in 2010 §  The next generation now in development is Agent Advantage 2.0 §  In-use by 50+ of the most innovative travel management companies and corporate travel departments §  Current system handles approximately 750,000 itineraries/month §  The only purpose built, multi-modal solution for management of active travel
  • 7. By intelligently leveraging web, SMS, email, and mobileclient technologies to actively engage travel managers,corporations and travelers in a policy compliant way,FlightStats is the only itinerary monitoring andmanagement solution, built specifically for managed travelto provide high value, proactive managing, monitoring andmessaging on itineraries.
  • 8. Travel technology must serve corporate travel program objectives New technology does not change the goals of a managed travel program. §  Optimize traveler experience at every trip phase §  Manage expenses §  Improve reporting/auditing §  Reduce program leakage §  Maximize corporate program adoption/compliance §  Support traveler tracking/global visibility and connectivity
  • 9. Technology, even traveler-facing mobile solutionsshould directly support central programobjectives. The relevance and commission base of TMCs is directly related to meeting managed travel program objectives and expectations.
  • 10. Introducing FlightStats Agent Advantage 2.0Offers innovative new services to increase TMC relevance and valueproposition. §  Branded, actionable trip-specific information » Flight status, airport, airline, security, etc. §  Intelligently communicated to the right stakeholder at the right moment » TMC, traveler, corporate manager, friends and family §  Flexible delivery » Mobile client application » Triggered notifications (to mobile devices, SMS, email, etc.) » Web-based applications or powerful APIs §  Reporting » Auditable history of every event on every itinerary and easy integration into other service reporting
  • 11. Core to the Agent Advantage 2.0 platformA rich robust platform with a variety of revenue-generating and cost-saving applications built on top of the platform. §  Collecting itineraries from GDSs, mid-office solutions and XML APIs §  Providing a traveler-friendly data model that facilitates new applications and views §  Powerful and flexible itinerary tagging and search capabilities §  Integrated with a rich synchronizing profile system §  Traveler feedback APIs allow travelers to update itinerary status, add segments and send messages §  Rich bi-directional APIs for mobile and other applications
  • 12. Itinerary applications & targeted messagingAgent Advantage 2.0 also integrates with FlightStats Applications thatleverage itinerary information. §  Real-time Flight Status & Itinerary Monitoring »  Integrating our data with itineraries enables intelligent itinerary monitoring, messaging and proactive re-accommodation §  New Flexible Alerting system for agents. Notify me when... »  A specified number of itineraries are threatened »  The composite delay index for any airport in my list exceeds a threshold »  A VIP traveler did not indicate that he was aboard his departed flight §  TripAssist »  Monitors itineraries for travel disruptions »  Creates a work-flow queue for agents to handle disruptions »  Will also receive service requests directly from travelers and manage work flow §  TripTalk »  Highly target, trip-specific messaging system
  • 13. Feature spotlight: Improved itinerary monitoringHigher value monitoring than simple flight segment monitors. §  24-hour pre-trip reminder (with marketing opportunities) §  Itinerary load/booking confirmation mail §  Schedule change messages §  Connection information message (arrival and departure gates, estimated connection time) §  Threatened or missed connections §  Options for proactive re-accommodation §  All messages with agency branding
  • 14. Feature spotlight: Proactive monitoring and interruption recovery The Trip Assist module identifies threatened or missed connections. §  Trip Assist agency desktop helps agents re-accommodate travelers §  Work-flow designed with input from agencies §  Fully and semi-automated systems in place TMCs and corporate travel departments are currently realizing the revenue growth and cost savings in utilizing Trip Assist on all bookings.
  • 15. Feature spotlight: TripTalkTripTalk provides a completely new, highly targeted, travel-focusedmessaging system. §  Patent-pending system built on top of the powerful itinerary search engine §  Aggregates targeted messages from many sources »  Airports, Agencies, Airlines, Security companies, Travel news providers, advertisers §  Displays messages in relevant context (itineraries or flight status/airport queries) »  Facilitates two-way conversations with agents for service requests. »  Agencies have full control over messages from 3rd parties (i.e. airlines, other suppliers).
  • 16. FlightStats Agent Advantage 2.0 will roll-out Summer 2011 To learn more or to see a demo of the current version of Agent Advantage, contact us: Meara McLaughlin, VP Business Development meara@flightstats.com 503-445-4244