What and how we do local seo


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Increase your sales through our Local SEO Services

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What and how we do local seo

  1. 1. What and How We do Local SEOFlexsin TechnologiesWebsite: www.flexsin.com
  2. 2. Local Search Engine OptimizationPresented by Flexsin Technologies
  3. 3. Contents• Local SEO… What/Why/How?• What’s coming next for the local web• How we do• What’s needed from the client• Contacts
  4. 4. Local search on PCsDid you know…• 40% of all searches have local intent• 17% of search results now show Google Maps results at the top of the page• 82 % of local searchers follow-up offline with phone call and/or in-store visit• Only 10% of Google Places profiles have been claimed!Sources: DM News, Kelsey Group, comScore, GetListed.org
  5. 5. Approach to local SEOCreate/Claim allbusinesslocations in allmajor searchengines.Reconnect withcustomers andencourage web-based feedbackand reviews.Create customGoogle maps,custom offers andother differentiatingcontent.Ensure the essentialbusiness info isconsistent on allrelevant localdirectories on theweb.Create/Claim Citations CustomersCustomizeCompleteBuild-out all profilesto 100%completeness withcategories, richdescriptions,images & video.
  6. 6. Google Maps Listing Form
  7. 7. Google Places Quality GuidelinesBusiness Name: Represent your business exactly as it appears in the offline world.Business Location: Use a precise, accurate address to describe your businesslocation.Website & Phone: Provide a phone number that connects to your individualbusiness location as directly as possible, and provide one website that representsyour individual business location.Categories: Select at least one category from the list of available categories. Makesure you choose one Google-suggested category before adding customizablecategories. You can enter up to 5 categories for your business.Your website URL can be a maximum of 255 characters.Hours of operation: Select your hours of operation using the dropdown menus. Ifwould prefer not to specify your hours of operation, keep the radio button selectednext to “I prefer not to specify operating hours.”
  8. 8. Payment options: Select the checkboxes next to the payment methods that yourbusiness accepts.Photos: Use the photo uploader to add a photo from your computer, or specify a URLto add a photo from the web. You can add up to 10 photos to your listing. Photos willappear in order of greatest size and quality.Video: To add a video, upload it to YouTube and copy and paste the URL to yourPlaces listing. You can add up to 5 videos to your listingAdditional details: Use this section to add custom information fields to your listing.For example, parking availability, or whether your business allows pets.You can preview your listing as it will appear in Maps on the right side of your screen. Newinformation will appear in the preview as you enter it. When you’re satisfied with your listing,click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  9. 9. Google Maps VerificationGoogle Places offers three ways for you to verify a new businesslisting, or to verify phone number or address changes in anexisting listing. Click on a verification method below for moreinformation.Verification by phoneVerification by SMSVerification by postcard
  10. 10. Big Question? What if I already see mylisting on Google?-Verify your Google Places listingIf your listing is already on Google, you may still want to verify it in order topersonalize the listing with photos, videos and more. Verified listings alsoappear to users with the phrase "Verified by Business Owner”.To verify your listing, search for it on Google maps. When youve found itFOLLLOW THE STEPS ->
  11. 11. Step 1- Click on the name of your business inthe search results in the left-hand panel ofGoogle MapsStep 2- In the information box that appears,click more info next to your businesss name.Step 3- In the right hand menu, scroll down toIs this your business? and click Manage thispage.
  12. 12. Step 4- Three options appear.You can: Edit the informationin the listing.Suspend it to stop it fromappearing on Google.Add your business as a newlisting, if you realize that thebusiness youre trying toverify isnt yours.Step 5- For each of these options, well ask you to verify that you are the businessowner.
  13. 13. Claiming on the Big 3 (+Yelp)
  14. 14. Complete profiles
  15. 15. Custom offers
  16. 16. Citations are the new “links” for local SEO
  17. 17. Building reviews“Hey there, thanks again foryour business! Got 2 minutesto give us some review love?”
  18. 18. The local search puzzle --Google’s value proposition to businessesOrganicReviews DealsPaid
  19. 19. How we can help get you to the topPhase 1 (one time) Phase 2 (ongoing)Make your website local SEO-friendly Build citations for your business on localdirectories around the webClaim your business on Google, Bing &YahooCreate and implement a strategy forbuilding reviews to your profilesBuild out robust profiles with images,video and keyword rich categories anddescriptionsCreate custom Google maps for yourlistingsCreate coupons and offers for your listings Helping you craft deals for promoting onall major platforms
  20. 20. Our Local Service Areas• San Francisco SEO Services• San Diego SEO Services• Dallas SEO Services• Chicago SEO ServicesAnd lots more …..
  21. 21. If You Feel Any Query, Please FeelFree to Share With UsonComment Box
  22. 22. Thank You