The Reseller Propeller
Can reselling propel you into
the cloud and beyond?
Service providers are increasingly
aware that r...
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Flexiant Infographic- The Reseller propeller


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The Reseller propeller Infographic.

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Flexiant Infographic- The Reseller propeller

  1. 1. The Reseller Propeller Can reselling propel you into the cloud and beyond? Service providers are increasingly aware that resellers are a key part of growing their cloud revenues. However, they’re not convinced their existing channel strategies are working. 19% 66% of independent software vendors agreed that channel partners are strategically important to growing revenues from their SaaS products.1 reported that their existing channel partner program is failing to meet their goals.2 Resellers matter because they let you reach more customers more quickly. Your company without resellers Direct Sales Prospects Market reach = 9 Prospects Your company with resellers Direct Sales Prospects Resellers Resellers Direct Sales Resellers Prospects Market reach = 57 Prospects They can help you to increase revenues: Without increasing your overheads: - Expand your sales team. - Access new vertical markets. - Launch new products quickly. - Avoid additional staff expenditure. - Pay commission not salaries. - Share your marketing costs. Resellers can accelerate you to the front of the cloud race. Jim Foley of Flexiant commented… “The winners in this cloud race will be those who can gain and defend market traction quickest. This is only possible through the use of a reseller strategy.” Some service providers are already making the reseller model work. In 2013, COMPUTERLINKS turned to Flexiant to transform the way it delivered its Alvea Services offering for resellers. Having used third parties to deliver its Infrastructure as a Service solution, COMPUTERLINKS wanted to improve its reseller offering by bringing it in house. It needed cloud orchestration software that allowed its resellers to white-label Alvea services and pass these services off as their own. Neil Gardner, of Alvea services commented… “With Flexiant we have the cloud provisioning solution necessary for our business. VARs are able to easily buy and sell the IT security and cloud services requested and instantly deliver it to their customers through the Flexiant user interface.” But others are stalling, leaving room to add value through cloud reselling. 46% of resellers said their offering of cloud products and services is completely mature3 So, what do service providers need to propel their reseller channel? Multiple metering and billing models Multi-tier resellers Branding User Interface (UI) Billing integration customization (payment providers) Cloud blueprints Internationalization to add value Customer lifecycle customization Existing CRM integration Flexibility For more information, click here to read the 10 "Must Haves" Needed to Support a Cloud Reseller Channel Contact us to find out how Flexiant’s Cloud Orchestrator can help you launch your reseller model and gain new revenue. 0870 050 0080 UK: +44 20 3586 1511 US: +1 212 502 6771 1 2 3 CompTIA survey-