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Are you looking to Open a Bill Payment Center? FlexBillPay.com has the best software the program out on the market. We offer retailers of every size and type the ability to pay bills for their customers. There are no setup costs, no monthly fees to use our system and best of all it is in the cloud! FlexBillPay.com provides payments for over 10,000+ vendors. Merchants and retailers who open a bill payment center with our software typically see a dramatic increase in their business profitability. The system requires very little space and just access to a computer or tablet with a high speed internet connection. Additionally, our software allows for merchant to fill prepaid cell phones for almost any carrier out in the market. These system works great for retailers, 7-11's, dollar stores, discount stores, Tax service businesses, smoke & tobacco shops, UPS stores & Postal Annex's.

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FlexBillPay.com: Open a Bill Payment Center - Our Software System

  2. 2. Merchant User Guide The Flex Payment Center is available on your PC with Internet. Simply enter your login and password. Click Login to access. Demonstration URL: agentpaydemo.flexeft.com (no www) Login: pc2010 Password: abcd1234 Select the function or services you want to perform from either the main menu or top bar. The main menu shown contains all options. The top bar contains the most frequently used ones. Main Menu Options • Bill Payment • Customer Search • Phone Service Sales • Sales Reports • Voids • Merchant Information • Merchant Reports • User Access • Change Password • Card Application/Load FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757
  3. 3. Bill Payment Make A Payment – New Customer 1. Click Bill Payments. 2. Locate biller (click dropdown arrow). 3. Enter Account Number. 4. Enter Amount. 5. Click Process (adds fee automatically). 6. Click Print for customer receipt. Note: Entering customer phone number saves all customer information provided. One Time Biller Add. Find billers not on your list. Enter biller name and click Go. Window appears with possible matches. Load Transaction. Quickly find previous transaction information. Enter Transaction ID number found on receipt and click Go. Pay A Card. Pay credit card bills. Enter the card number and click Go. Window will appear with possible match. Click Continue. Biller and Account Number fields will automatically populate. FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757
  4. 4. Bill Payment Make A Payment – Repeat Customer Note: By entering the customer’s phone number, the customer’s information is saved for future transactions. This also allows them to pay multiple bills at once. 1. Click Customer Search. 2. Enter name or phone number, click Go. 3. Click Pay Bills on history bar with the desired billers or if prompted – step 4. 4. Click Make Payments for This Customer 5. Enter amounts and click Process. 6. Print customer receipt (one for all bills). FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757
  5. 5. Phone Services Wireless Refill Phone Services provides access to all the national wireless carriers and also International long distance calling cards. 1. Click Phone Services. 2. Click Wireless Products. 3. Click on service provider. 4. Check the desired plan. 5. Click ADD To Cart. 6. Click Process to generate PIN receipt. Boost / Verizon Top Up Note: The Top Up process for a real time reload (RTR) is the same except the customers account number is added. FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757
  6. 6. Voids Void Payments 1. Locate transaction number from Payment Reports or customer receipt. 2. Click Voids. 3. Enter transaction number and click Go. 4. Check Void field. 5. Enter Error Reason (not required). 6. Click Process to void payment. Note: Payments can only be voided the same day before 7pm EST cut off time. Express Payments cannot be voided. Must call customer service. Void A Top Up Order Note: Only Boost Top Ups can be voided in the system. To void a Top Up use the same process except with a Order #. All wireless issues require assistance from customer service. (888) 642-4325 FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757
  7. 7. Add/Remove Billers Add Billers 1. Click Add/Remove Billers link on Merchant Information tab. 2. Click Add More Billers. 3. Enter Biller Name and click Go. 4. Check Add field and click Save. Biller is added to the merchant’s list. Note: To view the entire list of billers in the system, click Add More Billers and then Go. The page takes a few seconds to load. To add billers from this page, check the box next to the biller, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. Remove Billers 1. Click Add/Remove Billers. 2. Click Remove link. Biller is removed from the list. FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757
  8. 8. Payment Reports View Payment Reports 1. Click Payment Reports. 2. Current day’s report is displayed. 3. Click Start/End Date to adjust range. 4. Click Export to: Excel, XML, HTML or PDF formats and print. Note: Express Pays highlighted in Green. View Express Pays or Voids only by selecting action from their dropdowns. Phone Sale Reports Wireless sales reports are viewed in the same manner. Report shows all product sales with an additional feature that also allows report to be broken down by individual products. Click Product Group dropdown to view and select product sales report. SVC Card Reports FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757 View card orders, activations, loads and commissions by day or date range.
  9. 9. User Access Add User 1. Click User Access or Manage Users link on Merchant Information tab. 2. Click Add User. 3. Select Security Level from dropdown. 4. Complete all * Required Fields and click Save. A two part email notification with login and passwords will be automatically sent to the address entered. Note: Email notifications are also sent from the demonstration site. Email address entered must be valid. Note: Security Level determines users ability to perform certain functions. * Merchant Managers can change information and control user access. * Merchant Users can only perform transactions and voids. FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757
  10. 10. Card Application Apply For A New Card – Instant Issue Note: Consumers can purchase, activate and load an instant issue card at your location. Merchant can also order a personalized card for their customers. 1. Click Card Application. 2. Click Card Request Type dropdown. 3. Click Instant Issue Card Consumer. 4. Complete all * Required Fields and click Save. Instant Issue Card is now registered, activated and ready to load and use. PIN will be printed on receipt. Note: PIN will be randomly selected by the system if Drivers License is entered instead of a Social Security #. Note: Card must now be loaded through the Fund a Card dropdown option. The minimum required Load Amount to fund a card is $15.00. FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757
  11. 11. Card Application Fund A Card 1. Click Card Application. 2. Click Fund A Card. 3. Complete all * Required Fields, enter To Card Number and click Save. Card is now loaded and available funds are ready to use. Order A Personalized Card Note: Merchant can order a personalized card for the customer or customer can call customer service to order. 1. Click Order Card Consumer. 2. Complete all * Required Fields and click Save. 3. Personalized card will be sent by regular mail to the address provided. Note: $20.95 is the minimum card order fee. This includes the $15.00 minimum Load Amount and a $5.95 issuing fee. FlexBillPay.com (949)444-2757