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  • 1. “ Animals”
  • 2. Lion
  • 3. Describe its lifestyle ► The lion comes from cat` s family. Lion is 2.7 meters. Lion lives differently from any other cats. He is the strongest animal in the planet, also known as “The King of Animals". The lion is called “The King of Animals", because of his unique power. He catch` s his prey just for he` s own family and he never get` s the prey from any other lion, because after doing that he has to
  • 4. Show where it lives on a map of the world ► The lion lives just in Africa. The lion usually proliferate` s in Africa. There he lives with another lions and of course with another animals. The humans usually try to catch them and bring them to the zoo.
  • 5. Explain the advantages of its physical characteristics for its environment ► Lion is a very strong animal, physically. He has been considered as a born warrior and he has sharp claws which makes him easy to kill his prey. Also, his teeth are very big and sharp. His color is light brown, and his cubs are with freckles which disappear while they grow up. The male Lions are big and most of them has long hair and beard and female lions are smaller and without hair. They serve mostly as a strong hunters, and male lions lead the herd . He considers himself as a King of the jungle. He fights other lions to take more territories and to get female lions sympathy . The big lions fights to kill the
  • 6. Explain the advantages of its behaviors for its environment ► One of very well known lion characteristics is that he eats his only prey he hunted and he never eats somebody's else prey. When the lions get in the fight which each other they do that face to face. All the other animals have fear from lion, because he fights with pride and self confident. For me , he is a great fighter.
  • 7. Compar e this animal` s size to familiar objects ► Lions length is 2.7 meters and he weights 120 – 150 kg. He can compare with a boat which weights 120 – 150 kg and the boats length is 2.7 meters.
  • 8. Define and write new animal vocabulary words ► Lion is a very danger animal. He lives only in Africa and the state you can find lot of lions in Africa is Kenya which is in western part of Africa. Can Lions proliferate with female tigers..?
  • 9. ► Lions Hybrid are known with their abilities to proliferate with female tigers. Even though, this cannot be done naturally, with human help hybrid cubs can be created. Those hybrids are known as Liger and they are rare. Liger born` s as a result of proliferation of one male lion and female tiger. They look bigger as other lions and tigers and they are almost twice bigger than lions and tigers. Also, they look a like and this is because of their genetic mixed hormones.
  • 10. Liger
  • 11. Fleurat Govori