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Flemingo diplomatic

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Flemingo International is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates headquartered company whose core activities span In-house Supply through Flemingo Duty Free, Dealership and Brand Development as well as......

Flemingo International is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates headquartered company whose core activities span In-house Supply through Flemingo Duty Free, Dealership and Brand Development as well as Retail Demand and Supply. For more details click here : http://www.flemingodiplomatic.com

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  • 3. Flemingo DIplomatic Flemingo International Ltd., - Company Profile  A Leading duty free travel retail company focused on emerging markets.  Operating in all formats of the duty free industry ( airport duty free stores, sea port duty free stores, border duty free stores, in-flight duty free, down town diplomatic duty free stores and UN Commissaries )  Present across 25 countries in Africa, Indian Sub-continent, Europe and South Asia.  Successfully operating In-flight Duty Free for 9 airlines based in Turkey.  Operating through a well spread network of offices and warehouses strategically located to offer superior shopping experience to all our customers in various formats of duty free retail industry.  Flemingo global logistics hub is based in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE to offer seamless and efficient service for all operational locations. 2
  • 4. Flemingo DIplomatic Flemingo International Ltd., - Company Profile Flemingo Group Turnover ( in Mn $ )   2009-10 2010-11 Turnover:     Flemingo International 96.92 126.58 Flemingo DFS India 9.12 11.93 Flemingo Duty Free India 31.20 35.28 Total Turnover 137.24 173.79 Gross Profit:     Flemingo International 25.51 40.86 Flemingo DFS India 3.64 4.50 Flemingo Duty Free India 13.53 22.18 Total Gross Profit 42.68 67.54 Net Profit     Flemingo International 3.98 3.30 Flemingo DFS India 0.82 0.71 Flemingo Duty Free India 2.81 5.72 Total Net Profit 7.61 9.73 An aggressive top line growth coupled with a strong bottom line performance over the years. 3
  • 5. Flemingo DIplomatic Flemingo Group: Global Presence 4
  • 6. Flemingo DIplomatic Flemingo Worldwide Locations 5
  • 7. Flemingo DIplomatic 6
  • 8. Flemingo Duty Free Shops 7
  • 9. Flemingo Duty Free Shops 8
  • 10. Flemingo DIplomatic Flemingo In-flight Duty Free  In 2011 Flemingo International acquired majority shares of Iris Ekspres Duty Free Co Ltd in Turkey which has the exclusive contract to operate inflight duty free for all airlines based in Turkey. Iris Ekspres is in the airline inflight duty free business since 2001 and currently operates inflight duty free for 9 airlines from 12 locations in Turkey. The spend per pax is currently over 3 Euro and is steadily growing. A growing tourism industry in Turkey, lead to a rapid growth of the low cost carriers and in a very short time carried 60% of air travelers visiting Turkey and Iris Ekspres served more than 15 million passengers during 2011. 9
  • 11. Flemingo DIplomatic INTRODUCING FLEMINGO DIPLOMATIC Online web store catering to Diplomats all across the globe Flemingo already has significant experience in serving the global diplomat community. Flemingo is catering to requirements of American Embassies in 5 countries Flemingo is catering to the requirements of Russian embassies & trade requirements of the Vietnam & Turkish missions in few countries. Flemingo is already supplying to the UN Commissary & UN Post exchange services We are operating downtown diplomatic duty free stores at 6 locations and growing. To add more teeth to our existing portfolio serving the Diplomatic community we are going live on the web. Flemingo Diplomatic is our exciting, new, ecommerce venture embarked upon keeping in view of our growing Diplomatic business relations worldwide. This online initiative will cater to our existing as well as new Diplomats, Embassies & Consulates, the UN commissions and other Global organizations. 10
  • 12. Flemingo DIplomatic KEY RELATIONS CAT TYPE COUNTRY CITY YEARS AMERICAN EMBASSIES Supply U.S. Commissary Bangladesh Dhaka 5 Supply U.S. Commissary Nepal Kathmandu 5 Supply U.S. Embassy Kenya Nairobi 3 Supply U.S. Embassy India New Delhi 2 Supply U.S. Embassy Pakistan Islamabad 2 OTHER DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS Supply Russian Embassy Pakistan Karachi 4 Supply Bahrain Embassy Pakistan Karachi 4 Trade Commissioner Supply Pakistan Karachi 4 of Vietnam Supply Consulate of Turkey Pakistan Karachi 4 11
  • 13. Flemingo DIplomatic KEY RELATIONS THE UNITED NATIONS Flemingo U.N. Commissary Kenya Nairobi 13 U.N. Post Exchange Democratic Repl. Of Flemingo Kinshasa 2 Service (PX) Congo U.N. Post Exchange Democratic Repl. Of Flemingo Bukavu 3 Service (PX) Congo U.N. Post Exchange Democratic Repl. Of Flemingo Bunia 3 Service (PX) Congo U.N. Post Exchange Democratic Repl. Of Flemingo Goma 3 Service (PX) Congo U.N. Post Exchange Flemingo Sierra Leone Freetown 6 months Service (PX) U.N. Post Exchange Supply Ivory Coast Abidjan 3 Service (PX) DIPLOMATIC DUTY FREE Flemingo Downtown Republic of South Flemingo Cape Tpwn 2 Diplomatic Store Africa Flemingo Downtown Republic of South Flemingo Johannesburg 2 Diplomatic Store Africa Supply Nepal Client Nepal Kathmandu 1 Flemingo Downtown Democratic Repl. Of Flemingo Kinshasa New Diplomatic Store Congo Flemingo Downtown Flemingo Ghana Accra New Diplomatic Store Flemingo Downtown Flemingo Burundi Bujumbura New Diplomatic Store 12
  • 14. Flemingo DIplomatic WWW.FLEMINGODIPLOMATIC.COM 13
  • 15. Categories-11Flemingo Diplomatic SKU’s – app 3000 plus Margins- 25% to 35% 14
  • 16. Flemingo DIplomatic 15
  • 17. Flemingo DIplomatic BUYING OPTION- ONLINE -Go to www.flemingodiplomatic.com -choose the product category you want to shop from home page, By accessing SHOP BY CATEGORY menu -Browse through the products and click ‘add to cart’, to add products to your shopping cart. -The products added to cart will be shown in the cart page, along with its details and discounts if any. You can continue shopping by clicking the button "Continue Shopping" or check out by clicking button "Buy now". -If you are not logged in already, system will ask you to login. Please type in your login details and click "Continue". -if you are a first time customer please put in all your details in order to become a member. -After successful login, you will be shown your shipping address registered with us. You can change your shipping address by clicking on the Edit button (E) and click save and continue. -Freight Details will be shown in the next section, for the location chosen by you, along with a break up of charges. You can choose the shipping method and click save and continue. -Then you move towards the payment options -Select appropriate payment method, and click on pay now to initiate Payment -Proceed towards secure payment and complete your transaction. -Choose the card type , by clicking on the respective Card type logo. Enter Card details and click on pay to complete transaction. -Once the payment transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation screen , with your order number, confirming your order with us. -You will also receive an email confirmation, along with a pro forma invoice with details of your order 16
  • 18. Flemingo DIplomatic BUYING OPTION- OFFLINE -Go to www.flemingodiplomatic.com or browse through the catalogue. Browse through our search engine and type in the brand name / product name in the search box and select the products that you wish to order. - Download order form available on the website homepage -Fill in all the details on the form which would be our code, product name and description and quantities required -After filling the form Fax the same to Flemingo Intl at +9714-8809440 or email it to info@flemingodiplomatic.com -After the order form is received by us , the same would be checked at our end for stock and any price variation. -Thereafter we would send you the Pro forma invoice. -After acceptance of the pro forma invoice, and confirmation of the payment , the order would be processed and shipped as per selected mode of transportation. -Once your order is processed and post payment verification, an email will be sent to you informing you about the order status. 17
  • 19. Flemingo Diplomatic rld ofWo olio ds r t f r an Po B ct ass P r odu Cl 18
  • 20. Flemingo Diplomatic THANK YOU! 19