Austin 2 Boston: Sharing SXSWi Learnings, presented by Fleishman-Hillard


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"Austin 2 Boston: Sharing Learnings from SXSWi," was a happy hour event designed to bring together Boston area social media, marketing and communications pros who were either in Austin for SXSWi or wished they could have gone. For both groups, this event offered the opportunity to learn cool things and connect with peers.

Presentations were designed to be fast-moving. A range of high-profile local speakers followed a common format: one mega takeaway from this year's SXSW; 3-4 smaller, but still important takeaways; and best of all, how they plan to integrate these new ideas into their work this year.

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Austin 2 Boston: Sharing SXSWi Learnings, presented by Fleishman-Hillard

  1. @FleishmanDNA<br />
  2. Steve Garfield@SteveGarfield<br />
  3. 4<br />The Big Takeaway<br />CNN - Groundbreaking change<br />4<br /><br />1:30<br />
  4. 5<br />Other Key Lessons<br />Social TV<br />[ Jimmy Fallon, Late Night Hashtags ]<br />Mobile Video <br />[ Putting Video Online, Get Seen ]<br />Be There <br />[ Chevy Volt Test Drive ]<br />Thank You <br />[ Gary Vaynerchuck ]<br />5<br />1:30<br />
  5. 6<br />Putting it Into Practice <br />Explore Social TV<br />Test Boundaries of Video <br />Be There<br />Thank You<br />6<br />2:30<br />
  6. Carissa Caramanis O’Brien@CarissaO<br />
  7. The Big Takeaway<br /> The current volume, power and potential of healthcare data makes now the most daunting and the most exciting time to witness—or help drive—the growth of social health.<br />“There has never been a better time to be an innovator at the intersection of healthcare and IT.” -Todd Park, CTO and Entrepreneur in Residence U.S. Department of Health and Human Services @todd_park<br />1:30<br />
  8. Other Key Learnings<br /> The challenges of a regulated industry touch far more than just health and finance.<br /> There are a lot of smart people working to balance ethics, authenticity and community the right way.<br /> The Content Strategy/Future of Journalism track wasn’t popular by accident. <br /> SXSWi doesn’t know the meaning of crazy until it’s seen 6th Street the day after we geeks go home.<br />1:30<br />
  9. T Crazy<br />
  10. Putting it Into Practice <br /> Keeping a watch on Community Health Data Initiative<br /> Connecting clients to Health 2.0 Developer Challenge<br /> Exploring more mobile and location-based applications<br /> Participating in Social Health Unconference on 9/19<br /> Fostering the amazing connections<br /> Driving the next step for Social Health at SXSW 2012<br />2:30<br />
  11. Joe Chernov<br />@JChernov<br />
  12. The Big Takeaway<br />Lots here<br />Here, not <br />so much<br />Social Media Measurement @ SXSW<br />1:30<br />
  13. Other Key Learnings<br />Learned: People remain most interesting “technology.” <br />Learned: No news is sometimes good news. <br />Learned: “Cool” is relative. <br />Observed: We are all complicit in the war on our privacy. <br />What they forget to tell you when you turn 40: <br />Hangovers last longer.<br />1:30<br />
  14. Putting it Into Practice <br />Correlation<br />Causation<br />Technology can be a red herring. <br />Redirect attention from from the tools to the impact. <br />Focus on proving the consumption of social assetsdrives business objectives (revenue, retention).<br />2:30<br />
  15. Tyson Goodridge@goodridge<br />
  16. The Big Takeaway<br />#dontstoptillyougetenough<br />17<br />1:30<br />
  17. Other Key Learnings<br />Data, Data, More Data- what do you do with it?<br />LBS<br />Gowalla= Experience and story = Consumer<br />FourSquare= Loyalty+Data = $<br />SCVNGR= Gaming- and then what?<br />Social Business<br />18<br />18<br />1:30<br />
  18. Putting it Into Practice <br />Manage Expectations when measuring...<br />Bring more experience offline<br />Back to Basics<br />Pace yourself<br />Bring Social in house. Advise from sidelines<br />19<br />2:30<br />
  19. Seth Bloom@sethbloom<br />
  20. The Big Takeaway<br />Experimentation (still) rules<br />1:30<br />
  21. Other Key Learnings<br />Critical mass enables wicked targeted programs<br />Top-tier tech blogs<br />Boston event<br />Geeks making eye contact<br />Real social<br />Huge, but you can’t hide<br />1:30<br />
  22. Putting it Into Practice <br />Don’t be afraid to:<br />Experiment <br />Micro-target<br />Let people be people<br />Do be afraid to:<br />Bring a cookie-cutter program to Austin and hope to soak up the cool<br />The devil is now in the details<br />It’s no longer “Is social media important?” <br />Rather, it’s “How do we do social media really well?”<br />What’s next? <br />Don’t know yet – stay flexible<br />2:30<br />
  23. Amy Greenlaw@girlgamy<br />
  24. The Big Takeaway<br />Minimal Promotion this year by filmmakers<br />1:30<br />
  25. Other Key Learnings<br />Lack of marketing/promoting films leads to:<br />Not sold out screenings<br />Minimal festival buzz<br />Less emotional engagement with audience<br />Films that marketed seemed to already have a distributor<br />If you have a party it doesn’t mean people will go see your film<br />Not 1 person came up to me and gave me their postcard of their film.<br />1:30<br />
  26. Putting it Into Practice <br />Start marketing your film the minute you get accepted into SXSW<br />Facebook, Twitter, Blog with video and photos<br />Make postcards with your screening times and mini description<br />Make sure you have a trailer available online<br />Marketing at Festival<br />Get to SXSW early & get your posters up EVERYWHERE<br />Go to screenings that have lines & hand out your postcards, talk about your film<br />Need for an online “Social Hub” for festival goers<br />2:30<br />
  27. Questions & Answers<br />
  28. Thank You<br />