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Blackhawks CMC update (Memorial Day)
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Blackhawks CMC update (Memorial Day)


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  • 1. CMC Update May 201327 May 2013Always Ready. We must be ready, always! Our missions require us to maintain a steady,on-demand, world-wide capability. We must take care of ourselves, our aircraft, and ourmission systems. Get ready, Be ready, Stay ready!Mission Focused. We are a National Asset that can and will respond to any number ofworld-wide events. We must remain focused on the mission and prepare ourselvesaccordingly. Every single member of the Blackhawk Team is important to mission success.We must perform when called upon. Clear the Way, Move the Fleet, Save the Day!Committed to Excellence. Commit yourself to doing things the right way! Demand thebest from our aircraft and mission systems. Do not accept substandard or brokenequipment as a fact of life – gripe it and replace it. Operate “by the book,” PERIOD! UseORM and make risk decisions at the right level. Ask questions and learn. I don’t expectperfection, I expect you to perform your best. I am committed to giving you my best! Train,Learn, Perform!Motivated to Succeed. Stay motivated and work hard to make yourself and yourshipmates better. Success breeds success! Take ownership of YOUR squadron and striveto keep the BLACKHAWKS the best in the Navy. Be proud of your service, be proud ofyour squadron!HM-15 Command Philosophy & Mission Statement We Remember…COUNTERMEASURES DISPENSING SET (CMDS) (AN/ALE-47). The Countermeasures DispensingSet (CMDS) (AN/ALE-47) is a computer controlled aircraft defense system designed to provideprotection against hostile radar and infrared threats through the use of expendable decoys. Thesystem consists of a Digital Control Display Unit, two Digital Sequencers, two Dispenser Assemblies,a Programmer, and two Safety Switches.Norfolk Night DLQsBahrain ‘HardCore’ RunnersMAY 28-31 MK104 ops, Small ArmsMAY 28 Phase Crew DEPARTMAY 28 Board Package E7 (Active) due to NPC NAVADMIN 294/12MAY 29-31 PO INDOC/PO2 & PO1 SLC (Quarterly)MAY 29 CPO365 Uniform Regulations (Chief Frost / CiT)MAY 31 PFA Norfolk Make-up PRT dateJUN Page 2 Verification and Annual Family Care Plan Review NAV 255/05JUN 1 GIRL SCOUT Day at HM-15 (COMREL Opportunity)JUN 3 BLACKHAWKS AWARDS QUARTERS/Frocking CeremonyJUN 4 Battle of Midway Commemoration (Heritage) NAVADMIN 159/12JUN 5 PG/PL/Sponsor meetingJUN 5-21 Blackhawks UniversityJUN 7 SOQ/JSOQ/BJOQ Package Due to AdminJUN 7 HFC (Human Factors Council) Jul RollersJUN 10 CPO365 Protocol + Professionalism (Chief Blair / YN1 Dollar)JUN 10-14 MK105JUN 11 CHSCWL RE-INSPECTION (QA, AO, AZ, Maintenance)JUN 12 SOQ/JSOQ/BJOQ BoardJUN 15 E4 evalsJUN 17 E7 Active Selection Board NAVADMIN 294/12JUN 24 HM-15 CDT (QUARTERLY) tbdJUN 24-28 MK103 Air-to-AirJUN 28 SOQ due to CHSCWL (Senior, Junior, Bluejacket Active & Reserve)JUN 30 Last day for Operational Waiver (Continuation Board) NAVADMIN 375/12Upcoming Events