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Agt brochure e neu

Agt brochure e neu






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    Agt brochure e neu Agt brochure e neu Document Transcript

    • Agency for Green TechnologyWe fuel the future!
    • AGENCY FOR GREEN TECHNOLOGY Agency for Green TechnologyOur MissionTo provide Sustainable Solutions to convertWaste to Energy.AGT Management & Engineering AG is a youngtechnology enterprise that markets and engineerspower plants based on the patented LTCtechnology.The innovative LTC technology generates energyfrom organic waste streams in a highly efficientand environmentally friendly way. FROM WASTE TO ENERGY * Energy demands are increasing * Fossil fuels are rapidly being used up * Waste disposal is a growing global environmental problem, Energy from waste provides a promising and important contribution toward the reduction in landfill disposal and Co2 emissions. The recovery of energy from waste replaces fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time providing waste management with durable solutions.
    • Agency for Green Technology LTC TECHNOLOGY FROM AGT Historical development of the LTC technology The base of LTC, anaerobic carbon enrichment, goes back to the time of charcoal making. Now, with the use of a State of the Art process technology, optimum process flows and significantly improved environmental protection, the LTC technology has become an unique highly efficient economical way to generate energy from organic waste streams.The LTC processLow Temperature Conversion is a multi-stage thermo.-catalytic decomposition process and a „soft“ methodcompared to incineration. Conversion temperature iswell below 600 C.The LTC process uses no incineration but converts oorganic waste to very high grade combustion gas similarto natural gas.This progressive thermal-catalytic material gasificationwith integrated gas purification and residue cleaning iscarried out in an entirely closed system, minimizingemissions. Conventional incineration systems convert only a small part of their waste input to electricity and release the majority as heat, which can not be easily transported or stored. LTC systems have a guaranteed efficiency ranging from 45% to 55% depending on the composition of the feedstock. This is only possible because the LTC process is designed as a circuit process in which the entire process heat is consumed in the conversion process. No external heat is produced.The closed system and the low conversion temperatureof an AGT plant guarantee very low emissions.Unlike incineration plants, AGT plants do not overheatinorganic material present in the feedstock. Instead thesematerials pass through the system without creatingpollutants and can be easily recycled.
    • Agency for Green Technology THE AGT PLANTAGT plants are built in a modular way and are tailormade for your application.AGT plants can be built for input volumes ranging from1 ton/hour upwards.AGT plants can be adapted to use wide range oforganic solids and waste. The plant layout can beadapted to available floor space.The conversion gas produced can be delivered to thegrid or, using additional integrated equipment, used forgenerating electric power or even converted to liquidfuels with maximum efficiency and minimal losses. AGT plants offer industries and communities a local solution for their waste problems, at the same time creating revenues from power generation. With the system capable of buffering energy, it is very well suited for electricity delivery on peak hours. AGT plants are running entirely on internal power and have no need for external cooling. AGT plants are easy to install and are designed to have minimum impact on the local environment. Apart from the feedstock no additional materials are needed.All AGT plants are remotely monitored. A high-techcontrol system controls process conditions, guards thesystem and performs daily check-ups.AGT plants are fully automated from the receipt ofinput material to the supply of current, minimizingpersonnel costs.The use of high quality materials and a design with fewmoving parts result in a long lifespan and lowmaintenance requirements. Critical equipment isinstalled redundantly to allow undisturbed operationunder all possible conditions.A production time of 7,500 hours/year is guaranteedby AGT Management & Engineering AG.
    • AGT APPLICATIONS Agency for Green TechnologyAGT plants can be customized to handle a wide variety oforganic feedstocks.We deliver turnkey grid connected power plants for allorganic waste streams.Some call it WASTE ... we call it ENERGY! þ Waste Municipality þ Industrial Waste þ Process Residues þ Car Tires þ Plasitc automotive components þ PA PVC, PET, PE, þ Biomass þ Waste Agricultural þ and sawdust Wood residue þ Animal manure, liquid or solid þ No fermentation required, therehfore high process capacity þ Lignite þ Sludges þ Oils
    • Agency for Green Technology AGT SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS The LTC technology provides a proven and sustainable solution for the conversion of waste into valuable energy: þ high efficiency Guaranteed þ Output as methane gas, electricity or liquid fuels þfar below EU regulations Emissions, þ Zero CO2 emission option possible þ reliable construcation Durable and þ Fully automated from input to output þ Residual waste ready for recycling þto APX Power Exchange and the Co2 Admission Emission-Trade (Kyoto Protocol) possible þ (3-7 years depending on feedstock) Excellent ROI þ Turnkey deliveryIndicative examples: Energy outputFeedstock Input (t/h) ROI (year) (MW)Municipal waste 6 11 6.7Biomass 3 3.75 3.6Tires 3 16.5 3.4Lignite 10 27 6.15
    • Agency for Green Technology AGT SERVICESProject FinancingIn cooperation with a number of well-establishedinvestment companies we can offer you severalattractive financing systems.With energy output fully guaranteed and risksminimized by financiers an AGT plant is asustainable and secure investment. Additional Services þplant operators Training of þ servce & maintenance Worldwide þ On-site technical support þ real-time monitoring 24/7 hours AGT Management & Engineering AG is a highly innovative company. With our R & D department pushing forward the boundaries of technology we set the standards for waste to energy solution, now and in the future.We can offer tailor-made solutions for efficientand clean energy generation from any organicwaste stream, including troublesome wastessuch as poor quality lignite, industrial wasteand PVC.We also offer turnkey systems for production ofsynthetic liquid fuels from organic waste, withminimal heat loss and maximum efficiency.
    • Agency for Green TechnologyAGT TECHNOLOGY WE FUEL THE FUTURE! AGT Management & Engineering AG Representative Office A - 4861 Schörfling am Attersee Austria Phone: +43-7662-48 48 16 Fax: +43-7662-48 48 12 E-Mail: info@agt-world.com Web: www.agt-world.com