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Apresentação sobre Social Business Agenda

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20110916 social business agenda

  1. 1. Social Business AgendaTransforming Relationships forGrowth, Innovation, and Efficiency
  2. 2. The Fifth IT Era:The era of Social Business Social Internet PCs Departmental MainframeTechnology enabled Business Transformation ©2011 IBM Corporation 2
  3. 3. What is a Social Business? Engaging Transparent Nimble ©2011 IBM Corporation 3
  4. 4. Social Media vs. Social Business Social Media Social Business Nimble E nga ge d T ra ns pa re ntPrimarily marketing and PR Encompasses organization and business processes ©2011 IBM Corporation 4
  5. 5. The Social Business Agenda Align Organizational Goals & Culture Gain Social Trust Engage Through Experiences Network Your Business Processes Design for Reputation and Risk Management Analyze Your Data ©2011 IBM Corporation 5 Source: “Get Bold: Creating a Bold Social Media AGENDA for Your Business” by Sandy Carter, ISBN: 0132618311, Copyright © 2011, IBM Press
  6. 6. Goals Drive the Appropriate Engagement Model,Tools & AnalyticsGoals: Goals:•Help our banks “Act Big” •Create innovative new•Provide single solution to productscustomers •Create marketsCULTURE eats strategy for lunch! ©2011 IBM Corporation 6
  7. 7. BASFGoals:Cultural Approach: ©2011 IBM Corporation 7
  8. 8. Sun LifeGoals•Drive Revenue & Profit Through… – Attracting Millennium Workers – Attracting Millennium Customers – Capture and Share Expertise (Sun Life on Main Stage @ Lotusphere) Culture •Executive Sponsorship •Social Guidelines and Policies •IdeaShare: 330 New Ideas ©2011 IBM Corporation 8
  9. 9. Culture Driven by Strong Governance Executive Digital Council Sponsors Key Activities Community Center of Management Excellence Content Standards Management Reputation / Metrics & Risk Mgmt Measurement ©2011 IBM Corporation 9
  10. 10. Align Organizational Goals and Culture Social Computing Guidelines: Spring May 2005IBM Case 2008Study: Empower everyone to participate Employees = brand ambassadors Digital CouncilAlignCorporate Build a culture for participation startingCulture inside first Experiment. A lot. Gaming. Jams. ©2011 IBM Corporation 10 10
  11. 11. Gain Social Trust Friends ResponsiveTransparent & Open Tippers & Consistent Followers Expertise & Thought Leadership ©2011 IBM Corporation 11
  12. 12. Cars.com – Trust with dealers ransparent & Open: Consumer Dealer Reviews ©2011 IBM Corporation 12
  13. 13. Gain Trust: CEMEX “Shift” ransparent & Open: Over 95% Participation xpertise & Leadership: Over ©2011 IBM Corporation 13
  14. 14. Engage through Experiences What is an Exceptional Experience The Usage Life Cycle Engagement 1st Time Regular Passionate Unaware Interested Participant Participant Participant Source: “Designing for the Social Web” by Joshua Porter ConsumptionIntegrated: Consistent online and offlineInteractive: Gaming, Video Mobile, Virtual GiftingIdentifying: Personalized, knowledge of you ©2011 IBM Corporation 14
  15. 15. Engage: 1-800-FlowersIntegrated Online Sites AND Store Experience ©2011 IBM Corporation 15
  16. 16. Engage: Children’s Hospital Interactive videoMasters site Run by IBM Videos HD / Avatars / Content IBM Interactive Solution Runs on Thumb DriveLearning powerful “Teaming Dr J. Burns, Skills”, different locations, Cloud Based Updates Childrens Hospital generating “hypothesis” Boston Social Network ©2011 IBM Corporation 16
  17. 17. Engage: Creek Watch Interactive Mobile Crowdsourcing to Clean Up Waterways Use your iPhone – take a picture Upload: water level, flow rate, trash level Aggregated data is consolidated and shipped to the water control boards in the local regionsCopyright IBM Corporation 2010. All rights reserved. creekwatch@almaden.ibm.com ©2011 IBM Corporation 17
  18. 18. Engage: Interactive Social Gaming ©2011 IBM Corporation 18
  19. 19. Engage: GodivaInteractive virtual gifting Branded virtual gift for Facebook & MySpace members ©2011 IBM Corporation 19
  20. 20. Engage: FabergeIdentifying the Inner Sanctum ©2011 IBM Corporation 20
  21. 21. Engage: ColgateIdentifying with personalized targeted audience Most kissable person contest! Over 3.5M Views! ©2011 IBM Corporation 21
  22. 22. (Social) Network Processes Social Business Outcomes isten to market Traditional Business Deeper client uild advocatesMarketing, relationshipsCustomerService Push marketing mbed social in process ontrol brand Speed-to- onnect in and outsideProduct Market& Service nvest R&DDevelopment uild communities deas from inside Adaptability to ct smallOperations, MarketHuman iloedResources igid ©2011 IBM Corporation 22
  23. 23. Social Enable Your MarketingOLD PROCESS: Direct Mail, eMail, Telephone, Advertising, PR, Events Lead Generation Lead Nurture Lead Conversion Marketing ProcessSOCIAL ENABLED PROCESS: Chilean Govt Found China wine Found tippers Gained trust communities Sent wine sample Entered China Joined conversations Engaged in contests market ©2011 IBM Corporation 23
  24. 24. Value of Social Business for Sales and Marketing Management Realized benefit - median improvement %Increase effectivenessof awareness(realized by 52% of respondents)Increase revenue(realized by 18% of respondents)Increased effectivenessof conversion(realized by 52% of respondents) (*) “The rise of the networked enterprise. Web 2.0 finds its payday” – McKinsey Global Survey Results, 2010 ©2011 IBM Corporation 24
  25. 25. Social Enable – Customer ServiceOLD PROCESS: Reqmts Definition Develop Ramp Up Life Cycle & Concept & Plan & Qualify & Launch Mgmt Content Management ProcessSOCIAL ENABLED PROCESS ©2011 IBM Corporation 25
  26. 26. Value of Social Business for Customer Service Realized benefit - median improvement % Increase customer satisfaction 18% (realized by 77% of respondents) Reduce marketing costs 15% (realized by 45% of respondents) Reduce support costs 10% (realized by 35% of respondents) 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%(*) “The rise of the networked enterprise. Web 2.0 finds its payday” – McKinsey Global Survey Results, 2010 ©2011 IBM Corporation 26
  27. 27. Social Enable – Product DevelopmentOLD PROCESS: Product Development ProcessSOCIAL ENABLED PROCESS: IBM Site to solicit product ideas ©2011 IBM Corporation 27
  28. 28. Value of Social Business for R&D and New Product Development Realized benefit - median improvement % Increase speed of access to external experts (realized by 40% of respondents) Reduce time to market for new products/services (realized by 29% of respondents) Increase number of successful innovations (realized by 28% of respondents)(*) “The rise of the networked enterprise. Web 2.0 finds its payday” – McKinsey Global Survey Results, 2010 ©2011 IBM Corporation 28
  29. 29. Social Enable - HR Resource SharingOLD PROCESS: Human Resource ProcessSOCIAL ENABLED PROCESS: Celestica 2010 Celestica #1 Game Changer Award Winner ©2011 IBM Corporation 29
  30. 30. Value of Social Business for HR and Talent Management Realized benefit - median improvement % Increase speed of access to internal knowledge (realized by 77% of respondents) Increase speed of access to internal experts (realized by 52% of respondents) Reduce internal communications expense (realized by 60%)(*) “The rise of the networked enterprise. Web 2.0 finds its payday” – McKinsey Global Survey Results, 2010 ©2011 IBM Corporation 30
  31. 31. Design for Reputation and Risk Management ©2011 IBM Corporation 31 Source: “Get Bold: Creating a Bold Social Media AGENDA for Your Business” by Sandy Carter, ISBN: 0132618311, Copyright © 2011, IBM Press
  32. 32. Risk Management • Develop Policies • Management Oversight • Regulatory Compliance • Network Security Integrated tools are available  Real time monitoring  Moderation of content  Contextual logging  Archiving of activities and events  E-Discovery compliance  Regulatory Compliance ©2011 IBM Corporation 32
  33. 33. Analyze Your Data Business Drivers Competitive Analysis Corporate Reputation Customer Care Campaign Effectiveness Product Insight Source Areas COMPREHENSIVE SENTIMENT FACEBOOK ANALYSIS  Keyword Search  Dimensional BLOGS  Dimensional Analysis Navigation  Filtering  Drill Through to  VoiceDISCUSSION FORUMS Content AFFINITY ANALYTICS EVOLVING TOPICS TWITTER  Relationship  Relevant Topics NEWSGROUPS Tables  Associated Themes  Relationship Matrix  Ranking and Volume  Relationship Graph MULTILINGUAL ©2011 IBM Corporation 33
  34. 34. Analytics: Gatorades Command Center ©2011 IBM Corporation 34
  35. 35. Social Business Reference ArchitectureDescribes the capabilities available from IBM and IBMBusiness Partners to implement social business solutions Change Strategy Roles Processes Applications Management Social Business Solutions Transform business processes using social technologies User Experience and Mobility Solution delivery and Solution Interaction Content Insight management planning, design and Social Business Foundation Technologies Hybrid modeldevelopment Enable data capture, analysis and collaboration supporting cloud and on premises Identity Integration Governance, Compliance components and Management and Security Business process Information Business analytics management management and optimization Cooperative Application Technologies Integrate business functions with the social infrastructure ©2011 IBM Corporation 35
  36. 36. ¡Muchas gracias! fmendes@br.ibm.com fgfmendes.blogspot.com Flávio Mendes Rio de Janeiro - Brasil IBM Latin America Portal and Social Business Tel 55 21 9999-9559 Tiger Team Leader Email: fmendes@br.ibm.com Blog: fgfmendes.blogspot.com ©2011 IBM Corporation 36