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Picture perfect
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Picture perfect


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Vogue, beauty, the media, ... …

Vogue, beauty, the media, ...
Picture Perfect and our society.

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  • 1. PicturePerfect9ºBNº12Flávia Meireles CostaAno letivo 2012/2013Escola Básica de Canidelo
  • 2. Definition of beauty There isn’t a definition of beauty. A beautifulperson is someone who is nice, who is goodlooking to somebody.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 3. Definition of beauty It depends of the person about who we aretalking. The same person can be beautiful tosomeone but to other person it can be ugly.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 4. Stereothypes Some years ago, fat women were considered themost beautiful. Those who had many curveswere the prettiest.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 5. Stereothypes Nowadays, people give a lot of importance tothe women who appear in the media. They areconsidered the most beautiful but, in fact,there is no real beauty.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 6. Stereothypes They use a lot of makeup and their pictures arealtered in some programs like Photoshop tolook prettier.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 7. Stereothypes Blonde women and men with blue eyes areconsidered the image of perfection. But it isn’ttrue. First of all perfection doesn’t exists.Secondly there are people who haven’t got thatcharacteristics and who are beautiful too.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 8. The media Where do we see “perfect” women and men?Well, in the television, in the magazines, …Their image is changed to they seem beautifuland without imperfections. But it is only anillusion.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 9. The media Or even models who are very thin. And seembeautiful when in reality they aren’t perfectbecause nobody is.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 10. Consequences Exposure of unreal pictures to women cancause serious problems to some people. Theywant to be like them and start with some crazydiets.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 11. Consequences It can cause too some diseases like: Anorexia; Bulimia.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 12. Consequences Or even depression.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 13. True beautyo True beauty doesn’t come from the outside but,in fact, from within.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 14. True beautyo It is our personallity which defines us. Beautydoesn’t deppend of our shape, colour, race, …PICTUREPERFECT
  • 15. True beautyPICTUREPERFECT
  • 16. True beautyPICTUREPERFECT
  • 17. Dove’s campaing for real beauty Dove sells some beauty products. They createda diferent advertising called “Campaign for RealBeauty” in which they used real women and notperfect pictures of models.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 18. Dove’s campaing for real beauty Dove tried to show that real people arebeautiful.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 19. Perfection Perfection doesn’t exist.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 20. Perfection Perfection doesn’t exist.PICTUREPERFECT
  • 21. RealityBut this is reality…PICTUREPERFECT
  • 22. RealityHere is the true…PICTUREPERFECT