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A work about Exotic Holidays. All wanted them...

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Exotic holidays

  1. 1. Escola Básica de Canidelo September 2011 Subject: English Flávia Meireles Costa 8ºB Nº12
  2. 2. Exists many places in the world that are striking and amasing. They are exotic because they are strange and they have a beauty very differente of the others places that is uncommon. In the world exists some places like this that they are places very tourist like Bora Bora, Étretat, Lucca, Myanmar, Sandcut, … Very beautiful places to pass Exotic Holidays! Sandcut Lucca
  3. 3. For my Exotic Holidays I chose the exotic island Bora Bora. Place to pass Exotic Holidays
  4. 4. Bora Bora in the world. Bora Bora
  5. 5. Bora Bora is an island in the archipelago of French Polynesia. It have two huge mountains: the Mount Pahia and the Mount Otemanu. Bora Bora Mount Otemanu
  6. 6. This island depend very much of the tourism. Bora Bora
  7. 7. Bora Bora have a lagoon of quiet and crystal clear waters that is very appreciate by the tourists. That allow enjoy a variety of nautical activities. Bora Bora
  8. 8. In the lagoon of the island Bora Bora there are some Overwater Bungalows (they are on stakes that are on the water of the lagoon). They have a view to the lagoon and to the mountains. Bora Bora
  9. 9. The people can eat in the water, because have chairs and tables appropriate for that. Bora Bora
  10. 10. On the water, have stakes to the people take a walk and see the beautiful scenery. Bora Bora
  11. 11. They can make diving expeditions to feed the sharks and the rays. Bora Bora
  12. 12. In the lagoon of Bora Bora the people can go boating to see the mountains and the locality vegetation that are amazing. Bora Bora
  13. 13. The sand of the beaches in Bora Bora is very clean and it can be black or white. Bora Bora
  14. 14. In the island of Bora Bora there are palm trees and coconut palms. Bora Bora
  15. 15. Bora Bora have many tongues of white sand. Bora Bora
  16. 16. In the world exists many places that are exotic, like the island of Bora Bora. There the people can do many activities like swimming in the amazing lagoon, see the beautiful locality vegetation, … It is a place very uncommon but at the same time it have a incredible beauty. This is a great place to pass exotic and relaxed Holidays! Bora Bora
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