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Flashpoints 3 0 Eng


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Displays, posters based on elektroluminescence technology

Displays, posters based on elektroluminescence technology

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  • 1. Flashpoints panel– innovative light advertisment !!! Flashpoints Panel - durable and lightweight print medium that not only lights up like a fluorescent backlit sign but also provides eye- catching animation effects, similar to neon, but far more dramatic and realistic because it works within a high-resolution image at first this technology was used in NASA space shuttles now it is widely used in displays of laptops, cell phones and watches recently - advertising communication - advertising signage, dynamic signage (better, brighter and more efficient)
  • 2. Flashpoints Panel - usage BILBOARDS & DISPLAYS for indoor and outdoor use POINTS OF SALE ( store windows, vending machines, beverage dispensers, countertop displays, shop fittings, light boxes, floor carpets, shelves) PUBLIC TRANSPORT (cars, buses, trains) BUILDIGNS (railway stations, airports, bus shelters, subway stations, shops & restaurants, shopping centres)
  • 3. Flashpoints Panel – marketing benefits Range extension – more noticeable advertisement, better distinction to other products Better memorization of the advertisement – applying product features like pace and animation type Increase in sales – especially when product is available at marketing spots Increase in brand/product awareness and its attractiveness Increase of parameters of product perception – especially attributes as follows: new, innovative, perfect, user-friendly, leading) Controlled communication – possibility of influencing customer’s attention Associating brand with new, unique and effective form of presentation
  • 4. Flashpoints Panel – features & benefits  can be placed on any surface in & outdoor  it does not generate heat dowolny kształt  plug & play - hangs in seconds (trójwymiarowy)  thin, durable, flexible Dowolny wymiar  vibration ans impact resistant  safe, reliable Grafika bez  low power consumption ograniczeń  high resolution, full colour wrażenie animacji  highly portable  easy to install, panels are self-contained, no light box required
  • 5. Flashpoints Panel - effects sections illuminated separately - animation effect programmed tempo panels can be any shape and size sections can flash and/or fade impression of movements
  • 6. eg. CIGARETTES
  • 7. eg. BEERS
  • 8. eg. BEERS
  • 9. eg. IT
  • 10. eg. BEVERAGES
  • 11. eg. BEVERAGES dowolny kształt (trójwymiarowy) Dowolny wymiar Grafika bez ograniczeń wrażenie animacji
  • 12. eg. BEVERAGES
  • 13. eg. ALKOHOLS
  • 14. OTHERS
  • 15. Panel Flashpoints - features  lightweight, paper thin and flexible print medium that catches your customers attention dowolny kształt (trójwymiarowy) 0,2 - 0,8 Dowolny wymiar mm protection layer artwork front electrode Grafika bez luminescent layer ograniczeń back electrode dielectric layer wrażenie animacji
  • 16. Flashpoints Panel vs. LED Diods
  • 17. Flashpoints Panel vs. LED Diods
  • 18. Flashpoints Panel - technical information  VIEWING ANGLE: better then 160 °  POWER RESOURCES: 1.5 - 24V DC i 220V AC 50-60 Hz  SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 60 - 220V AC  SUPPLY FREQUENCY: 50 to 1.5 kHz  OPEARAING TEMP: -20 do 50 C °  STORAGE TEMP: -30 do 70 C °  BRIGHTNESS: min. 100 cd/m2  OPERATING POWER: 1-2 mW/cm2 (10-20 Watt)/m2  WORKING TIME: more then 10.000 h  THICKNESS: about 0,8 mm  WEIGHT: 1000 gr/m2
  • 19. CONTACT We warmly invite to strat coopereting with us… Tomasz Pawlak Managing Director Flashpoints Ltd. Armii Krajowej str. 95/2 81-824 Sopot e-mail: tel .kom. : +48 607 699 252