10 Steps To Make Your Email Marketing A Success


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'10 Steps To Make Your Email Marketing A Success' is an effort by Flashmail. Flashmail makes your email campaign easy and affordable.

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10 Steps To Make Your Email Marketing A Success

  1. 10 Steps To Make your Email marketing a
  2. According to StrongMail Industry Survey, 56% of the marketers plan to increase their email marketing budget in 2013.Doesn’t it become important to get the best out of these spends? Here’s how we can help you get it right! This presentation ‘10steps to make Youremail marketing a success’ is an Effort by Flashmail
  3. Define a Goal clear 1
  4. Revisiting the goal throughout the email campaign can help you stay on track
  5. Segment Audience your 2
  6. Results???? 39%higher openrates ,28%lowerunsubscriberates, 24%better deliverability&Revenue GeographicLocation I PastPurchases I EmailEngagement I Site UsageI Form Abandonment I Age I Gender
  7. Ideate a Headline Compelling 3
  8. MailChimp found that emails with subject line between 28 – 39 characters in length had the highest click rates Create a snappy headline that answers the question “What’s in it for me?”
  9. What Matters is 4 Timing
  10. To best understand what works for you is to run tests “When” you send the emails is very crucial & it depends on your segmentation.
  11. Optimize your 5 Brand
  12. Make it clear who the email is from Optimize: Brand Name, Brand Logo, Brand Colors, Design of yourwebsite
  13. Pay attention to 6 Design & Compatibility
  14. Ensure your mail design is compatible across all mail clients by testing on each Design should give the message Clearly to the audience & also encourage an action
  15. Have a clear 7 Call to action
  16. Use huge prominent button that easilygrab your audience’s attention
  17. Create an effective 8 Landing page
  18. Companies with 30+landing pages generate 7X more leads than those with fewer than 10. 48% of the marketers create a new landing page for each new campaign
  19. Set - up 9 Tracking
  20. Keep a close watch at your customers Tag the links in your email and monitor them using your analytics software.
  21. Keep 10 Testing
  22. Test, test & test again! “People who test their email campaigns get 11% better open rates and 17% more clicks.” - MailChimp
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