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Evergreen Roof Gardens Brochure

  1. 1. evergreen roof gardensThe green roof specialistsBrochure 2010
  2. 2. evergreen roof gardens About us We are a green roofing company based in Sussex. We specialise in all aspects of green roofing, brown or biodiverse roofing as well as wildflower and meadow roofs. We have the experience and expertise to ensure a successful end result to all your eco roofing requirements. We have a commitment to the environment and endeavour wherever possible to use the most ecologically friendly materials and practices to protect and encourage any wildlife that may come into contact with our products. We can help you with every aspect of green roofing, from information and enquiries to supplying and fitting the roofs ourselves. We cater for all sizes of green roofs, from commercial projects to private homes. We also offer maintenance contracts to ensure the long term success of your roof.
  3. 3. evergreen roof gardens Green Roofs and Climate Change Climate change is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges to face humanity and green roofs can help lessen it’s impact. Benefits of a Green Roof Green roofs absorb carbon dioxide as well releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Green roofs increase the insulation of the building, so the building uses less energy to heat and also cool it. Green roofs dramatically reduce stormwater runoff, with some studies suggesting by up to 70%, helping to alleviate flooding in problem areas. Green roofs help to increase biodiversity, by encouraging a large variety of small animals and insects in a protected environment.
  4. 4. evergreen roof gardens Sedum Roofs Using sedum is a great way to provide a natural finish to a roof. The plants themselves are very hardy, and can withstand great ranges of temperature and weather. During the spring and sum- mer they will flower and attract many insects especially bees and butterflies. Normally the plants are grown in a mat to provide an instant ‘green’ finish to the roof, but plug planting or seeding can be used where a more bespoke finish is required or where cost is a consideration. Having a sedum roof has many benefits for the building it is installed on as well as the environ- ment. These include increased thermal and sound insulation over a standard roof, a vastly re- duced carbon footprint and stormwater runoff Sedum roofs can also be installed for their aesthetic qualities. Throughout the year, the plants change colour from green to purple and red, as well as producing an array of flowers in spring and summer, which had another splash of colour to otherwise dull rooftops. Having a sedum roof also opens the roof up as an area that can be used for recreation, with path- ways and patios installed, a rooftop can become an extra living space for entertainment or relax- ation
  5. 5. evergreen roof gardens Brown and Biodiverse Roofs Brown roofs and Biodiverse roofs are a more cost effective way of bringing life to an otherwise barren roof. They should reflect the plantlife of the area and use as much recycled material as possible. Brown roofs are usually left to self-colonise so a local ecosystem can develop. A biodi- verse roof may be seeded or planted to help establish these species. The benefits of these roofs are much the same as green roofs whilst being more cost effective, although brown and biodiverse roofs take a little more time and a little more maintenance before they are completely established. Biodiverse roofs can be particularly useful in re-establishing species lost to construction as the roofs can be tailored specifically to the area, with local plants and wildlife being encouraged. Evergreen Roof Gardens are able to provide seeding and planting plans tailored for anywhere in the UK.
  6. 6. evergreen roof gardens Wildflower and Meadow Roofs Wildflower and Meadow roofs are a great way to make an impact and bring lots of life to a roof. Wildflower roofs provide a long lasting array of colour and shapes through the year and Meadow roofs provide a perfect habitat for many small creatures and invertebrates. Both types of roof offer the same benefits of green and brown roofs, although because they use a greater depth of soil the insulation benefits are actually increased. Wildflower and meadow roofs also attract lots of insects such as bees, butterflies and ladybirds, and can be installed to replace the habitat lost from building, increasing the biodiversity. Evergreen Roof Gardens can provide planting and seeding plans tailored for anywhere in the UK.
  7. 7. evergreen roof gardens Contact If you require any further information, please get in touch with us... Website - www.evergreenroofgardens.co.uk Sales & Info - 01724 855565 Email - john@evergreenroofgardens.co.uk Fax - 08704 583055
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