Why Does Your Business Need a Customer Database?


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If you want to bring your best customers in the door faster, you need a way to communicate with them.

We all know that advertising to potential customers can get really expensive and only increases your bottom line in the short term. However, advertising to your current customers, people who already love your business, is what brings in the extra foot traffic.

Check out our infographic and learn why it's so important to grow your current customer database. It's the only way you will be able to continually communicate with your customers!

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Why Does Your Business Need a Customer Database?

  1. 1. Why Does YourBusiness Needa CustomerDatabase?• Sales Announcements• Special In-Store Events• Customer Loyalty/RetentionPrograms• Promotion Reminders• Daily, Weekly, or Monthly SpecialsYou want to tell your customers about:A customer database helps you do it.• Happy Hour Deals or Whisper Codes• Coupons or Time Sensitive Promotions• Maintenance Reminders• Prompt Website or Social Media Page Visits• Last Minute Specials• Customer Feedback or Reviews76%32%1. Text Messagingof cell phone users actively textmessage with an open rate of 95%of email recipients made at leastone purchase last year based on apromotional emailof U.S. mobile customers preferoffers by text over mobile web,apps, or voicemailAverage click through rates fortext message marketing = 14.06%,Conversion rate = 8.22%of customers claim to enjoy getting lots of marketingemails from their favorite brands each week44%40%85%27%7 in 102. Email Marketingpeople say they had made use of a coupon or discount that theyhad learned about through a marketing email in the prior week ormonthCompanies that generatemore than 1,000 FacebookLikes also receive nearly1,400 website visits a dayApproximately 46% ofonline users count on socialmedia when making apurchase decision3. Social Media Marketingof consumerssay they trustrecommendationsfrom people theyknow4. Word of MouthMarketing5. Customer LoyaltyProgram Marketing90%70%of consumers trustother consumeropinions postedonlineData shows that loyaltyprograms can increasecustomer visits byor moreBusinesses with loyaltyprograms, on average, are88% more profitable thancompetitors who do not.Customer loyalty is thesingle most importantdriver of growth andprofitability.It is 6 to 7 times moreexpensive to acquire anew customer than toretain an existing one.20%80%of your sales comesfrom 20% of yourcustomers20%of peoplekeep theirphones within3 feet ofthemselves24/791%Sources:http://blog.fivestars.comhttp://www.slideshare.net/SocialMobileBuzz/mobile-marketing-for-small-business-8238184http://adage.com/article/cmo-strategy/tips-driving-word-mouth/231159/http://www.mogreet.com/whymogreet/http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/newswire/2012/consumer-trust-in-online-social-and-mobile-advertising-grows.htmlhttp://www.retailingtoday.com/article/loyalty-programs-one-hottest-trends-retailers-2013?goback=%2Egde_87647_member_187722073http://www.forbes.com/sites/tjmccue/2013/02/04/warning-is-your-new-customer-coming-back-4-steps-you-should-take-now/http://www.convinceandconvert.com/email-marketing-advice/15-email-statistics-that-are-shaping-the-future/http://www.bluekangaroo.com/media/ChoozOn-Blue_Kangaroo_Survey_on_Marketing_Emails_August_2012.pdfhttp://www.socialquickstarter.com/content/117-10_facts_about_why_and_how_consumers_like_andhttp://blog.hubspot.com/18-fresh-stats-about-social-media-marketingof total U.S. internet time is spenton social networking sitesHere’s how!of fans of brands on Facebookrecommend brands to others,compared to 60% of averageusersIn face-to-faceinteractions,people are motivatedto talk about whatis top of mind.To do this, yourdatabase needs:• Anniversary Dates• Customer Favorite Items or Services• Mailing Addresses• Customer Twitter HandlesSo, how do you get thecustomers’ information?Tune in next week tofind out.• Phone Numbers• Emails• Customer Names• BirthdaysFiveStars is pioneering customer loyalty automationfor small businesses and makes it easy to build up yourcustomer database, right on your point-of-sale.Want a free demo?http://bit.ly/ demofivestars