10 Ways to Increase Your Customer Spend


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You have your customer inside your store, ready to make their purchase. Instead of just closing the check and sending them on their way, let's seize this opportunity and get them to spend a little bit more with you.

We have put together a fun infographic with the top 10 ways to increase your customers' spend at your small business. We hope you enjoy it!

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10 Ways to Increase Your Customer Spend

  1. 1. #SMBHOTSHEET $TOP 10 Ways To IncreaseCustomer Spend At Your $Small Business $Consider yourcustomers’ interests.Strategically display WORK IN FASHION RETAIL?items or services that FEATURE MULTIPLE ITEMS LIKE DRESSES WITH Acomplement each MATCHING NECKLACES,other in pairs or sets. SHOES, OR SCARVES. CUSTOMERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BUY MULTIPLE ITEMS IF #10 THEY CAN SEE HOW THEY GO TOGETHER. 1 Spray Tan = $25 Offer deals that allow ................................................ more spending, not ADD FRIES Summer Special just an individual 1 3 for $60 FOR ONLY $ discount, like buying SAVE $15! items in groups or combos. REMIND CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY SAVE WHEN THEY BUY IN GROUPS. #9Be mindful of yourstore layout andambiance; it canincrease the MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO STAY, SHOP, AND ENJOY YOURlikelihood of more BUSINESS. FOR A CAFE,purchases. THE LONGER YOUR CUSTOMER LINGERS, THE MORE LIKELY #8 THEY WILL HAVE THE URGE TO BUY A MUFFIN, OR A SANDWICH AFTER THEIR COFFEE. Walgreens positions their pharmacy in the back of their store so customers are able to browse through their other items while going into pick up your prescription. If you offer a loyalty program, upsell to earn the customerYOUR CUSTOMERS CURRENT TOTAL: $42REWARD PROGRAM: Earn $5 off with $50 spend. more rewards. $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 #7Let the customer know if they spend just $8 more theywill earn their $5 credit. Have options in the $10-20range right at the POS to not only get them to theirreward, but they may also end up spendinga little bit more.Add variety orexpand your topselling items or IF ICED TEA IS YOUR BESTservices. SELLING BEVERAGE, OFFER PEACH, MANGO, AND OTHER OPTIONS THE CUSTOMERS MAY LIKE. #6 Upsell the larger size or better service for IF YOUR CUSTOMER LIKES IT, a slight price THEY ARE USUALLY HAPPY TO increase. GET MORE IF IT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD DEAL. “ Want the larger bottle? #5 It has 2X the cleanser for only $3 more bucks! ”Advertise exclusiveloyalty programincentives to current SET EXCLUSIVE DATESmembers. OR SPECIAL SALES WHERE CUSTOMERS AUGUST 15 CAN EARN DOUBLE OR TRIPLE REWARD POINTS TO USE FOR CASH #4 ON THEIR NEXT PURCHASE. DOUBLE REWARDS! Take notes on each customer about previous purchases so you can suggest “ Noticed you purchased Peachy Keen blush last time. other items they Have you tried might like. our Just Smitten lipstick? It matches perfectly. ” #3 FiveStars POS Relationship Manager has a special notes field where you can input any additional information about a specific customer. Not only are you positioned for an upsell, but you also have access to your customers’ rewards points, all in one place.Be an expert at yourservice or products.Make purchaserecommendations Jessica’s Play Pen offers pet food. Since she is extremely knowledgeablespecifically tailored about different pets, she canto your customers. suggest the best food types, with specific ingredients for specific breeds of dogs. When the customer #2 trusts her expert opinion, they are more likely to purchase other items she suggests are good for the customer’s pet. Develop genuineTHE # 1 WAY TO INCREASE SPEND... relationships with each and every CUSTOMERS ARE WILLING TO SPEND MORE WITH PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES WHO GIVE customer. THEM A GREAT EXPERIENCE TO CONTINUALLY COME BACK TO. $ $ $ $ #1 3 out of 4 customers have spent more with a company because of positive experiences.#SMBHOTSHEET Powered by