Double the Size of Your Customer Database


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Communicate and keep track of more new and regular customers.

Advertising to your current customers, people who already love your business, is what brings in the extra foot traffic. So the more customers you can communicate with the better! We can help you start collecting customer info with some easy to implement tactics.

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Double the Size of Your Customer Database

  1. 1. Because it will help growyour business:With FiveStars, capture yourcustomers’ data right on yourpoint-of-sale.We help you:We make it easy to grab as little, or as much,information from your customers as you like:• Text Message Marketing• Email Marketing• Social Media Marketing• Word of Mouth Marketing• Brings your best customers in the door faster, if notimmediately• Customers prefer getting convenient messages fromplaces they already go to, especially places theyfrequent• Get robust data on customers’ spending• Run targeted email and text message campaigns• Unlimited rewards cards to hand out• Automate customer Facebook check-ins• Create fully customized loyalty program• Incentivize your new customers• Get regulars to come back 2X fasterDouble the sizeof your customerdatabase.Bringing back your loyal customersgets a lot easier from here.Why shouldyour localbusiness dothese things?We’re here tohelp you dothat.Does this allsound awesomebut you’re notquite sure yet?But how do you getcustomers to give youtheir information?Ask every customer,every time.You need to be able to connectwith your customers via:Top 3 reasons customers willgive a business theirinformation:We’re here to help!FiveStars Client SuccessManagers will train youand your employees tohelp you get in the groove.• Exclusive sales announcements• Special in-store events• Daily, weekly, or monthly specials• Happy hour deals or whisper codes• Coupons or time sensitive promotions• Maintenance reminders• Prompt website or social media page visits• Solicit customer feedback or reviewsWell try us out, for free.Sign up for a free month of service for theentire month of June.Don’t missthe biggame!$2.00 BeerSpecial.58%39%37%want to receive discountsand special offerswant to take part in aspecific promotionwant to if they are aregular customer• Phone Number• Email• Customer Name• Birthday• Customer FavoritesIt can be uncomfortable to askpeople for their information.But customers who like your business arewilling to give it.Number Of Points1SUBMITSUBMIT(408) 123-5678john@5star.comNEW CUSTOMER REGISTRAMIT123“Would you like an extra20% off? What’s yourphone number? It’s for ourspecial text promos.”“You ordereda combo and adrink. What’s youremail address?Thanks. Your totalis $7.50.”“Do you have ourrewards card?You get your 5thcoffee free!”“Have you liked ourFacebook page? We postwhisper codes for a freecupcake.”But you better hurry,this free month offer runsout soon: put together these campaigns with you:• Allows your brand to reach customersthroughout the day• Promoting your business through different channels ensures the most amount of people are learning or engaging with you• Timely marketing messages can buildbrand loyalty when you send good contentWant to start collecting customerinfo and communicate with themTODAY?1. Train your employees, and reward those withhigh signups.2. Post a script at the register to remember easily.3. Role play with your peers to get comfortable.Sources:http://blog.fivestars.com