What is Your Current Marketing Focus? Surprising Facts About Customer Loyalty


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As a small business owner, the majority of your marketing and advertising budget should be focused on who: new customers or loyal customers?

Our newest infographic takes a deeper look at this age-old debate and has some surprising facts about loyal customers and your business. You may be leaving money on the table!

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What is Your Current Marketing Focus? Surprising Facts About Customer Loyalty

  1. 1. These guys are your loyal customers. But that 20% drives 80% of your total revenue... ... and depending on the vertical, loyal customers can account for up to 84% of total visits. ... and 72% of total visits to your business... They account for about 20% of your customers. NEW CUSTOMER LOYAL CUSTOMER VIP La Lune S Bakery 63% of marketers think that new customer acquisition is the most important advertising goal, but does a focus on attracting new customers really lead to a more profitable business? Let’s look at the numbers. New Customers Loyal Customers Surprising facts about customer loyalty marketing and your small business—you may be leaving revenue on the table. FiveStars lets you focus on your loyal customers to make sure you aren’t leaving extra revenue on the table. NEW! VISIT US! I love @LaLuneSucree lattes! #sogood $ 10 $$ 10 $$ 10 $ VIP LOYAL CUSTOMER La Lune SucreeBakery - Cafe and loyalty program members are 70% more likely to spread the word about your business. Loyal customers have a greater lifetime value: They spend more over time and generate more revenue. Because your loyal customers know your business, the probability of making an additional sale, or upselling, is 60-70%. Loyal customers like to hear from you: 65% want stores they frequent to email them coupons and promotions. 36% 20% Less than of daily deals customers will return and pay full price for items. Only of daily deal customers will spend more than the discounted price of the deal. are also more price conscious: the probability of getting a sale from a brand new customer is 5-20%. The average conversion rate (actual sales) from promotions sent to new customers is less than 1%. COME VISIT! SPECIAL EVENT!TEXTPROMO! 80% LOYAL CUSTOMER VIP VIP $ NEW CUSTOMER 50% OFF! SALE Over their lifetime, loyal customers SPEND 10X MORE. Yeah. You heard us. What is your current marketing focus? Up to 44% increase in customer visits Subject: Here’s a coupon because we miss you :) From: J2 Games We miss seeing you around our store, so come back and see us. 20% OFF PURCHASE! We help you track your VIPs. Know who they are, so you can improve your customer service and reward them for their frequent visits. We increase customer visits by 12-44%. With FiveStars, you will see a lift in visits and revenue from your enrolled customers. We help turn new or casual customers into loyal ones. FiveStars digital loyalty program lets you easily store all your customers’ info, and then target customer groups and persuade them to come back. *People who have visited at least 10 times New customers *Average visit frequency increase for FiveStars merchants by vertical 72% 3 Reasons Why FiveStars Loyalty is the Best Way to Grow Your Business That’s why the most efficient way to grow and get more revenue for your business is to implement a modern digital loyalty program. 1 2 3 TRY US FOR FREE CLAIM YOUR $129 CREDIT Visit http://fivesta.rs/129Credit or call (415) 231-3158 to talk to one of our Customer Loyalty Consultants today. We miss seeing you around our store, so come back and see us. 20% OFF PURCHASE!