FIA and Matrix Flame awards - Stage 1


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FIA and Matrix Flame awards - Stage 1

  1. 1. Stage One:Questionna ire
  2. 2. Important informationPlease complete the information below. Note that points will be deducted for any unansweredquestions but you can refer to information provided in previous sections in order to avoidduplication. Please remember to include information about your whole fitness related business, notjust your gym and studios.Deadline for stage one is 28th January 2013. Payment is due upon entry.General InformationClub/Centre Name:(Please use the officialwriting of the facilityname)*Parent Company: *Create a Password foryour entry *Which Category are youentering? *Has your club/centrepassed the Code ofPractice audit? *FIA MembershipNumber: *Main Contact FirstName: *Main Contact Surname:*
  3. 3. Job Title: *Contact Number: *Mobile:Address Line 1: *Address Line 2:Town:Postcode: * Facility Information Average total membership during 2012 Total number of full time staff at the site Total number of studios Facilities you provide to meet members ☐ Creche needs:(select all that apply) ☐ Gym ☐ Swimming Pool ☐ Studio ☐ Spinning ☐ Spa ☐ Sports Hall ☐ Tennis Court ☐ Restaurant/bar ☐ Other If other please specify: Please select any other kite marks you ☐ Quest
  4. 4. have(Code of Practice compliance is ☐ IFI obligatory): ☐ IIP ☐ Other If other, please specify:Business Strategy and Vision1. Plan – out of 10 marks(250 word maximum)(i) How do you plan to maximise and deliver on your aims and objectives?Detail how you and your team work to achieve your objectives and what they mean to you. Ensure you detailwhat makes your facility unique.This can include information on: Corporate strategy / objectives Site specific objections Action plans Business plan Financial plan Performance management / Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Marketing and promotion plans Partnership plans Fitness Industry Association (FIA) standards Procedures and policy systems Retention programmes2. Do –out of 50 marks(250 word maximum for each answer)
  5. 5. (i) How do you make customers aware of the facility and programme youoffer and ensure that they want to use your facilities and classes?Detail how you promote, interact with your customers and how you market to new and existing members.Ensure you detail what makes your facility unique.This can include information on:• Internal promotions• External promotions• Website/social media• Marketing material• Retention programmes• Social activities• Outreach and community engagement• Communication with the staff• Programmes for specific user groups(ii) What training has been delivered to ensure that the staff is equippedwith the skills to undertake their duties?This is your opportunity to detail how you decide who needs what training and why. Do you offer additionaltraining? Ensure you detail what makes your facility unique.This can include information on:• Procedures and policy systems• Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)• Skill development• Career progression• Cross skilling• Continuous performance development (CPD)• Customer care training• Centre specific induction• Job role specific induction• Records of staff qualifications and training(iii) What resources have been allocated to deliver the programme?This is your opportunity to detail how you invest in your facilities, to develop the building, programme andstaff. Ensure you detail what makes your facility unique.This can include information on:• Training budget
  6. 6. • Building refurbishments• Equipment renewal and maintenance budgets• Sales• Retention• Information Communication Technology (ICT )3. Measure and Review – out of 20 marksMeasure:This is your opportunity to detail how you look at data; it can be qualitative orquantitative data. This is about how you collect information on the service youare providing.Review:What do you do with the data you have collected, do you get actions from it. Doyou discuss trends and findings?How do you measure?(250 word maximum over all answers)(i) Performance management (Key Performance Indicators)(ii) Retention of customers(iii) Audit results(iv) Mystery Visits(v) Financial performance
  7. 7. (vi) Customer feedback(vii) Staff feedbackHow do you review what you measure?(250 word maximum over all answers)(i) Retention of customers(ii) Targets achieved(iii) Discussions/forums(iv) Review of KPIs(v) Reviews and audits (internal and external)4. Impact – out of 20 marks(250 word maximum)Has what you have done made a difference to your individual customers and/oryour local community? How have you contributed towardsachieving Morepeople, More active, More often?This is your opportunity to detail how your team and facility have really made a difference, whathave you done to change lives, increase participation andwork with target groups. Ensure youdetail what makes your facility unique.This can include information on:• Compliments• Good news stories• Members who have achieved beyond expectation• Research into the difference fitness activity has made to people’s lives• Improved retention / reduced attrition• Improved financial performance• Improved internal audit results