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Acquiring new members
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Acquiring new members


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Published in: Technology

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  • Idea of who wants to be a a PT, Fitness Instructor who already works in a gym at the moment. Anyone done gym membership sales?News for you you are all going to be in Sales and from now on in order to get employed out there you are at least going to have to sell yourself at some point.
  • This is the basic equation of whether you will get the sale or not, it all boils down as to whether you have created enough VALUEIf the value outweighs the cost you get the sale every time. Top left and Top right show thisBottom - If you don’t build enough value, you don’t get the sales. So whatever your price point is, you have to build the valueBudget club or high endThink of yourself adding a little token to the value side of the scale as you chat and tour each prospect!
  • These are the 5 basic steps to selling a gym membership. Greeting – answering the phone or meeting in person, swapping names, showing enthusiasm, establishing rapport Info Gathering – Finding out about the prospect and what they want to achieve Presenting – this is showing them the gym and what you have to offer, make it relevant to what you have found on the info gatheringClosing – Yes momentum, showing prices and getting commitment from people on the day, always getting a resultConsolidating – keeping them happy, keeping them coming and looking for referrals
  • H = have they been before? Seen your special offer? Got a friend that’s a memberE = new to exercise ? relapsed out of training? What did they use to do?L = shift worker, full time mum, student, office work, sedentary lifestyle, self employedP = why do they need to exercise. You have to understand what it is they want to achieve and WHY
  • Get every prospect to fill out a questionnaire about themselvesCover things such as… Have they trained beforeWhy did they come down todayWhat do they want to achieveWhy do they want to do itHow much time do they have to exerciseWhat's held them back from joining a gymWhat would happen if they didnt join your gymThe whole purpose of the fitness profile is to quash objections before they come up.Common objections include…
  • You can stop this coming up by having questions on there such as:What time do you see yourself exercisingHow many times per week can you commit toOur opening hours are… do these suit you
  • Ask them if they are aware of your pricesPrepare them they are going to make a decision todayThis goes back to building ValueEver bought something you shouldn’t have?Build value, people will beg, borrow and steal if they want something enough!
  • To stop this coming up you can askIs your partner supportive of your choice to exerciseDo they know you are here todayWhat do you think they would saySo is this your decision thenWould you like to call themWould they mind you investing in your own health and fitness____________________________________________Use a graph to show how inductions, reassessments and exercise worksUse Analogies - The hardest thing is walking in the door today. Its like a 747 plane. It takes 10 thousand times more fuel in the first 2 seconds when it’s taking off than when it’s cruising along at altitude. This is the same, you’ve done the hard part, it won’t be long until you are cruising along at altitude to your fitness goals!• First Day Of School: Its always scariest at the start. Its like the first day of school. At first you’re nervous and you don’t really know anyone do you? But after a few days you make friends, you learn things and you feel more confident. You are therefor a reason, you are there to learn your ABC’s and to learn to count. It would be great if there was an easier way to learn but there isn’t. It’s the same with fitness.
  • FFBQ stands for Feature – what it isFunction – What it doesBenefit – what that means for youQuestion – can you see how that will help you (relate to info gathering)Avoid doing a tour of huge amount of equipment that doesn’t mean anything to anyoneOn the tour, get the prospect involved and get as many Yes answers as possible
  • Focus on empathy and Feel, Felt, FoundExplain LEAPq with an example of someone that might not keep it upTooth Brush: We want to make fitness a habit. When you were little, every morning your mum would say “C’mon, its time to brush your teeth.” It was a hassle at first, but now, when you wake up and before you go to bed you just AUTOMATICALLY do it, don’t you? It’s the same with exercise, we need to do it now, before our bodies put on weight, our bones get fragile etc. We need to make it a habit.Make sure you get as many objections out of the way before you show them your prices
  • All of these sales tips will not matter if you don’t have a sales system in placeTelephone Script – so that when you take a call you never fail to get all the info you need, swap names, get phone numbers, fitness goal, how heard about, book appointment, give reservation code etcAlways ring and confirm your appointments for the day, make sure they know where you are and reiterate your name and that you will be waiting for themHave a appointment system set up and keep a track of who turned up, what the result of the appointment was etcHave a system in place so that you always call people when you say you were going to
  • Transcript

    • 1. “Don’t Blow Kisses in the Dark!”The Fundamentals of Attracting and Joining New Members Chevy Kelly @chevykellycfm Dean Godfrey @deangodfrey CFM Twitter : @_CFM
    • 2. Webinar Objectives - Marketing• Triangle Of Success• What is the Marketing Challenge• Why People Join Health Clubs• Fundamentals of any Marketing Piece• Going Guerilla
    • 3. Webinar Objectives Sales• Building value – The key to sales• HELP – the basics of what to find out• Information gathering• How to tour your facility• How to deal with objections• Importance of Systems
    • 4. Triangle of Success• Marketing – attracting attention• Sales – converting attention• Retention – keeping attention
    • 5. ‘They say it takes 7 exposures to a productadvertisement before you’ll want to buy it, butafter 7384 spam emails for Viagra, I still don’twant it!’ – Erin Pavlina
    • 6. The UK Market• 15% Penetration Is that a Failure?• What is the Opportunity?
    • 7. The Marketing Challenge1. Time2. Manpower3. Budget
    • 8. Every Marketing Method should have…• The Who- Your Branding• The What - What are you. Your USP• The Why - What’s In it For Me?• The Where - All Contact Details• The When – Call to Action!
    • 9. Guerilla Vs Traditional• Traditional – Getting Members to the Club• Guerilla – Taking the Club to the Members
    • 10. Establish your battle ground
    • 11. BRAND UP!
    • 12. Have others Advertise you
    • 13. WriteFor Local Paper/Mag
    • 15. LOCAL RADIO
    • 16. Social Networking
    • 17. Talk To Community Groups
    • 18. Flexible Options
    • 19. Support Local Charity
    • 20. Success Stories
    • 21. Try Before Buy!
    • 22. Not Rocket Science!!• Know who your market is and engage with them!• Don’t go Chasing the already converted!
    • 23. Prepare for December Now!• Friends Free for a Month during December• Person who brings in the most Friends wins a specific prize…TV, Bike Etc Presented under a Christmas Tree.• This is free leads for January and get them to experience your club first!• Offer a Call to Action.
    • 24. • Time = Sale = Sale Benefit Money Saving Time Reward Effort = No Sale
    • 25. 5 Steps of Selling
    • 26. How do you HELP people?• H = How did they hear about you• E = What’s their experience?• L= Whats their lifestyle?• P= Whats their problem?
    • 27. Information Gathering• Have a Needs Analysis / Fitness Profile in place• Ask open ended questions• Build value and quash objections before they come up• Kill the Monster before it grows
    • 28. TIME
    • 29. Money
    • 30. Other Objections…• Need to ask my partner• Will I keep it up• Ive never tried it before
    • 31. Tour of your Gym• FFBQ – Feature, Function, Benefit, Question• Avoid a ‘Museum Tour’• Yes momentum
    • 32. LEAPq• Listen• Empathise• Ask to isolate• Propose a solution• Question
    • 33. Sales Systems• Telephone Enquiry Script• Confirming Appts• Appointment registers• Chasing referrals• Following up
    • 34. Love What You SellSales can be described simply as a transfer ofenthusiasm from one person to another.Excellent sales people have a passion for whatthey sell. They fall in love with their product,believe in it, and often use it themselves
    • 35. Thank YouIf you have any questions at all please email or