1 Conclusion of Industry Consultation - intro presentation

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  • 1. A Five-Year Industry Strategy Dave Stalker
  • 2. an unexpected catalyst
    • The Responsibility Deal
      • A major government initiative
      • Business invited to partner to address public health problems ... poor diet, alcohol abuse , lack of exercise
      • Fred Turok is Chairing Physical Activity Working Group
      • This is the rationale for a new industry strategy
      • BUT.... are we really ready to deliver?
  • 3. BUT ... there’s a new landscape
    • Since the launch of the Industry Consultation
      • We have had a new Government
      • With radically different strategies on
        • Economics
        • Public health
        • Skills
        • Employment
    • Innovative policy initiatives have been launched
      • Such as ‘Big Society’
    • The Comprehensive Spending Review is round the corner
    • 2012 is getting closer ... Decade of Sport beckons
    • uncertainty is our watchword
  • 4. impact on ... exercise as medicine
    • PCTs will disappear & GPs will have access to bigger purses
    • Public Health White Paper scheduled for publication on 1 st December 2010
    • Local Authorities’ public health commitments responsibilities will increase
    • Government funding for Change4Life ceased
      • Emphasis now on business to maintain campaign’s momentum
  • 5. impact on ... workplace activity
    • Growing talk of end an NHS with a ‘ free at the point of service ’ philosophy
    • Spectre of bankrupt NHS is driver for innovation
      • Greater focus on ‘prevention’ ..... without increasing investment
      • Employers encouraged to innovate
        • Is Japanese style mandatory screen at work far away
        • Big companies already implement workplace activity programmes
        • OPPORTUNITY: SMEs & government departments
    • Aging workforce will be a reality
        • OPPORTUNITY: creating and sustaining a ‘fit workforce’
  • 6. impact on ... the skills agenda
    • Skills funding strategy facing profound changes
      • £200m of Train To Gain Funding will be redirected to fund 50K new Apprenticeship places
    • ‘ More for Less ’
      • New ‘Work Programme’ will be managed by 11+ major contractors
      • Cost per learner reduced
      • Evidence based funding will be introduced
    • Emphasis will be on employer-led programmes
  • 7. impact on ... community hub strategies
    • Local Authorities have increased responsibility for public health
    • ‘ Localism’ is key
    • BUT
    • Public spending is squeezed
    • Leisure budgets are vulnerable
    • Spending Review casts long shadow over
      • Morale - Planning - Creativity
      • Confidence - Budgeting - Jobs
  • 8. in a nutshell
    • A five year plan is untenable
    • BUT
    • We can agree broad strategies
    • which will be developed & evolve as
    • economic confidence grows
  • 9. A Five-Year Industry Strategy Dave Stalker