How To Setup An Office The Fast And Efficient Way


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In today's presentation we continue our series on how to start a successful business with a look at how to setup your new office.

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How To Setup An Office The Fast And Efficient Way

  1. 1. how to setup an office The fast and efficient way by
  2. 2. First, Get An Amazon Prime Account
  3. 3. You can get almost everything for your office on Amazon. If you are a prime member you get free two day shipping on all items. The cost at $75 a year is a joke for the amount of ordering you will do. Sign up here.
  4. 4. Make A List Of What You Need
  5. 5. Here is a list of the minimun that any office is going to need: •Desks •Chairs •Computers •Monitors •Phones •General office supplies •Lighting •Internet •Printer •Scaner
  6. 6. Other Things you may consider: •Pictures for the walls •Alarm System •Office Insurance •Coffee and Tea •Water Dispenser •Fax Machine
  7. 7. Decide on a Layout
  8. 8. Much of the layouts depends on the space you have chosen, however an open layout is the easiest. For more pro’s and con’s of the different types of layouts see this article from Cara Garretson at
  9. 9. Choosing The Products
  10. 10. Office Desk We save a lot of money by using folding tables for our desk. You can get it from Ikea or Amazon for around $60 including Shipping.
  11. 11. You don’t want to skimp on chairs, since your employees will be sitting in for most of the day. Here is an example of what I use for both my office and home. Chairs
  12. 12. You will have to decide on: •Mac or PC? •Laptops or Desktops? •The brand and How powerful? •Operating System? •New or Refurbished? Computers
  13. 13. We personally like and use Dell computers, and cover how to make all the previous desitions in our article on How to Choose an Office Computer here. Computers
  14. 14. You can save a lot of money with an “all in one” machine. We also recomend and use Dell machines. The one we like is the Dell 2355 DN which is around $430. Printer/Scanner/Fax
  15. 15. If you do not plan on doing much faxing or scanning you can simply get a b/w printer. For faxing and scanning you can use applications for yourt smart phone. We use Jotnot for Scanning and Kinkos for Faxing.
  16. 16. We recomend a fully hosted system from Vocalocity which costs around $175 a month for 5 users, with unlimited calling to US and Canada and call forwarding Phone System
  17. 17. DSL: The slowest but most stable Cable: Faster but less stable. Fiber: The fastest and the best We recomend Verizon Fios (fiber) or AT&T U Verse. (Find out more here) Internet
  18. 18. If there is a natural light source make sure is not blocked. Avoid fluorescent bulbs and look for full spectrum light bulbs like these ones. Lighting:
  19. 19. There is a lot of variety of options. For a good overview of some of the good ones at different prices see this article from Alarm System:
  20. 20. You can get it in order to protect your business from lawsuits or from natural disasters. Business Owners Policy covers both of these things. Business Insurance:
  21. 21. You should look for an insurance broker that operates locally and we recomend getting quotes from 2 - 3 different providers. For more see this article. Business Insurance:
  22. 22. Office supplies For things like pens and envelopes we also use amazon prime since it has the two day delivery option. Water The trick is to obtain quotes from a couple of different providers in your area as they are often willing to negotiate if they know that they are competing for your business.
  23. 23. Coffee and Tea We use the hot water dispenser option on our poland spring water tower to make tea. For coffee we use this. Artwork for the wall You can create a more inviting place to work for your employees with some artwork on your walls. You can also get them from Amazon with prices from sub $100 to Andy Warhol’s.
  24. 24. And Finally...
  25. 25. To learn how to be a more successful entrepreneur visit us at....
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