How to Build a B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy


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How to Build a B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Building aB2B Mobile MarketingStrategy+ Common challenges B2B marketers face+ How to integrate mobile into your marketing mix+ The basics on mobile marketing tactics10.26.2011
  2. 2. Before We Get Started…//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Request a 1:1 Lab + Send us a note: @BOLOptimized
  3. 3. Introduction JEGAN CHEN + Senior Strategist, User Experience at BusinessOnline + Educational background in Cognitive Science + 6 years at BusinessOnline working with enterprise B2B brands such as Honeywell, Philips, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Masco, Bostik, Fluke Networks
  4. 4. + OpportunitiesAgenda + Challenges + Building a Strategy
  5. 5. Opportunities
  6. 6. The Users
  7. 7. 73% of senior executives under age 40classify mobile as their primarycommunications toolForbes Insights
  8. 8. The Industry
  9. 9. Business-to-Business mobile marketingspending will quadruple over the next fiveyears, rising from $26 million in 2009 to$106 million in 2014.Forrester Research
  10. 10. Challenges
  11. 11. Challenges//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Typical challenges faced by B2B Marketers when approaching the topic of mobile marketing: + Trying to keep up with B2C Mobile Marketing + B2B Mobile Marketing is Unique to My Business + Budget & Resources + Measurement + Lack of Awareness / Knowledge Internally + Lack of Experience in the Mobile Marketing space + Legacy and/or Complex Systems
  12. 12. Building a Strategy
  13. 13. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  14. 14. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  15. 15. Goals//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Business Goals Marketing Goals Mobile Goals
  16. 16. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  17. 17. Assets Audit Assets//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + What campaigns are in progress or planned? + What assets are currently available? + What resources and partners are available?
  18. 18. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  19. 19. Users User Needs//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + How are customers currently interacting with your brand, and what are their core needs? + Case studies -> Social Proof + Whitepapers -> Build a Business Case + Pricing Calculators -> Comparison & Cost Reduction
  20. 20. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  21. 21. Context Mobile Context//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MobileGoals Assets Users Context Tactics
  22. 22. Context The B2B Mobile Context//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Time Frequency Location Urgency Environment User Internet Hardware Access Social Status
  23. 23. Context Context is King//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Context will guide the strategy and approach more than any other factor + Single-Channel + Multi-Channel + Cross-Channel
  24. 24. Context Mapping Context to Tactics//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Asset Context Tactic Need to collect info from out in the field Regional pricing Mobile AppPricing Calculator No access to internet Urgent notifications SMS
  25. 25. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  26. 26. Best Practices//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Lead with your users first + Benchmark the competition + Start small + Think globally + Post-launch and promotion
  27. 27. Tactics Typical B2B Mobile Marketing Tactics <- goal -> //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Customer Customer Brand Brand Appear Reach a New Support Reduce Engagement Satisfaction Loyalty Awareness Innovative Audience / Offline Operating & New Sales / Marketing Customers Distributors Costs SMS x x x Mobile Email x x x x x<- Tactics -> Mobile Website x x x x x x x x Native Application x x x x x x Local Search Optimization x x x PPC & Display x x x 2D (QR) Codes x x x x
  28. 28. Tactics SMS//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Opportunity Tip + 95%+ open & read rate + Timing & context are key within 15 minutes Best Use for B2B Challenge + Time-sensitive + With B2B, it’s a fine line communications (reminders, between personal time and inventory updates) for business time customers, sales team, or distributors Resources Required + Bulk SMS management Measure platform or in-house SMS + Opt-In Source, Opt-Out server with SMS gateway Cause
  29. 29. Tactics Mobile Email//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Tips Opportunity + Deliver content and messaging that + ~15-20% of all emails are is relevant to the mobile context – quick, concise, and shareable viewed on a mobile device Best Use for B2B + Same as email marketing for B2B – Challenge promote industry news, thought- leadership, lead generation + Additional effort is required to format and track emails Measure read via mobile + Monitor your current email marketing platform analytics to see what content and messaging is most interesting to your mobile audience Resources Required + Email marketing platform
  30. 30. Tactics Mobile Website//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Opportunity Tips + 79 percent of execs are + A mobile website is not your comfortable providing business contact information to a mobile website formatted for a website smaller screen Challenge Best Use for B2B + Can only be used when the user has an active internet + A landing destination for connection your online and offline marketing Resources Required + Most of the technologies and Measure skills required are the same that power your website + Engagement metrics
  31. 31. Tactics Native Application//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Opportunity Tips + Can provide a more tailored + Avoid the “let’s build a cool experience and utilize all app” mentality – design hardware features on the something useful for your respective device / operating system customers Challenge + Have to develop one app per Best Use for B2B operating system + Supporting customers, sales teams, distributors with tools Resources Required that need offline access + App developers for each platform or in-house expertise if connecting mobile apps to Measure internal systems + Sustainability over time
  32. 32. Tactics Local Search//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Opportunity Tips + Execs average 7 searches + Mobile search is huge even without local intent, so make per day on a mobile device sure your site is optimized for search Challenge Best Use for B2B + Can’t execute if physical + Businesses that are brick & mortar locations targeting specific areas with don’t exist physical locations in those areas (ex: dealerships) Resources Required Measure + Local Search Optimization + Geosegmented analytics
  33. 33. Tactics PPC & Display//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Opportunity Tips + Less screen real estate means less competition, higher click-through rates (and even low cost-per-click, + Mobile PPC allows for with a median cpc 41% lower than very detailed geo- desktop) targeting and device Challenge targeting + Unlike desktop searches, mobile searches are heavily skewed toward research, resulting in less direct Best Use for B2B conversions and less direct ROI measurements + Long-term lead generation Resources Required + PPC / Display Ad campaign management platform (likely already available in your current platform) Measure + Geosegmented analytics
  34. 34. Tactics 2D (QR) Codes//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Opportunity Tips + Low cost & Measureable + 2D codes are a medium for driving users to your mobile properties. The key is the Challenge experience and content the audience sees before and + Assumes audience has a after the scan. scanning app and can recognize a 2D code Best Use for B2B + Extending print materials (catalogs, one sheeters, Resources Required advertisements) + Comprehensive strategy for disseminating 2D codes and Measure measuring success through + Source & scan rate analytics.
  35. 35. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  36. 36. Measure KPIs//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Engagement vs. Conversion + Cross-Channel & Multichannel Measurement + Device segmentation + Supports customers early in the funnel (research)
  37. 37. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  38. 38. Iterate Test and Learn//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Technology is moving fast, you need to move fast + Low-cost tactics + Validate + Measure + Get a leg up on competitors
  39. 39. Putting it All Together
  40. 40. Goals Assets Users Context TacticsMeasurement Iterate
  41. 41. B2B Mobile Approach//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Innovate Iterate Measure Promote Enhance
  42. 42. Thanks for Attending!//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Send us a note + Twitter - @BOLOptimized + Request a 1:1 Lab +