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Is your brand at the center of your marketing program?

Is your brand at the center of your marketing program?



Today, consumers are presented with so many variables that affect their purchasing decision. New competition is arising every day. Real-time information is readily available. And social media ...

Today, consumers are presented with so many variables that affect their purchasing decision. New competition is arising every day. Real-time information is readily available. And social media technology has led to a flood of brand-consumer communication channels. For these reasons, it has become even more important to have a well-defined brand.



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    Is your brand at the center of your marketing program? Is your brand at the center of your marketing program? Presentation Transcript

    • Is Your Brand at the Core of YourSocial Media Program?in 2011 it better be … #brandit @bolsocial 2010.12.08
    • Housekeeping … to Get the Slides1 Request a 1-on-1 lab online Follow the BusinessOnLine Social Media team on Twitter at: http://www.businessol.com/labs @BOLSocial if Tweeting about this session,2 Recorded presentation & slides will please use this hashtag: be sent via email following the event #brandit3 Become a Fan of BusinessOnLine at: www.facebook.com/BOLOptimized #brandit
    • Meet the BOLSocial Media Team Follow the BusinessOnLine Social Media team on Twitter at: @BOLSocial if Tweeting about this session, please use this hashtag: #brandit Michael Weisfeld Howard Chen Director of Social Media Senior Social Media Analyst Senior Web Strategist @mynameshoward @mrweisfeld http://www.linkedin.com/in/mic haelweisfeld #brandit
    • Brands we’ve worked with … #brandit
    • AGENDA Keynote Address: The Enhanced Importance of Branding The Story of a Good Brand Brand Marketing Cultivating Brand Love The Human Connection Smart Brand Equation Communicate via the Brand Hear from the Experts: 2011 Trends in Social Media Marketing #brandit
    • Make this Session Interactive … Kevin Farr Social Media Analyst @BOLSocial Follow along live & if Tweeting about this session, please use this hashtag: #brandit QUESTIONS ??? please submit questions throughout todays session and they will be address in the final 15 min of the webinar. #brandit
    • The contribution of brand to the value of a companyTHE STORY OF A GOOD BRAND
    • Zappos & IBM #brandit
    • Branding can be a Differentiator Trust Emotion Loyalty Connection Value Knowledge Honesty Integrity Appearance Interests Uniqueness #brandit
    • A Unique Brand Identity Is Critical Focus on authentic qualities - real characteristics of the value and brand promise Infuse your identity in all facets of marketing – online and offline Evolve with consumer attitudes and habits #brandit
    • Brand Value Can Make a Big Difference Source: http://www.collings.co.za/brand_valuation/ #brandit
    • Value of Brand Equity+ 33% average contribution to the value of a company Source: http://www.gfmag.com/tools/global-database/economic-data/10621-best-global-brands-2010.html #brandit
    • POLL #1Are you usingSocial Media toenhance your Brand ? #brandit
    • Social Media Builds Brand Connections #brandit
    • Building trust through brand marketingBRAND MARKETING
    • Brand is an Important part …… of the company andcommunicatesall aspects of the company tothe consumer. #brandit
    • Brand Marketing of Yesterday In the past, at best a Brand had a billboard or a TV spot and consumers had limited product information. #brandit
    • Brand Marketing of Today (2011)Now, themarketplaceis clutteredwith lots ofinformationandmessagingcompetingfor attention. #brandit
    • Industries Are Saturated At the core is the human drive to feel empowered by information throughout all stages of the purchasing life-cycle. So what does this mean for brands in the information age? #brandit
    • Developing a social media brand identityTHE HUMAN CONNECTION
    • Brands Cultivate Emotional Bonds Develop a brand identity that mirrors human attributes, is emotive in nature and lends itself to building trust so that you leave an indelible imprint on users. #brandit
    • Brands Embody Human Attributes Brands can be the voice of a company and personify human emotions: Thoughts Feelings Perceptions Images Experiences Beliefs Attitudes #brandit
    • Brands Create the Human Connectiona strong brand willinspirepeople on the inside #brandit
    • (Good Product + Awareness) x Love = Brand EquitySMART BRAND EQUATION
    • Convert Awareness to Equity( BUSINESS ( Smart brands understand their customers. #brandit
    • Harness Brand Passion Social Media gives customers the tools to give back. #brandit
    • Create Brand Love Brand love translates to “perceived value” in the eyes of the customer. Achieved through humanization of a brand and establishing connections. Motivates people to ignore logic; fostering a “have to have it” attitude. #brandit
    • Penetrating the Sphere of Influence Inspire prospects to trust information originating from the brand Activate existing customers to build trust for your brand within their personal networks #brandit
    • You’ve got the Brand now where are the people?COMMUNICATE VIA THE BRAND
    • Proper Brand Communication Determine your audience’s NEEDS in relation to your brand, products and/or services #brandit
    • Where to Communicate the Brand The brand exists within a community, and the community benefits from the brand. Understand where your audience spends time online Interaction and the rules of the online community #brandit
    • Communication Based on the USERS Understand your audience’s social profile composition Be on target with tone and messaging, and preferences Social Profiles defined by: #brandit
    • Communication Based on GAPS Communicate missing information about a product or service offering. Ensure all touch points are seamlessly enjoyable and integrated across channels. Customer Service, Online, Public Relations, Advertising, Social Media, Sponsorships, Charity, etc. #brandit
    • Communication Based on TRUST Earn trust and inspire loyalty Create a brand of empathy that demonstrates and understands users’ pains, hopes and goals. Be conceptually on target with the product/service and what the company stands for. #brandit
    • Communication Based on COMPETITION Allows users to differentiate brands Maintain openness and transparency #brandit
    • Communication Based on NEED New industry trends Product extensions Emerging markets Lessons learned from previous initiatives Campaign analytics Thought leadership Customer Insights Survey feedback Brand monitoring #brandit
    • No Matter What the Communication Always be consistent Use the Brand as a filter #brandit
    • Learnings from 2010 and adding value in 20112011 TRENDS
    • POLL #2 What is your Brand going to focus on in 2011? create ROI measurements Develop Internal Education & Training Apply Social Insights to Product Roadmap Determine Organizational Model Bet Buy-in from Stakeholders Develop a Listening / Monitoring Solution Get Tools and Technologies in Place Increase Budget / Headcount Create Policies and Procedures #brandit
    • Methodology For Determining Trends #brandit
    • 2011 Social Media Trends Internal Program Organization Privacy Issues Mobile Strategy Social Commerce Value Attribution & ROE (Return on Engagement) Social CRM #brandit
    • Internal Program OrganizationMore brands will look to define theinternal structure of their socialmedia programs so they canrepresent themselves as humanbeings instead of logos. #brandit
    • Internal Program OrganizationImportance: Get out from behind the logo! Formalize the program, empower your employees and engage. Humanization of the brand requires strong brand participation on the employee level Education and governance must be in place to empower employees to participate on the brand’s behalf #brandit
    • Internal Program OrganizationHow: Identify the internal structure your organization should achieve Assess the necessary budget, time, and resources required to reach this internal structure Assign roles and responsibilities #brandit
    • Internal Program OrganizationHow: Instill governance across all social media initiatives Customer service Branded/owned content production and promotion Influencer and advocacy programs Develop a social media center of excellence Ongoing education Oversight and support Forward thinking #brandit
    • Privacy IssuesConsumers are becoming moreaware of social media privacy.Brands should too. #brandit
    • Privacy IssuesImportance: Consumers have heightened sensitivity & expectations about privacy in social media i.e. Facebook’s privacy settings Several social media initiatives utilize consumer information Applications Promotions and contests Attribution analytics #brandit
    • Privacy IssuesHow: Identify the data you’ll be collecting and how you’re going to use that data Understand FTC guidelines Review platform terms of use Perform audit of existing social media initiatives Apply ethical practices to ongoing social media initiatives #brandit
    • Mobile Strategy“Your mobile strategy is anextension of you, your brand,your products, your image,your reputation and even yourpeople. It reflects you. Itrepresents you. It is you.” – m-strat.org #brandit
    • Mobile StrategyImportance: Smartphone adoption is on the rise More marketing focus on multichannel customer acquisition Mobile is a strong tool for driving foot traffic, engagement, retention and BUZZ … #brandit
    • Mobile StrategyHow: Define goals Understand your personas Integrate mobile strategy into marketing strategy Develop mobile initiatives including: Mobile application Location-based programs Ad placement QR codes Review mobile strategy best practices #brandit
    • Social CommercePurchasing decisions are better madewith others. Empower yourcustomers to share their thoughts. #brandit
    • Social CommerceImportance: Peer influence can help push prospects through the purchasing process Gather customer insights on specific products or services Direct connection with customers with positive and negative reviews Utilize reviews in marketing materials #brandit
    • Social CommerceHow: Identify what motivates your users to proceed along the purchasing cycle Install social commerce initiatives including: Ratings and reviews Informational content QR codes Group buying #brandit
    • Value Attribution & ROEWe can measure KPIs, but whatabout social media value? Successshould be aligned with value. #brandit
    • Value Attribution & ROEImportance: Social media metrics must Customer Engagement & be aligned with program Activity goals Assess campaign and platform effectiveness through attribution Program Costs Each initiative should be accountable towards not only the conversion but also the sale Social Media Value #brandit
    • Value Attribution & ROEHow: Measure customer engagement in the form of: Lifetime engagement value Referral value Influencer value Insights value #brandit
    • Social CRM 2011 will be about managing conversations. #brandit
    • Social CRMImportance: Consumers are in control of the relationship Consumers want relevant and personalized content Consumers want to be heard and contribute to the evolution of their favorite brands #brandit
    • Social CRMHow: Identify your buyer’s purchasing Awareness funnel Consideration Develop content specific to each phase along the funnel Direct Response Attribute comments and inquires to Purchase a phase within the funnel Repurchase Feed personalized/contextual messaging and content to the user Loyalty to provide relevant and improved user-experience Life-Style #brandit
    • Conclusion & QuestionsWRAP UP
    • In Conclusion Build a human connection around your brand by developing your brand identity Understand how to communicate your brand by looking at your users, gaps, trust, competition, and overall immediate needs Create and facilitate brand love amongst your more passionate customers Instill your brand identity into all social media initiatives moving forward in 2011 #brandit
    • businessol.com/labs
    • Thank You! Questions? Request a 1-on-1 Strategy Lab http://www.businessol.com/labs Michael Howard Kevin Weisfeld Chen Farr Director Senior Analyst Analyst #brandit
    • Meet your Host … Michael Weisfeld Director of Social Media Senior Web Strategist http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelweisfeld Experience: Building Websites & Strategies since 2002 Background in “Big 5” Management Consulting Areas of Web Expertise: Strategy @mrweisfeld Social Media Search Engine Marketing Usability Business Analyst Some of the Brands I’ve helped >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> #brandit
    • Meet the Social Media Analyst Howard Chen Senior Social Media Analyst Experience: Social Psychology and Marketing Background 4+ Years of Usability and User Behavior Research 2+ Years Focus in Social Media Areas of Concentration: Social Media Strategy and Tactics Social Media Monitoring @mynameshoward User-Experience Some of the Brands I’ve helped >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> #brandit
    • Social Media is Maturing Source: http://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah _owyang/career-social-strategist #brandit
    • Social Media is Estimated to Grow 34% Annually #brandit
    • Social Networking Spend From 2010 to 2015, social network promotional spending will grow about 380%. #brandit
    • Brand Asset Valuator: Brand Strength Source: http://s3.amazonaws.com/ppt-download/measuringbrandvaluepatrickcollings-100403083848-phpapp01.pdf #brandit
    • Brand Asset Valuator: Brand Stature Source: http://s3.amazonaws.com/ppt-download/measuringbrandvaluepatrickcollings-100403083848-phpapp01.pdf #brandit
    • Brand Asset Valuator: Power GridBrand Strength (Differentiation / Relevance) Brand Stature (Esteem / Knowledge) #brandit