WebCenter Content 11g Upgrade Webinar - March 2013


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A Path, Package, and Promise for WebCenter Content 11g Upgrades. The Leader in Value-Add Software and Services for Oracle WebCenter

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  • 1 minutesWhat do you know about Fishbowl Solutions?Who are the other Oracle partners you have used in the past? Have you used OCS? What has your experiences been with these other partners?
  • Our current software and services initiatives for Oracle WebCenter are shown here. We have recently been focused on developing products that provide Oracle WebCenter customers with new ways to contribute content. This includes solutions for Mobile ECM, extending Oracle WebCenter capabilities to iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Additionally, we have products that provide robust batch load capabilities of digital assets and then providing users with interactive ways to tag and group photographs, illustrations, and other creative assets. And our SharePoint connector provides users of both SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter Content with that desired SharePoint front-end collaboration and content contribution backed by the power of Oracle and finally the topic of today’s discussion the Google Search Appliance connector to enable WebCenter customers to harness the power of Google Search within WebCenter Content.
  • 2 mins
  • http://www.schneiderdowns.com/reasons-to-keep-your-enterprise-software-current
  • No more security updates or bug fixesUnstable platformTime and money spent on developing functionality that may occur in the next versionA customer's system downtime costs, support costs, professional services cost and indirect costs related to license, insurance, etc., also affect the TCO equation.Introducing custom procedures, processes and custom enhancements to delay software upgrades always proves to be expensive and adversely affects carriers’ software TCO.Carriers that upgraded their software within a 2-year time frame reported spending considerably less time and resource in data-cleaning activities.
  • • Performance • Functional enhancements which will support newerservices easily• Better alignment to business processes based on industryfeedback, best practices, major customer requests and industry trends• Improved solution usability• Architectural changes complying with web-based standards to reduce integration cost with third-party applications• Reduction of total cost of ownership by reducingcustomizations and internal support costs
  • Customers with current Software Updates, License & Support can support their product for a further 3 years, past the initial 5 years from the general availability date of the product, by purchasing Extended Support. Extended Support fees are applied to the desupported Oracle programs only. Extended Support fees consist of the prior year's fee for Software Updates & Support plus the applicable renewal adjustment, plus an additional fee based on the year. Additional fees are as follows
  • The information gathered during the planning phase will drive the modeling and implementation of upgraded software. During this phase comprehensive details on the upgrade path (such as project activities, time line of the activities, roles and responsibilities and configuration settings for the new version) will be decided.In the analysis phase, the project team in coordination with client team conducts a production sizing exercise to determine the hardware requirements for an appropriate target production environment. The conclusions of this sizing exercise will be validated by conducting all necessary performance and stress testing exercises. Reaching early agreement on the upgrade strategy during this phase is critical to the success of the project.
  • Duringthe build phase, the upgrade scripts or tool provided by the vendor will analyze the database schemas for the source and target databases, compare schemas looking for differences in tables (i.e., new columns, changes of data types, new and obsolete tables). Once the tool gathers this information, upgrade scripts can be generated specifically for the databases being upgraded. Once the database-level upgrade path has been determined, the application specific upgrade path must be overlaid on top of the database-level upgrade. This application-specific information, such as populating new tables that were not in the original database, is stored in version libraries delivered with the tool. These libraries contain information regarding renamed columns, renamed tables, data changes for specific columns, data changes for specific tables and population scripts for new tables. Based on the versions being upgraded, the upgrade tool will incorporate the appropriate changes from the version libraries into the generic database-level upgrade path and will be able to extract and load the data from the source database into the target database.The testing and assurance phase is a critical component of the upgrade process. Test cases need to be created to verify that all external programs, interfaces, GUIs are working as desired. Integration testing should be conducted to test individual interfaces and end-to-end testing need to be conducted to verify that everything works as desired. A detailed test case should be developed in conjunction with the vendor team and client user community to verify that all possible business scenarios are covered by the test cases.
  • Technical Assessment: This assessment of a carrier’s current systems will produce recommendations for production hardware environment and sizing information. Performance benchmark vendor data and sizing information will provide invaluable information to carriers. Because there is an inverse relationship between the amount of disk space available for the upgrade and the time the upgrade will take, this assessment will affect the timeliness (the next T) of the upgrade process.Timeliness: The size of the database, the degree of risk the client is willing to take, the amount of acceptable system downtime, as well as some aspects of customer care all determine upgrade strategy. Minimum interruption of business operation is of utmost importance to most carriers. For a successful upgrade, downtime should be minimized and the vendor should be able to wrap up the upgrade process in a minimal downtime scenario.Transfer: All COTS software will have some customization and custom interfaces. These need to be transferred or ported to the higher version application effectively so that they will work with the new version.Task Assignment: The upgrade process consists of a series of tasks distributed between the vendor and client teams dedicated to the upgrade project. The distribution of work between both teams should be agreed upon to avoid conflict during the later stages of the project. Vendors should utilize the work breakdown structure (WBS) reference templates from similar projects they have been involved in to reduce time lines.Test and Assurance: A joint team from the client and vendor is responsible for documenting and finalizing the test plans in the course of the upgrade project. All business scenarios, including interfaces and customizations, should be part of the test plan.Training: A concise training course for users and internal developers should be part of the upgrade process. Lessons learned from the upgrade deployment, new features and functionality introduced by the new version and incremental architectural and database changes should be discussed as part of the training process.
  • WebCenter Content 11g Upgrade Webinar - March 2013

    1. 1. A Path, Package, and Promise forWebCenter Content 11g UpgradesThe Leader in Value-Add Software and Services forOracle WebCenter
    2. 2. Agenda• Fishbowl Solutions Overview• Upgrade Misconceptions• Impacts of Not Upgrading to Latest Version• Customer Story: Ryan Companies• WebCenter Content 11g Features Review• Fishbowl’s Packaged Upgrade Offering• Questions
    3. 3. About Fishbowl SolutionsExperience• Over 700 projects since founding in 1999• Oracle “Gold” Partner• Oracle “Public Sector Pillar Partner”Expertise• Portals and Content Management• Enterprise Information Management• Business Process AutomationCustomer Successes• Across verticalsAward Winning• Forrester Groundswell Award - Mobile App• Oracle Excellence Award• Enterprise 2.0 Blazer• 2009 ECM Architect of the Year
    4. 4. Leading InnovationsWebCenter Mobile WebCenter Portals & IntranetsSharePoint Integration Google Search Integration
    5. 5. Fishbowl Consulting Services+ WebCenter ContentDocument Mgmt Records MgmtDigital Asset Mgmt Web Content MgmtImage & Process Mgmt Document CaptureForms Recognition Content Consolidation+ WebCenter Portal+ Employee Intranets+ Vendor or Partner Extranets+ Customer Portal+ BPM (business process management)+ ERP Integrations+ Upgrades, Installations, Configuration, Performance Tuning,Solution Design, Development, Implementation
    6. 6. WHY ARE WE HERE TODAY?A Path, Package, and Promise for WebCenter Content 11g Upgrades
    7. 7. Upgrades…like climbing a mountain• Don’t know where to begin• Too Daunting• What lies ahead?
    8. 8. Upgrade Misconceptions• Waiting for next version –WebCenter Content 12c• Renew maintenance andsupport when upgrade isplanned• Perceived lack of features –not worth IT’s time• Save money by eliminatingsupport and maintenancecontract• Consecutive versionupgrades required• Back maintenance andsupport fees and penaltiesmay need to be paid first• Significantly improve enduser productivity• Giving up access toknowledgebases, trainingsessions, events and otherresourcesMisconception Reality
    9. 9. Impacts of Not Upgrading• No more security updates or bug fixes• Outdated platform / browsers• Development costs• Higher TCO– System downtime– Extended support– Professional services cost– Custom procedures, processes and enhancements
    10. 10. Benefits of Upgrading• Performance• Functional Enhancements• Better alignment to businessprocesses and trends• Improved usability• Architectural changed based onstandards• Reduced TCO
    11. 11. Customer Success: Ryan Companies• Ryan Companies– Construction & Commercial Real Estate• Business Problems– Trouble finding business documents– Eliminate multiple copies– Better searching capabilities– Consolidate databases• Move from SQL to Oracle• Prior Approach for Addressing Problem– Separate repositories to search• CIFFS shares, SharePoint, Cloud storage, UCM• Expected Business and IT Benefits– Consolidation and easier searching– Better user adoption• With use of Oracle DIS• Enhance user experience with new custom interface
    12. 12. Ryan Companies – cont.Project Details• Team– Business Sponsor• John Leeper, CIO– Project Manager• Mike Kohorst, Customer• Alan Mackenthun, Fishbowl– Technical Lead• Ryan McAnnany, Customer• Jeremy Hericks, Fishbowl• Andy Weaver, Fishbowl• Length of time toupgrade/deploy– 6 weeks• Approximate Go-Live Date– 2/15/2013• Number of users– Total users 600
    13. 13. Ryan Companies – cont.• Best Practices andChallenges Overcome– Build out newdevelopment environment• Test upgrade• Test conversion of customcode• User acceptance testing– Difficult to get them tocommit– Weekly status meetings– Consultants on site forknowledge transfer– On time and under budget• Future Plans /Roadmap– Enhance use of Oracle DIS– Mobile deployment• Fishbowl mobile app– FishbowlToGo» Search UCM– Enhance user experiencewith new custominterfaces• Easy to use– Drag and drop– Search
    14. 14. WEBCENTER CONTENT 11G REVIEWA Path, Package, and Promise for WebCenter Content 11g Upgrades
    15. 15. 10g & 11g Architecture DifferencesWebCenter Content 11gContent Server running in container(WebLogic Server)UCM 10gClosely tied to web server
    16. 16. Review: WebLogic Server• Application server for enterprise systems andservices– Along with Enterprise Manager, provides adashboard for centralizedinstallation, configuration, monitoring, logging, performance metrics and diagnostics– Stop and start multiple refineries– Multi-threaded to handle greater loads– Data sources– User directories
    17. 17. Review: ECM Features in 11g• Content Management Where People Work– Desktop Integration• Oracle menus within MS Office and other apps• Profiles• Document compare• Native links– Windows Explorer• Metadata popup• Saved searches• My workflows• My checked out contentMarketingSalesLegalFinanceITHRProductionWebCenter Content
    18. 18. Review: Records Management Features in 11g• Business User Views & Insight– New physical records management Interface– New dashboard– Oracle BI publisher for comprehensive reports• Enterprise Reach– Built on Fusion Middlewareand Java EE– Iron Mountain support• Certifications– DoD 5015.2 v3 certification– Ch. 2– Ch. 4
    19. 19. Go-Forward Support Options• Enterprise Content Management 10gR3– GA of May 2007– Premier Support ended in December of 2012Extended Support Sustaining Support• Updates, fixes and securityalerts• Tax, legal and regulatoryupdates• Upgrade scripts• Technical support• Major product and technologyreleases• 10% increase year 6• 20% increase year 7• 20% increase year 8• Technical support• Access to MetaLink• Major product andtechnology releases• Pre-existing fixes• Charged as per renewalpricing
    20. 20. FISHBOWL’S PACKAGED UPGRADEOFFERINGA Path, Package, and Promise for WebCenter Content 11g Upgrades
    21. 21. Comprehensive Upgrade SolutionScope &DesignPost ProductionSupportImplementationArchitecture andsystem analysisLIVE System!Issue resolutionBuild &TestKnowledge Transfer &DocumentationProject ManagementInstallation,configuration,migrationUser acceptancetesting; activationplanningProjectcloseout
    22. 22. Scope & Design• Architecture Review• Migration Path Design & Planning– Upgrade in Place or Migration• System Review and Analysis• Existing Component Analysis
    23. 23. Build & Test• Server Installation and Configuration• Custom Component Upgrades• Security Configuration• Full-Text Search Configuration• Inbound Refinery• Content Migration• System Testing and Issue Resolution• Detailed Deployment Documentation
    24. 24. Implementation• Build staging and productionenvironments• User Acceptance Testing• Activation Planning• Go-Live Activation
    25. 25. Post Production Support• Issue Resolution– Performance– Functionality
    26. 26. Knowledge Transfer & Documentation• Detailed Documentation• Knowledge Transfer– WebLogic Server Admin Training• Project Closeout• Celebrate!
    27. 27. Project Management• Status Reporting• Scheduling• Track Milestones• Issues Tracking• Issue resolution
    28. 28. Customer Success: Real Estate Investment CompanyCustomer Profile:• One of the largest owners and managers of commercial realestate in the United States• Core businesses include New York Office and Retail Properties;Washington, DC Office Properties; and, Retail Properties in thenortheast states, California and Puerto RicoBusiness Drivers :• Development environment was out of date• Wanted to move off legacy imaging system• Improve user productivity with Desktop Integration SuiteSolution Summary:• Upgrade two existing Oracle UCM 10g Servers to 11g• Integrate with Active Directory• Configure File Store Provider• Install Oracle Imaging Application server• Validate existing Kofax (document capture) integration
    30. 30. PACKAGE OFFERA Path, Package, and Promise for WebCenter Content 11g Upgrades
    31. 31. Comprehensive, Affordable Package*$29,995• Install 1 instance in 3 environments• Upgrade standard and customcomponents• Assumes upgrading without additionalfeature development• Includes Fishbowl Content MigratorSubmit Fishbowl Upgrade QuestionnaireContact:• sales@fishbowlsolutions.com• 952-465-3400Offer valid until June 30, 2013*Price dependent on Fishbowl approved Upgrade Questionnaire
    32. 32. Fishbowl Promise• Expert analysis• Optimal strategy• Performance suggestions• Customization continuance• Detailed documentation• Shared knowledge• Go-Forward, Go-To partner
    33. 33. Why Fishbowl Solutions?• Proven WebCenter Experience• 13+ years implementing, customizing, and supporting WebCenter• Oracle WebCenter Content & Portal specialized• Holistic Consulting Approach to WebCenter Projects• Further leverage WebCenter as infrastructure• Realize short-terms wins while ensuring long-term success• Numerous Upgrade Successes• Content, Imaging, Records Management• Establish foundation to further leverage WebCenter investment
    34. 34. Questions?
    35. 35. Now Available from Fishbowl Solutions• Access WebCenter Contentfrom your iPhone or iPad• Search & View Content• Add Favorites• Review Workflow• Check-in• Download Free on iTunes• Search “Fishbowl Solutions”• Coming Soon for Android
    36. 36. Stay Connectedtwitter: @FishbowlE20facebook: facebook.com/fishbowlsolutionslinkedIn: join our groupswebcenter content & webcenter portalweb: fishbowlsolutions.com email: sales@fishbowlsolutions.comphone: +1.952.465.3400 blog: cfour.fishbowlsolutions.com
    37. 37. APPENDIX
    38. 38. Why Upgrades are Delayed• Version upgrades impactcustomizations• Change the business process tofit the software• Thin features• Assumed – high license cost• Complexities – middleware layer
    39. 39. Version Upgrade ComparisonCompany A Company B Company DTime Frame for Upgrade 2 years 3 years 5 yearsCustomization(1=low, 5=high)2 3 4Impact on Support CostUpgrade Project Time Frame 60 days 120 days 150 DaysDowntime required 24 hours 48 hours 96 hoursStabilization 21 days 30 days 60 daysImpact on Support Cost- postupgradeSolution usability afterupgradeMajor Increase Moderate Increase No ChangeModerate Decrease Major Decrease Source: Yankee Group
    40. 40. Review: Document Imaging Features in 11g• Leverage Oracle Technology Stack– Built on Fusion Middleware and Java EE– Leverage BPEL for process automation– Enterprise Manager, Installer, Security• Open and Extensible– Comprehensive web services APIs– Application Integrations with E-BusinessSuite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards– Hot-pluggable, flexible deployments• Migration from 10g to 11g– Reuse existing 10g file stores and processes
    41. 41. Customer Success: Health Insurance ProviderCustomer Profile:• One of the largest, nonprofit health plan providers in the Midwest• Over 2.7 million members across the world• Service center handles more than 3.4 million calls per yearBusiness Drivers :• Integrate with HP Exstream – customer communication managementsystem• Implement go-forward repository for company’s Portal applications• TBDSolution Summary:• Installed WebCenter Content in 4 environments• Migrated all content from 10g to 11g• Connected API’s for performing check-in for files exported from HP-Exstream• Validated Content Integration Suite link between portal system and 11g