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Integrate and Streamline the Management of Enterprise Content within Oracle WebCenter
If you are struggling with how long it takes to integrate and load content from other systems and applications into Oracle WebCenter, and then effectively manage that content through its lifecycle using workflows, then please join us for this webinar as we discuss use cases for two of our most-popular WebCenter components – Enterprise Batch Loader and Workflow solutions Set.

Enterprise Batch Loader
Do you need an easier way to link information across multiple business systems?
Do you struggle with slow processes to batch load content?

Workflow Solution Set
Are you considering using Oracle WebCenter Content workflows but not sure where to begin?
Do you ever need to audit what happened in your workflows?
Have you ever had difficulty finding content that is in workflow and its status?

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  • Our current software and services initiatives for Oracle WebCenter are shown here. We have recently been focused on developing products that provide Oracle WebCenter customers with new ways to contribute content. This includes solutions for Mobile ECM, extending Oracle WebCenter capabilities to iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Additionally, we have products that provide robust batch load capabilities of digital assets and then providing users with interactive ways to tag and group photographs, illustrations, and other creative assets. And our SharePoint connector provides users of both SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter Content with that desired SharePoint front-end collaboration and content contribution backed by the power of Oracle and finally the topic of today’s discussion the Google Search Appliance connector to enable WebCenter customers to harness the power of Google Search within WebCenter Content.
  • WebDAV is an open standard that enables Windows-Explorer-like contribution of content into the Content Server. Cost: Conributor license – no client installation.All Metadata WebDAV ClientEnhanced functionality over the standard WebDAV – including, more metadata displayed, images that show status – like Checked out, ability to syndicate data for offline usage – like on a laptop. Cost: Conributor license – client install required.Manual CheckinThis is the most common way to maintain content on a day-to-day basis. The main method for single pieces of content. Cost: Contributor License
  • This true/false field turns on and off throttling in EBL. If set to true, EBL will query the content server before doing any actions to see if the number of work in progressitems that exist in the content server exceed the maxItemsAllowedInQueue value. If so, EBL will sleep for the amount of time specified in the sleepTimeInSecondsconfig before trying to perform another action. If the work in progress items that exist in the content server are fewer thanthe maxItemsAllowedInQueue config value,the action (checkin/update/delete) performs normally. Ex: doThrottle=true
  • Fishbowl Solutions met with the customer to understand their current CER process and what they wanted out of a new process. To provide the best solution, Fishbowlre-architected the system to improve ease of use, and to better leverage the full capabilities of UCM. To better define the CER workflow process and notification ofreviewers, Fishbowl leveraged their Workflow Solutions Set component that extends UCM out-of-the-box workflow capabilities. To bring the workflow process together inan easy to use interface, Fishbowl created a dashboard view for the CER forms and workflow. The dashboard view allows users to see where the form is in the workflow process, attach related documents to the workflow, see and participate in in-line discussion threads, and provide options around approving, rejecting, or withdrawing the CER form from workflow. All CER forms and their workflow revisions are then made available in UCM and can be found through search. To make searcheven easier for users, Fishbowl created a CER search interface where users can search on metadata associated with CERs. Fishbowl also re-designed the search results interface toencourage easier viewing for users. This new CER process has reduced the burden on IT, and reduced the amount of time executives spend on deciding how andwhere to spend money. An additional benefit is that the Treasury department can quickly report on where money is being spent because all of the information is stored in one repository (UCM). Overall, the new CER process has helped the organization save time, and money.
  • Fishbowl Solutions Enterprise Batchloader and Workflow Solution Set Webinar

    2. 2. Integrate and Streamline the Management of Enterprise Content within Oracle WebCenter Fishbowl Solutions +
    3. 3. Agenda • Fishbowl Solutions Overview • Business Problems • Product Overview – Enterprise Batch Loader – Workflow Solution Set • Use Cases • Summary • Questions
    4. 4. About Fishbowl Solutions Experience • Over 700 projects since founding in 1999 • Oracle “Gold” Partner • Oracle “Public Sector Pillar Partner” Expertise • Portals and Content Management • Enterprise Information Management • Business Process Automation Customer Successes • Across verticals Award Winning • Forrester Groundswell Award - Mobile App • Oracle Excellence Award • Enterprise 2.0 Blazer • 2009 ECM Architect of the Year
    5. 5. Leading WebCenter Innovations WebCenter Mobile WebCenter Portals & Intranets Google Search Integration 11g Upgrades
    6. 6. Fishbowl Consulting Services + WebCenter Content + Document Management + Digital Asset Management + Image & Process Management + Forms Recognition + WebCenter Portal + Employee Intranets + Vendor or Partner Extranets + Customer Portal + ADF SOA + BPM (business process management) + ERP Integrations + Installations, Configuration, Performance Tuning, Solution Design, Development, Implementation + Records Management + Web Content Management + Document Capture + Content Consolidation
    8. 8. Overview, Use Cases & Customer Successes Enterprise Batch Loader
    9. 9. Many Options for Loading Content • Ad-Hoc – Single or few items – Digital assets – Drag and Drop, Preview, Tag • Ad-Hoc – Multiple items – Browser-based • Systematic Scheduling – Run as a service Web-Based Batchloade r
    10. 10. Batch Load Features - Comparison Feature Oracle Batch Loader Enterprise Batch Loader Easily load thousands of documents X X Batch-loaded files enter workflow X Can run on an external server X Watches folder for items in check-in X User interface to specify metadata X
    11. 11. Business Problems – Integrating Content • Disconnected data sources • Multiple system access • Delayed decisions • Content silos
    12. 12. Customer Success: Manufacturing Customer Profile: • Control valve and regulator manufacturer • Long-time Oracle WebCenter customer with hundreds of thousands of documents Business Problems: • Multiple content check-in processes required programming • Content check-ins occurred one at a time requiring many hours to complete • Difficulty synching database data with WebCenter metadata Benefits with Enterprise Batch Loader: • Saved labor hours by eliminating the programming required to load content into WebCenter • Content is more readily available as batch loads occur more frequently • Check-in triggers provide immediate data updates
    13. 13. Enterprise Batch Loader: Overview • Content Migration Component – Standalone pre-processor • Workflow Injection • Enterprise Business System Integration – Metadata mapping • Consolidate and Centralize Enterprise Content • Use Cases: • ERP Integrations • CAD Integrations • Large Volume Migrations • Document Imaging Consolidate and Batch Load Information Into WebCenter
    14. 14. Use Cases • ERP Integrations: JD Edwards & PeopleSoft • Sales report distribution • Profit/Loss statements • CAD Integrations: • Drawings to PDF • Large volume content migrations: • File share to WebCenter • Third-party ECM to WebCenter • Document imaging: • Hard copy conversion (TIFF to PDF) for documents requiring wet signatures
    15. 15. How Enterprise Batch Loader Works 1. Pre-processor watches directory for files 2. Pre-processor reads the contents of the file and parses to create a Batch Load File 3. Enterprise Batch Loader takes appropriate action – reads metadata and performs check in 1 2 3
    16. 16. Additional Features • Enterprise Batch Loader – Throttling – Scheduling – Emails administrators upon errors – Supports WebCenter Content 7.5, 10 and 11g
    17. 17. Enterprise Batch Loader – Business Benefits • Centralize repository • Minimal administration • Configurable • Increase time to value for Oracle WebCenter Content
    18. 18. Customer Success: Manufacturing Customer Profile: • Manufacturer of medium and high voltage electrical equipment for the utility and industrial markets Business Problems: • Manual, delay-prone process for maintaining hard copies of drawings • No self-service access to drawings by different user groups • Integrations needed for two different CAD systems, including metadata updates Benefits with Enterprise Batch Loader: • Return on investment achieved within one year • Save about 200 hours per year just loading content • Reduced delays and version control errors
    20. 20. Overview, Use Cases & Customer Successes Workflow Solution Set
    21. 21. Types of Workflow • Business Process – Oracle BPM and BPEL – Invoice approvals – Time and Expense approvals • Content-Based – 1, 2 or 3 steps – Press release approvals – Capital Expenditure Requests
    22. 22. Content-Based Example
    23. 23. Business Problems – Workflow Automation • Complex • Non-comprehensive audit trails • Limited view into process steps - email • Inability to fully leverage workflow capabilities
    24. 24. Customer Success: National Newspaper Customer Profile: • Large newspaper in the United States • Needed a better way to track and record all documents associated with Capital Expenditure Requests (CERs) Business Problems: • Review process was not visual enough so it took reviewers a long time to approve, edit, or reject documents • CER forms and related documents could not be searched for in WebCenter making it difficult to find approved CER forms Benefits with Workflow Solution Set: • Dashboard provides quick view into process steps • Users can attach related documents, see and participate in discussion threads, and are provide next-step options • Search interface where users can search on metadata • Reduced the burden on IT, and reduced the amount of time executives spend on deciding how and where to spend money
    25. 25. Workflow Solution Set: Overview • Value-Add Workflow Component • Simplified Workflow Interface • Nine Combined Components, Sample Tokens and Scripts • Streamline Implementations and Improve User Experience • Features: • Workflow History • Workflow Search • Workflow in Queue • Approve with Comments • Custom Email Notifications • Update Release Date • Review Pane Customization • Accept/Reject In Email • Workflow Timeout Helper Simplify and Enhance WebCenter Workflows
    26. 26. Features – Workflow History content info page full history
    27. 27. Features – Workflow Search
    28. 28. Features – Workflow in Queue
    29. 29. Features - Approve with Comments
    30. 30. Additional Features • Workflow Solution Set: – Custom email notifications – Update release date – Review pane customization – Accept/Reject in email – Workflow timeout helper
    31. 31. Workflow Solution Set – Business Benefits • Extend capabilities • Enhanced experiences • Increased insight • Realize the full power of WebCenter Content workflows
    32. 32. Customer Success: Manufacturing Customer Profile: • Manufacturer of medium and high voltage electrical equipment for the utility and industrial markets Business Problems: • Non-conformance issues take weeks to resolve • Paper-based process was slow but provided familiarity across company • Limited visibility into complete process causes inability to measure Benefits with Workflow Solution Set: • Non-conformance issues resolved in days instead of weeks • Electronic forms emulated paper forms, and upon check in, immediately trigger workflow • Complete audit trail of workflow activity
    33. 33. Summary • Enterprise Batch Loader – Integrate and Automate – Ensure Access from WebCenter • Workflow Solution Set – Extend and Further Leverage – Reduce complexity – Enhance user experience – Streamline management
    34. 34. Fishbowl Summer Webinar Series • Discover Fishbowl's Packaged Tools for Oracle WebCenter Automation – September 5th, 12pm CST • Accelerate Content Access and Updates with Subscription Notifier for Oracle WebCenter – Recording register and recordings:
    35. 35. Questions?
    36. 36. twitter: @FishbowlE20 facebook: linkedIn: join our groups webcenter content & webcenter portal web: email: phone: +1.952.465.3400 blog: Contact Us to Learn More