Fishbowl Mobile Library Tablet Application - May 2013


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Fishbowl Solutions Mobile Sales Enablement Webinar

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Fishbowl Mobile Library Tablet Application - May 2013

  1. 1. Fishbowl Mobile Library TabletApplicationPresented by Fishbowl Solutions5.2.2013
  2. 2. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFishbowl SpeakersJason LamonMarketing Team LeadKim NegaardMobile ECM Product Manager
  3. 3. www.fishbowlsolutions.comAgenda+ Who is Fishbowl Solutions+ Fishbowl’s Mobile ECM History and Offerings+ Mobile ECM Success at Banner Engineering+ Mobility Trends & Business Drivers+ Fishbowl Mobile Library Tablet Application+ Demo & QA
  4. 4. www.fishbowlsolutions.comAbout Fishbowl Solutions+ 100+ deployments in last 2 years+ Focused on portals & content management since 1999+ Solutions offerings & value-add components forOracle WebCenter+ Oracle Specialized Gold Partner for WebCenterContent & WebCenter Portal
  5. 5. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFishbowl Innovation & ExpertiseWebCenter Mobile WebCenter Intranets & PortalsGoogle Search Integration Upgrades & Migrations
  6. 6. www.fishbowlsolutions.comRetrospective: Mobile ECM at Fishbowl2010Fishbowl wins the business from large medical devicemanufacturer to create mobile sales enablement applicationfor Apple iPads2011Medical device manufacturer deploys Fishbowl’s mobile tabletapplication for WebCenter to 6,500 sales reps globallyFishbowl wins Forrester Groundswell award Medical devicemanufacturer wins Oracle Fusion Innovation award2012Fishbowl releases Collaborate mobile applicationBanner Engineering deploys Fishbowl’s mobile tablet applicationfor WebCenter to 3,000+ sales reps and distributorsFishbowl releases ECM iPad app on the Apple App Store2013Fishbowl releases Android application for WebCenter on GooglePlay Fishbowl releases FishbowlToGo phone app for OracleWebCenter on iTunes and Google Play
  7. 7. www.fishbowlsolutions.comMobile Options from Fishbowl• Virtual Binder for Content Consumption• Guided Navigation + Search• Custom User-Created Content Folders• Online / Offline File Sync• External Content Sharing• Custom applications• Tailored Use Case• Oracle WebCenter integrations• Leverages Fishbowl API• Enabling Mobile Access to Web Sites• Single Template, Multiple Experiences• Mobile WebCenter Content Access• Search & Favorites• Workflow Review• Content Check-InCustom Mobile ApplicationsFishbowlToGo Phone App (iOS & Android)Mobile Library Tablet App (iOS & Android) Responsive Design for WebCenter
  8. 8. www.fishbowlsolutions.comMobile ECM Success atBanner EngineeringFishbowl Solutions WebCenter Mobility
  9. 9. Company BackgroundBanner Engineering Corp.■ Designs, manufactures and distributesphoto eyes, sensors and associatedproducts for industrial and processautomation–worldwide■ Market leader in the US■ Hundreds of new and complex technicalproducts released every year■ Over 30,000 productsBanner ValuesCustomers FirstIntegrity AlwaysQuality in EverythingNew Solutions –Every Day
  10. 10. 30,000+Products30,000+ProductsSalesCollateralSalesCollateralThousandsof SalesPeopleThousandsof SalesPeopleInformationDistribution&CustomerServiceChallengeInformationDistribution&CustomerServiceChallengeThe Challenge
  11. 11. Previous “Day in the Life”During Business Day■ Trunk Loads of Paper─ Catalogs, brochures,product datasheets─ Trying to forecast theright material for theday’s appointments■ Copies of sales collateral─ No automated way toupdate content■ Missing Content– Make note of requestedinformation to send later– Time sensitiveEvening Work■ Review day’s To-Do list■ Deliver missing content– Find content onBanner’s web site– Download– Attach to email– Many hours afterinitial appointment■ Upon content delivery, thesales person is no longerwith the customer to providethe “value statement”
  12. 12. Banner’s SolutioniPad B2BMAY 2012Android B2BJUL 2012iPad B2CJAN 2013
  13. 13. Current “Day in the Life”During Business Day■ Much less paper− Some catalog &brochures for “leavebehinds”■ More interactive■ More timely information■ Better use of scarcecustomer meeting time■ More sales callsEvening Work■ Less time sensitive items onToDo list■ More personal time
  14. 14. iPad/Android App ProjectDefining the Benefits■ True differentiator– Unmatched by competitors■ Anywhere access to sales collateral– Rapid access during the sales call at thecustomer location– Immediate ability to send documents ad hoc– High quality presentation■ Efficiency tool and time saver– Ease of use– Ability to organize content
  15. 15. www.fishbowlsolutions.comBusiness’ PerspectiveBetter management, organization &presentation of materials
  16. 16. www.fishbowlsolutions.comThe Rise of the Tablet in the Enterprise+ Convenience+ IncreasedProductivity+ BYOD+ Applications+ MDMSource: SocialCast
  17. 17. www.fishbowlsolutions.comUse Case: Sales Enablement+ Business Problem– Limited time to prepare for meetings– Time to market lag for new collateral– Inefficient meetings+ Relevant Features– App:• Store content for use in offline mode• Sync content• Custom folders for easy navigation• Email cart• Download and usage analytics– Tablet:• 3D, high-resolution platform• Instant On• Long Battery Life+ Benefits– Increase sales process efficiency– Ensure content accuracy and availability– Reduced paper handling costs
  18. 18. www.fishbowlsolutions.comUse Case: Field Service+ Benefits– Decrease time spent servicingor maintaining machines andsystems– Enable access to visually richimages and drawings– Ensure content accuracy andavailability+ Relevant Features– App:• Store content for use in offline mode• Synch content• Custom folders for easy navigation• Touch gestures – zoom in/out, rotate– Tablet:• Highly portable – 2 pounds• 3D, high-resolution platform• Instant On• Long Battery LifeFrom This:To This:
  19. 19. www.fishbowlsolutions.comPoll Question
  20. 20. www.fishbowlsolutions.comMobile Library Tablet AppFishbowl Solutions
  21. 21. www.fishbowlsolutions.comLaunching in About a MonthNavigationDefinitionLaunchSkinning &UI IntegrationEmail CartConfigurationDefinenavigationhierarchystructureTaxonomy forcontentavailability,sort order, andfiltersFile downloadcomponentinstallationandconfigurationSkin withcorporatecolor scheme& logoDAYS 1-4User TestingDAYS 12-14DAYS 4-10MetadataTuningTestingDAYS 10-12 DAYS 20-25Launch AppAnalyticsIntegrationDAYS 14-17Integrationwith GoogleAnalyticsDigitalSigningDAYS 17-20AppleEnterpriseDeploymentSigningDAYS 25-30
  22. 22. www.fishbowlsolutions.comStarting from ScratchDevelop customiOS applicationto communicatewith WebCenterContent andview, download,sync, store, andemail contentfrom within theiPad.DAYS 1 - 75ApplicationDevelopmentDAY100NavigationDefinitionLaunchEmail CartConfigurationDefinemetadatanavigationhierarchystructureFile downloadcomponentinstallationandconfigurationUser TestingTestingLaunch AppAnalyticsIntegrationIntegrationwith GoogleAnalyticsDigitalSigningAppleEnterpriseDeploymentSigning
  23. 23. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhat is it?+ Native iPad or Android Tablet App+ Mobile Content Library– Virtual Binder / Folder+ Online and Offline Access+ Sync
  24. 24. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFinding & Organizing Content: Navigation+ HierarchicalNavigation+ Virtual ContentFolders / Sections+ Defined by Metadata+ User control to turnsections ON or OFF
  25. 25. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFinding & Organizing Content: Search & Filter+ Search: Metadata & Full-text Search+ Filter: Available from Search or Navigation views
  26. 26. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFinding & Organizing Content: Folders+ User-created organization structure+ Simple Favorites or Complex Structure+ Offline Access
  27. 27. www.fishbowlsolutions.comSharing Content+ Email via Secure Download Site
  28. 28. www.fishbowlsolutions.comMaintain WebCenter Security+ Secured Content– Sign in with WebCentercredentials– Users only see items theyhave access to+ Metadata-Based Security– Normal – Save local & Email– Restricted email delivery– Restricted viewing with 3rdparty application– On-Line Viewing only
  29. 29. www.fishbowlsolutions.comUser Experience+ Skinning+ Landing pages– Corporate Logo– Getting Started Guide– Featured Company Info
  30. 30. www.fishbowlsolutions.comAnalytics+ Integration withGoogle Analytics+ Built in Event Tracking+ See who’s using the app+ See what content is…– Viewed most– Shared most– Not viewed
  31. 31. www.fishbowlsolutions.comAnalytics Examples
  32. 32. www.fishbowlsolutions.comDistribution+ iPad– Enterprise• App does not need Apple Approval• Can be internally distributed to employees– Standard• Requires Apple Approval• Distributed on iTunes+ Android– Ad Hoc• Can be distributed internally or externally– Via Google Play• Google Play Developer Account• Posted on Google Play Store
  33. 33. www.fishbowlsolutions.comMobile App ArchitectureiOS Device Oracle Content ServerLocalDBLocalStorageMetadataContentRepositoryAndroid DeviceLocalDBLocalStorageFishbowl Solutions’Mobility API Libraryfor iOSObjective-C libraryNative iOSApplication*Objective-C Code(Xcode Project)Fishbowl SolutionsMobility API - SharedWebCenter ComponentContent Server Component<HTTP(S)>JSON DataFishbowl Solutions’Mobility API Libraryfor AndroidJava libraryNative AndroidApplication*Java Code(Eclipse Project)<HTTP(S)>JSON Data
  34. 34. www.fishbowlsolutions.comMobile Benefits & ROI+ Quick time to market+ Improved sales rep productivityand efficiency– 20% close rate increase for onecustomer+ Decrease service times whileincreasing customer satisfaction+ Reduction in print anddistribution costs– Create once, publish everywhere+ App stores enable widespreadadoption“I am amazed how quickly Ican find a PDF and preparefor my next meeting. Theamount of time I havebetween cases varies, sonot needing to load mylaptop and waste timebooting and searching formaterials makes the iPadand mobile ECM a bigproductivity gain for me.”Cardiovascular SalesRep in California
  35. 35. www.fishbowlsolutions.comPoll Question
  36. 36. www.fishbowlsolutions.comDemo
  37. 37. www.fishbowlsolutions.comWhat’s Next+ Meet with a Fishbowl WebCenter Mobile Expert+ Schedule a Demo• 952.465.3400•• Try it! iTunes & Google Play – “Fishbowl Solutions”
  38. 38. www.fishbowlsolutions.comQuestions?
  39. 39. www.fishbowlsolutions.comFishbowl News! FishbowlToGo Now Available• Access Your WebCenterContent items from youriPhone or Android• Free Download• Search “FishbowlToGo”
  40. 40. www.fishbowlsolutions.comtwitter: @FishbowlE20facebook: join our groups webcenter content & webcenter portalweb: email: info@fishbowlsolutions.comphone: +1.952.465.3400 blog: cfour.fishbowlsolutions.comContact Us