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2011 Maine Restaurant Expo seminar deck "There's an App for That" 3 16-2011
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2011 Maine Restaurant Expo seminar deck "There's an App for That" 3 16-2011


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  • Mobile incentives provides event meet-up and social opportunities to create and relationship marketing that we are looking for.
  • Transcript

    • 1. There’s an App for that!A look into mobile applications for restaurants
    • 2. Fishbowl Cocktail Facts
      10 years old, 130+ employees- Alexandria, VA based
      The leading provider of on-demand marketing software and services to the restaurant industry
      Serving over 40,000 restaurant locations
      Managing an opt-in member database of over 50 million guests
      More than 1.5 billion email messages distributed annually
      Technology and services designed specifically for the restaurant industry
      Chosen partner of leading organizations in the restaurant industry…
    • 3. Agenda
      • The Third Screen
      • 4. How Consumers are using apps
      • 5. Search, Social, Sharing
      • 6. Mobile Commerce
      • 7. Yes, Email is Mobile too
      • 8. QR Codes- Huh?
      • 9. Q&A
    • Look Familiar?
    • 10. The Third Screen
      US Mobile Marketplace
      Projected 120 Million Smartphone users by end of 2015
      50% of Mobile Phones owned at that time will be a smartphone device
      Mobile Devices will outsell PC’s in 2012 accounting for the largest segment of consumer electronic devices sold
      By 2013, more people will access the internet from a mobile device than a PC
      Resources- eMarketer, Nielson, Gartner and Morgan Stanley
    • 11. Building an online audience is key for any brand
      US consumers now spend more hours online than watching TV or any other leisure activity
    • 12. Mobile Adaptation
      80% of retailers will launch a mobile/social strategy by 2013
      46% of businesses plan to launch with a Location based marketing app
      Over 250 Restaurant “themed” app’s in iTunes store today
      Mobile advertising to reach over $7.5 billion by 2012
      Source- eMarketer, comScore, Gartner
    • 13. One Stop Shop
    • 14. Search
      Nearly 97% of consumers now use the internet to search for local businesses
      Google mobile search volume has increased 500 percent over the past two years and continues to accelerate
      YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google
      Over 2.5 Million consumers access Yelp on a mobile device per month
      *Sources- The Kelsey Group, Ad Age, Google, Yelp
    • 15. Not your Dad’s Yellow Pages
    • 16. Social
      • 40% of all tweets are now composed on mobile devices
      • 17. 182% increase in number of Twitter mobile users over the past year.
      • 18. There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. 50% login on any given day
      • 19. There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products
      • 20. People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users
    • Social Sharing
      Almost 1 million users in just 1 year
      Consumers take pictures of favorite dishes and share with network
      Location based-application
      Search/Social/Sharing/Photo all incorporated
    • 21. Location based Marketing trends
    • 22. Foursquare
      Launched March 2009
      Over 6 Million users
      Over 1 million “Check In’s” per day over 380M total
      Mobile Social Networking with “Gaming Component”
      Restaurants offer Specials and events to engage users
    • 23. Foursquare
      Now simple to use campaign/promotion tool for restaurants to reward app users
    • 24. Online Ordering
    • 25. Got Pizza?
      Pizza Hut iPhone app is responsible for $7M in sales
    • 26. Online Reservations
    • 27. Daily Deals on the Go
    • 28. At the table survey’s
      Collect real time feedback and insight from your guests at the table
      Offer “Green” survey solution
      Add guests to email club
    • 29. Yes, Email is Mobile Too
      • More than 204,000,000 Americans use email regularly
      -Pew Internet & American Life Project & Google Public
      Data (April 2010)
      • 86% have given their email to a retailer
      • 30. $43.52 returned for every dollar spent in 2009
      -Direct Marketing Association (2009)
      • Restaurant customers open and
      respond to a restaurant’s email
      • 75% of daily social media users said email is still
      the best way for companies to communicate
      with them.
      - Marketing Sherpa (2010)
      • “41 percent of consumers surveyed by the NRA say they
      choose new restaurants because of e-mail promotions... ” -National Restaurant Association (2010)
    • 31. More reasons
      70 million mobile users access email through mobile device
      43 million check their email via mobile every day
      31% of mobile users check their email 4+ times per day on a mobile device
      Sources- ComScore,Merkle
    • 32. Building your Email List- Mobile
      Encourage guests both online and offline to join your e-club through easy to use mobile join forms and QR codes
    • 33. So What is a QR Code?
    • 34. “Quick Response” Codes
      QR Codes allow user to quickly scan and be taken to more information
      70 Million smartphone users have installed a “QR Code Reader” app
      Use in online (web, email, social) and offline (POS materials, print ads) marketing
      Turn standard restaurant items into marketing devices (napkins, receipts, to-go bags, menus, etc.)
      Restaurants can use to offer incentives & promotions
      Sign up for email and loyalty clubs easily & effectively
      Link to additional descriptions of menu items, nutritional information or chef demos of dish
    • 35. Loyalty / On-Site Payment App
    • 36. Questions?
    • 37. THANK YOU!
      Stop by Booth #114 for more info
      Show Special- FREE Custom Template